• Guide to Troubleshoot Kinect Sensor and Voice Commands issues

    Kinect may come in with a few issues which you will have to troubleshoot in order to have a smooth gaming experience on your Xbox One. The creators of the Xbox One console, Microsoft, made Kinect a mandatory device. It is a great addition if you take care of a few things while facing problems with Kinect. 


    Here are a few things that will come in handy when stuck at an odd point during your gaming session.   

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    Solution for Xbox One if it doesn't recognize Kinect sensor:

    1. Be sure that Kinect is connected through the Kinect cable and the LED light is on. If not...
    2. Remove the cable from the Kinect sensor port and plug it back into the Kinect sensor port.
    3. Press Menu button from the Controller
    4. Select Setting > Kinect

    Now wait for about two minutes for Xbox to recognize Kinect.

    Now confirm that Kinect is turned on by:

    1. Pressing Menu button from the Controller
    2. Then Setting > Kinect > Kinect On

    If you are still having trouble refer to Solution for issues related to Kinect sensor

    To reset Kinect sensor's connection to Xbox One follow these steps:

    1. Turn off Xbox one completely by pressing the Xbox button for 10 seconds.
    2. Unplug the main power cable of Xbox One.
    3. Unplug Kinect sensor from Xbox One.
    4. Replug the main power cable of Xbox One.
    5. Now press Xbox button on Xbox One and Menu button on the controller.
    6. Select Settings > Kinect
    7. Replug the main power cable of Xbox One and wait for it to be detected.
    8. Your Xbox One Kinect sensor should now work well.

    Solution for issues related to Kinect voice commands:

    To make full use of this feature, you should bear in mind that the microphone of Kinect is made in such a way that it hears everything from your play space. While giving voice commands be sure that the microphone is able to hear your command properly and is not getting confused with background voices, for example other people conversing near you, speaker or appliances or even a peculiar sound that the fan makes.

    Even after being sure that your voice commands are accurate and still the Kinect sensor fails to recognize voice commands, you should try these steps:

    1) Make sure that your Kinect sensor is on

    You can do this by pressing the Menu button on the controller and then selecting Settings > Kinect > Kinect on

    If you are still having trouble refer to Solution for issues related to Kinect sensor

    2) To Calibrate Kinect microphone:

    Before you do this, be sure that the room is quite and then turn on your speakers to high volume levels.

    Now press Menu button on the controller, select Settings > Kinect > Kinect doesnt hear me 

    On 'Let's check your audio' screen, choose 'Start audio check'.

    The sensor will check for background noises while performing the audio check. If the voice levels are proper it will proceed to the next step, if not try to minimize the source of this disturbance and run the audio check again.

    Finally, you should see a success screen which will verify that the audio is set up correctly.

    Solution for issues related to Kinect sensor:

    First of all be sure that the Kinect sensor is plugged in properly and is turned on, also that your room is well lit. 

    After you press Menu button on the controller and select Setting > Kinect > Kinect On

    You will see a 'What Kinect sees' window, where you will be able to see the exact view of Kinect sensor.

    For adjusting Kinect sensor:

    1. Press Menu button on the controller, select Settings > Kinect 
    2. Select "I moved my Kinect sensor or I’m having trouble with Kinect"
    3. Then adjust your Kinect Sensor by following the instructions.

    If Kinect sensor is unplugged, the window will display a message asking you to plugin your Kinect Sensor.

  • Complete list of Kinect voice commands for Control, Communication, Multimedia, TV and Gaming for Xbox One

    A lazily luxurious feature of Kinect is the feature of using voice commands. You don't need to perform any magicians tricks in front of your Xbox One to get things done. Tell your console what to do and its will be done just like that!

    The following locales and languages support Speech recognition:

    • United States : English
    • United Kingdom: English
    • France: French
    • Germany: German
    • Canada: English/French
    • Australia: English
    • Brazil: Portuguese
    • Mexico: Spanish
    • Italy: Italian
    • Spain: Spanish

    Kinect  Xbox One

    Be sure that Kinect sensor is plugged into your Xbox One, also the sensor must be enabled in Settings menu.

