• Devil May Cry 4 refrain now available on iPhone and iPod touch

    Devil May Cry 4 refrain now available on iPhone and iPod touch, Capcom has released Devil May Cry 4 refrain for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch which is loosely based on console version of Devil May Cry 4. Currently Capcom is offering a very nice deals to the early buyers of the game, limited time launch price of $1.99 only from App Store.

    Devil May Cry 4 refrain

    Devil May Cry 4 refrain immerses gamers in a gothic supernatural world, where a new protagonist clashes with evil. As Nero, players will unleash incredible attacks and non-stop combos using a unique new gameplay mechanic, his powerful “Devil Bringer” arm.

    Devil May Cry 4 refrain for iPhone and iPod feature 10 levels, retina display graphics as well as Game Center achievements.

  • Dead Space now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

    In addition to the upcoming release of Dead Space 2, which will come this friday to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Electronic Arts has also released a new installment exclusively for the Apple platform IOS, i.e. iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Few days before EA showed the first Dead Space gameplay of iPhone.

    Dead Space for iPhone

    The first thing to highlight this Dead Space is that it is an independent adventure that will focus on telling the facts that form the basis of the story of Dead Space 2, showing the events leading to the outbreak of new Necromorph hordes.

    Electronic Arts indicated that it is technically very dedicated for platform, including graphics and sound, with a control designed to fit the tactile characteristics of the platform. The game can be found in two versions, one Standard iPhone and iPod Touch that can be purchased for $6.99 USD, and another named HD IPAD can be purchased for $9.99 USD.

  • Virtua Fighter 2 is available for iPhone

    Saga has released a new fighting title for Apple handheld devices. It is based on the Sega Megadrive version. And Virtua Fighter 2 costs £1.19. Through the App Store users of a iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad can now download Virtua Fighter 2.

    Virtua Fighter 2

    This is the second chapter in series. The game offers users eight fighters and eight arenas to play in. Controls have been reworked to work perfectly with the technology offered by the iPhone and have implemented the ability for two players to challenge through the phone's Bluetooth connection.

    After Monkey Island 1 and 2, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, this can be a new milestone in the world of action fighting video games arrives on Apple mobile devices.

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Coming to iPhone and iPod

    After bringing many of their major franchise such as Need for Speed, FIFA, Tiger Woods to iPhone, EA is now planning to bring Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on Apple's iPhone and iPod.

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    The iPhone and iPod version of the game is said to feature

    • Single Player Campaign
    • 14 Mission
    • 5 Different Landscape which includes Snow, Jungle and Desert

    It is said that the mobile version will also going to feature an online multiplayer in some form or the other but details are not reveal at present.

  • 'Happy Island' Coming Soon To iPad and iPhone

    Happy Island will soon be coming to iPhone and iPod, now you can have access to Happy Island on your iPhone and iPod apart from Facebook. Some modification is expected in Happy Island as it will now enable to switch on any of the platform.

    What Happy Island is all about:

    In happy Island gamers has a task in front of them of managing their own island, they have to look after their inhabitants by keeping them health and fine. They also get a chance to visit other player island where they can buy many of the item they wish to in foreign shop.