• PS4 For European Consumers Is "Made In Japan", Retail Boxes Image Leaked

    Some European Playstation 4 retail boxes and actual console images has been posted on internet and Twitter confirming that the console has been manufactured in Japan. The term "Made in Japan" is clrealy printed on EU PS4 retail boxes and back of PS4 console.

    PS4Playstation 4 arrived last week in North America and all those consoles were manufactured at Hangfujin Yantai factory in China. But now it looks like European Consumers will get a superior quality made in Japan PS4 consoles.

    Take a look at the image below

    PS4 Europe Made In Japan

  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Special Edition Announced And Detailed for Japan

    Konami has jsut announced a Special Edition of Metal Gear Rising for Japan . The complete re-release of Metal Gear Rising will be out in Japan on December 5. It will be available for 2480yen both at retail and on PSN.

    Metal Gear Rising Special EditionAs per the details revealed by Konami, Metal Gear Rising Special Edition will feature the original game as well as all the DLC released thus far - the 3 DLC packs (VR Missions, Jetstream, Bladewolf), and all 5 pre-order bonus Raiden armors (Cyborg Ninja, MGS4 Raiden, and the 3 color variants).

    This special edition of Metal Gear Rising will be available only for Playstation 3 in Japan.

  • Xbox One will "Deliver Best Content" in Japan At Launch says Microsoft

    The position of Microsoft and Xbox products in Japan is known to each and everyone of us but still this doesn't stop Microsoft's Phil Spencenr from claiming that Xbox One will "Deliver Best Content" when it arrives in Japan.

    Xbox OneIn a recent interview to Tech website, Asahi Digital, Phil Spencer said: "We would like you to believe in our commitment to the Japanese market."

    "When Xbox One will launch in Japan, we will deliver the best content."

    This is really a massive promise from Microsoft side especially for a market like Japan. It will be really interesting to see whether Microsoft will deliver on this promise and how Japanese gamers will react?.

  • Playstation 4 Japanese Release Date and Price Revealed

    Sony Japan has finally revealed the price and release date details about their upcoming next-gen console Playstation 4. The console will hit Japanese retail shelves on February 22.

    PS4Sony also revealed that the special day one PS4 package in Japan will include Knack for free of cost. PS4 will carry a price tag of 41,979 YEN. PS4 bundle with camera will carry a price tag of 46,179 YEN.

  • The Last of Us Japan Sales Figure Are Impressive

    Normally western games doesn't sell well in Japan, even hitting a 100K sales figure mark seems like a difficult task, but this is not the case with Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.

    The Last of UsAccording to sales figure details revealed by Media Create, The Last of Us sold 117,465 copies in Japan during launch week. This means a total sell through of 88%, which is incredible for a western games.

    The Last of Us is about Joel, a brutal survivor, and Ellie, a brave young teenage girl who is wise beyond her years, must work together if they hope to survive their journey across the US.

  • Xbox One: Here is What Japanese Gamers Think of Microsoft's New Console

    Yesterday Microsoft revealed their next-gen Xbox console, "Xbox One". The console received to some extent mixed responses from critics and fans across European and North American territory.

    Xbox OneBut the question arise here is, what the people of Japan thinks of Microsoft's Xbox One (for those who are unaware of, "Japan has been a strong foothold of Microsoft rival Sony").

    So guys here is answer to this question: "What Japanese People Think of Xbox One" (A user comment of Xbox One from Kotaku, 2ch).

    Xbox One: What Japanese People Think of It

    Source: Kotaku via NeoGaf

  • New Twitter Petition demands Final Fantasy Type-0 in Europe and North America

    Gamers in Western Countries are pleading to Square Enix to localized Final Fantasy Type-0 for their region, but the publisher has shared not a single words on this because they might be of the opinion that the game will not perform well in western coutries.

    Final Fantasy Type-0A Twitter petition has been started by a group of fans associated with "Operation Suzaku Facebook Page" to convince Square Enix to release Final Fantasy Type-0 in western countries.

    A post of Operation Suzaku Facebook Page reads, "Today is our Twitter day. In order to let Square Enix know we are still waiting for Final Fantasy Type-0, you are all invited to copy/paste the following message on your Twitter account:

    Dear @1stPD_PR, @SQEX_Members_NA, @SQUARE_ENIX_EU and @PlayStation please localize #FinalFantasy #Type0 for the West, we have money!

    Each and everyone one of you is needed!"

    So if you want Final Fantasy Type-0 in North America and Europe, support this petition. Final Fantasy Type-0 was released a few years ago in Japan for the PSP.