    • To enable your sensor, press the Menu button of the controller and choose Settings > Kinect > Kinect on
    • You should also select "Wake up Xbox by saying 'Xbox on'" from Power & startup.


    Xbox On feature is currently available in the following languages:

    • English: "Xbox On"
    • French: "Xbox Démarrez"
    • German: "Xbox Einschalten"

    List of commands for Turn off, Turn on and Navigation:

    • To turn on Xbox One (It will work in Instant-On power mode only)

      • "Xbox On"
      • "Xbox Démarrez" (French)
      • "Xbox Einschalten" (German)
    • To turn off Xbox One: "Xbox, turn off"
    • To go back to the Home screen "Xbox, go home" or "Show my stuff"
    • Opening apps: "Xbox, go to <application name>"
    • Going to the previous screen: "Xbox, go back"
    • Undo an action: "Xbox, cancel"
    • Snap the application: "Xbox, snap <application name>"
    • Unsnap the snapped application: "Xbox, unsnap"
    • Switching focus between snapped view and main view: "Xbox, switch"
    • Search using Bing: "Xbox, Bing <subject or topic>"
    • Show context menu: "Xbox, show menu"
    • Change view: "Xbox, change view"
    • On-screen help: "Xbox, help"

    List of commands for Communication and its respective actions:

    • To view list contacts: "Xbox, Skype"
    • Skype contact details: "Xbox, Skype <person>"
    • Skype video call: "Xbox, call <person>"
    • Answering video call: "Xbox, answer"
    • Answering voice call: "Xbox, answer without video"
    • Ending a call: "Xbox, hang up"
    • Sending Xbox Live message to friend: "Xbox, send a message"

    List of commands for Sign-in & Profiles and its respective actions:

    • To sign-in: "Xbox, sign in"
    • To sign-in to a particular account (using first name of the account): "Xbox, sign in as <person>"
    • To sign-out of the profile: "Xbox, sign out"
    • To scan QR code: "Xbox, use a code"

    List of commands for Notifications and its respective actions:

    • View notification history: "Xbox, notifications"
    • Details of notifications: "Xbox, show notification"
    • Close the notification: "Xbox, close notification"

    List of commands for Video & Music and its respective actions:

    • Playing video: "Xbox, play"
    • To pause a video: "Xbox, pause"
    • Rewind video: "Xbox, rewind"
    • Fast forward: "Xbox, fast forward"
    • Rewind or fast forward, faster: "Xbox, faster"
    • Rewind or fast forward, slower: "Xbox, slower"
    • Skip to previous chapter: "Xbox, skip backward"
    • Skip to next chapter: "Xbox, skip forward"
    • Stop playback: "Xbox, stop"
    • Playing music: "Xbox, play music"
    • To pause the playing music: "Xbox, pause music"
    • To play the next track: "Xbox, next song"
    • To play the previous track: "Xbox, previous song"

    List of commands for TV and its respective actions:

    • To watch live TV: "Xbox, watch TV"
    • To view OneGuide: "Xbox, show guide"
    • To view a particular channel: "Xbox, watch <channel name>"
    • To mute Tv volume: "Xbox, mute"
    • Unmute Tv volume: "Xbox, unmute"
    • Increase Tv volume: "Xbox, volume up"
    • Decrease Tv volume: "Xbox, volume down"

    List of commands for Gaming and its respective actions:

    • Inviting a friend: "Xbox, invite <name>"
    • Record: "Xbox, record that"
  • Xbox One Without Kinect Would Be Real Shame, "Console Wars Really Funny" says Kinect Sports Rivals Developer

    A Kinect-less Xbox One bundle would be a REAL SHAME, according to Kinect Sports Rivals executive Producer Danny Isaac. In a recent interview to our friend at GameSpot, Isaac stated that Kinect makes Xbox One games development more diverse.

