• PS3 hacker "Graf Chokolo" thank donators for support

    Earlier tody infamous PS3 hacker "graf_chokolo" wrote on his official website that he might have to go to jail soon probably since he cannot pay court costs. He also asked for donation to foot the bill of his legal expenses.

    PS3 Jailbreaker Graf Chokolo

    graf_chokolo just a while ago worte on his website, "Wow, guys, just took a look at paypal, got money again. Wanted to thank you all very much, will continue my work as i promised"

    He further claimed, " And to answer some of your questions and attacks, i do not do GameOS development nor PSN hacks, my goal is OtherOS and nothing else."

  • Sony vs Geohot: Court grants Sony rights to unmask visitors to PS3 Jailbreaking Site

    PS3 maker "Sony" has been granted the rights to acquire the IP addresses of all the users who visited famous jailbreaker "George Hotz" website from January 2009 to the present.

    Magistrate Joseph Spero on Thursday allow console maker to subpoena George Hotz's web provider raises a host of web-privacy concerns. Bluehost maintain Hotz’s geohot.com site. Sony also won subpoenas for data from YouTube, Google and Twitter account data linked to George Hotz.

    Sony vs Geohot

    The Bluehost subpoena forces the company to turn over documents reproducing all server logs, IP address logs, account information, account access records and application or registration forms” tied to George Hotz's hosting, it also demands any other identifying information corresponding to persons or computers who have accessed or downloaded files hosted using your service and associated” with the "www.geohot.com" website, including but not limited to the “geohot.com/jailbreak.zip file.

    George Hotz is accussed of breaching Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other such law after he published encryption key and software tools on his website which allow PS3 owners to acquire complete control of their consoles from the firmware update.

  • PSN hack again, now uban yourself and ban others

    The response from hackers was expected by all us when Sony started banning PS3 hackers after warning, but it will happen in such a way was not their on the cards.

    After Sony's new move to ban hackers permanently from Playstation Network for modding the console or making use of pirated software on it, new reports are claiming that a new jailbreak for the console has been released which will allow people to unban themself.

    This doesn't ends here, the hack further goes on to claims that the new jailbreak can also be used to ban another console, however for this access to the console ID is a must.


    The jailbreaker are justifying their action and also criticizing Sony regarding their bullies nature and its strong-arm tactics, whereas console maker is sticking to its EULA and promise to protect their interest by any means.

  • Microsoft encourages Geohot to jailbreak for Windows 7 Phone

    After running the world of hacking jailbreak on iPhone and PlayStation 3, The famous hacker Geohot seems to be ready to accept a new challenge.

    Windows Phone 7

    According to allegations made by Microsoft It seems that the Microsoft is willing to provide hacker a Windows 7 Phone in order to enable him to study the implementation of the jailbreak. First Microsoft had given the free t-shirt to first jailbreaker of Windows 7 Phone.

    Now Brandon Watson, the product management head has tweeted to Geohot as "if you want to build cool stuff on wp7, send me email and the team will give you a phone - let dev creativity flourish".

    In our opinion, this move could help Microsoft to show the public the inviolability of the new Windows Mobile Device weblog; Does Geohot welcome this new challenge? To find out we have to just wait...