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  • Kingdom Hearts Collector's Edition Revealed for 3DS

    On Nintendo Direct Conference, Nintendo revealed tons of new things including a new 3DS XL system and more. For Kingdom Hearts fans, Nintendo revealed a Collector's Edition which will be available the same day (launch day) of Kingdom Hearts 3DS.

    Kingdom Hearts CoverAccording to the details revealed by Nintendo, Kingdom Hearts Collector's Edition will feature:

    • The 1st 2 games with 3D
    • 5 AR cards that unlock Rare DREAM EATERS and more
    • 12 Art cards showing the story's history
    • Special Kingdom Hearts 3DS Protective Case

    Check out the image of Kingdom Hearts Collector's Edition below.

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS Collector's Edition

  • PSPgo hacked, Kingdom Hearts gameplay videos shown

    Earlier this week we reported a news regarding Playstation 3 getting hacked, now if reports roaming around gaming industry is  to believe then, PSPgo has been hacked too and you can play your own software on it.


    As a proof to this claim two videos are revealed by blogger Wololo, which shows Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep running on PSPgo all thanks to an ISO loader homebrew.

    Watch the video below:

  • Europe's Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Special Edition Box Art

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is slated to be release on 10th September 2010 in Europe and gamers get themselves a normal version of the game or a Special Edition of game which is currently listed by Amazon (Germany).

    The Special Edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep will consist of:

    • 48 page art book
    • Set of Art Prints
    • Copy of the Game and many more things

    It has been priced at 44.99 Euros.

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Special Edition

  • Kingdom Hearts And Chocobo Racing Announced For 3DS

    Kingdom Hearts and Chocobo has been announced for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, Square Enix made this announcement.

    According to Square Enix Chocobo Racing will be having a speedy racing to that level which can be only experienced through 3D and Kingdom Hearts will feature a character from Disney.

    The release details and more about the game will be reveal in the coming days.

  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Trailer

    A prequel to the mega-hit series, this pivotal installment takes players back to the beginnings of the KINGDOM HEARTS saga, long before Sora was chosen by his Keyblade.