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  • Graphical Evolution: From Killzone on PS2 to Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4

    Guerrilla Games is one such developer who worked almost on all consoles from Sony (ranging from PS2 to PS4) with popular and successful video-game franchise Killzone. So in this feature article we present to you the "The Graphical Evolution of Killzone Series".

    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Guerrilla Games is known for pushing the graphical boundary on every platform they have work on, and this trend will continue with Killzone: Shadow Fall on Playstation 4. The first official in-game screenshots of Killzone: Shadow Fall clearly show that the scale and graphical bar has been raised once again, and with some many months still to go before the launch, there's room for more improvements. Check out screenshots below showcasing "The Graphical Evolution: From Killzone on PS2 to Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4":

    Killzone PS2 Screenshots:

    Killzone PS2 Screen 1

    Killzone PS2 Screen 2

    Killzone PS2 Screen 3

    Killzone 2 PS3 Screenshots:

    Killzone 2 PS3 screen 1

    Killzone 2 PS3 screen 2

    Killzone 2 PS3 screen 3

    Killzone 2 PS3 screen 4

    Killzone 3 PS3 Screenshots:

    Killzone 3 PS3 screen 1

    Killzone 3 PS3 screen 2

    Killzone 3 PS3 screen 3

    Killzone 3 PS3 screen 4

    Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Screenshots:

    Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 screen 1

    Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 screen 2

    Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 screen 3

    Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 screen 4

  • Guerrilla Games: Killzone 2 first half was too urban

    Guerrilla Games has admitted that the previous installment in the Killzone franchise, "Killzone 2", carried too much of urban setting and it also lacked in variety during its first half.

    Killzone 3

    In an interview to CVG, Steven Ter Heide said, "I think with Killzone 2 we stayed too long in the urban setting, there wasn't enough variety towards the first half of the game, There was more variety towards the end but a lot of people didn't get to there."

    Steven advised gamers of Killzone 3 to continue the gameplay till the very end as its throws up something new and exciting on a regular basis.

    "I would like people to experience that, that there's something new every couple of minutes. Now I'm in a tank, now I'm doing this, now I've got a jetpack. So I'd like them to have a better experience by playing all the way through this roller-coaster and see more of the stuff that we've made because there is a lot of good stuff in there. That variety has to come through"