    Xbox One Without Kinect"I love that there's loads of services coming in" said Isaac. "Cloud-based services, and Xbox Live has done a fantastic job, and as we're getting more integrated with other systems as well. I think that's going to open stuff up. Obviously the controller is great, traditionally, but I think they've done a really good job on [Xbox One]. Second screen? I don't think we've got [SmartGlass] quite right yet, but again you can really start to see these things treading together and opening up opportunities, and now having a microphone and camera."

    "20 years ago, I'd have a team that would be going crazy if they had this kind of technology, now we have it and people are like, well, I don't want it, I just want my controller and my screen. It would be a real shame if we lost items like that" he added.

    When Issac was asked to comment on those who attack Kinect technology, he replied: "There will always be people who don't like what you do. I will always find these console wars really funny as well, personally I have a Wii U, a PS4, and an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One under my TV at home. If you are a real gamer, you get everything. You want to see everything, you want to experience all these different innovations. I just like to experience games. There's always something somewhere, whether it's on PC, mobile, or main console, which broadens my horizons and makes me a better game maker."

    Mandatory Kinect with Xbox One for a price of $499 has been slammed by both critics and gaming community, and on top of that we have not yet seen a dedicated Kinect push games for Xbox One, just take an example of Kinect Sports Rivals, it will launch on April 8.

    How many of you want Microsoft to bring-in Kinect-less Xbox One bundle for a price of $400 - $450? Share your views with us in the comment section below.


  • How to use Kinect microphone for in game voice chat with Xbox One?

    If your microphone in Xbox One is not working then you can use Kinect microphone as an  alternative to mic in game chats. It's easy and less expensive option than buying new microphone.


    To use Kinect microphone for voice chat during your gaming, follow these steps:

    • Press Xbox button and choose Settings.
    • Select Kinect, make sure your Kinect sensor is enabled, if not then select "Kinect doesn't hear me" and go through steps to enable it, and resume with next step here in sequence.
    • Select a  option "Use Kinect for voice chat".

    Done! You are good to go. If you have any issues with these steps, let us know in comments below.

  • Xbox One Kinect Voice Detection Didn't Work Perfectly At Recent Event, Commands Required Repetition

    Microsoft recently held a private 45-minute presentation showcasing capabilities of their upcoming next-generation Xbox console, Xbox One, but things didn't went as planned as Microsoft Spokeperson have to repeat 10 of 45 voice commands, some of them were repeated as many as four times.

    Xbox OneDuring presentation Xbox One Kinect was unable to detect voice commands such as "Xbox, watch ESPN" and "Xbox, Bing movies with Sandra Bullock".

    "Everything you're seeing here is going to get better," promised Jose Pinero, senior director of marketing and public relations for Xbox, at the conclusion of Wednesday's demo. "Right now, we're still a couple of weeks away but voice, the more you use it and the more the system learns, the more accurate it becomes. We're still working on fit and finish."
    "Microsoft got so intoxicated by the first generation of Kinect that I think they're just assuming people are still really excited about Kinect," said James McQuivey, Forrester Research analyst and author of "Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation."

    Just a handful of days is left for the launch of Xbox One and incidents like this won't going to help Microsoft.

  • Xbox One: "Xbox On" Voice Command will be Active only in Five Countries at Launch

    Xbox One will launch in 13 countries in November 2013, however not all countries will get access to "Xbox On" voice command at launch. As per the details revealed by Microsoft representative, only five countries will have access to "Xbox On" voice command, "United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany".

    Xbox OneIn addition to this, Microsoft representative also stated that voice controls will be available in 10 of 13 launch regions.

    Microsoft was forced to clarified these things because a text on official Xbox One Product Page (right at the bottom) reads something like this: "Xbox voice commands will not be available in all markets on the product release date."

    Here is what Microsoft representative told GameSpot.

    "Our vision is to bring conversational voice control and voice search to every country where we sell Xbox,"

    "At Xbox One launch, we will offer voice control in 10 of our 13 launch markets, with eight total languages: English US, English UK, French, Spanish MX, Spanish ES, Italian, German, and Portuguese. There will be some voice experience variations in different markets at launch; the 'Xbox On' voice command will only be available in five markets (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany) and will come to others in the near future."