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  • Seven Must Buy Games in JULY 2012

    June 2012 has almost over, and E3 2012 wave has almost settled. And its time to concentrate on the things that is coming in July 2012. Here is the list of games that gamers MUST BUY in July 2012.

    No price for guessing, the list indeed features games which we all were waiting for eagerly. So with much ado is here the List of Must Buy Games in July 2012.

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS): July 3rd

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

    A "Theatre Rhythm Action" game inspired by the Final Fantasy universe, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy includes some of your favorite FF characters on an adventure where the battle sequences play out in rhythm action set to classic Final Fantasy music.

    Test Drive: Ferrari Legends (Xbox 360): July 3rd

    Test Drive: Ferrari Legends cover

    Race some of the sexiest cars ever made in this Ferrari-licensed entry in the famed Test Drive racing franchise. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends brings over 70 years of the world's most recognizable performance cars to gamers. Developed by world-class developer Slightly Mad Studios, Ferrari Racing Legends explores the legacy of Ferrari Racing. It recreates Ferrari's most beloved and coveted performance racers, from today's latest models to the legendary vehicles that have dominated racing history.

    The Last Story (Wii): July 10th

    The Last Story Wii Cover

    Take charge of a band of mercenaries and journey with them into an epic and cinematic adventure in The Last Story for Wii. Players will explore secret-filled locations scattered across Lazulis Island, the heart of a human empire and scene of an unfolding drama that will bring hostilities between two ancient races to a head. Among the band of mercenaries under your control is Zael, a warrior imbued with rare powers and intrigued by the notion of one day becoming an honourable knight. But as Zael and his mercenary friends reach the island’s capital city and find themselves drawn into official affairs, they discover that honour is one quality that can never be taken for granted.

    Central to gameplay in The Last Story is a combat system that calls on players to take the lead in employing tactical teamwork. By using the special "Gathering" ability, the character under your control will become the focal point for enemy aggression, freeing team-mates up to perform specific tasks or attacks and recover their health. The option of using either an automatic or manual attack system means players of all skill levels can alter the level of challenge to suit their abilities. And once you feel confident that you’ve mastered the finer points of fighting, there’s a whole other arena in which to test your skills, with The Last Story offering cooperative and competitive online battles for 2-6 players.

    NCAA Football 2013 (PS3, Xbox 360): July 10th

    NCAA Football 13 Cover

    With a new passing system that changes the way quarterbacks and receivers play and respond, combined with a new read and react defensive AI system, NCAA Football 13 delivers greater realism on the virtual gridiron.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD: July 18

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD takes the best elements of the classic THPS games and gives them a fresh update to create an all new skateboarding experience. Tapping into fans’ muscle memories, the gameplay in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD returns to controllers and focuses on the satisfaction of linking sick tricks for maximum points. Combining sharp visuals with the best controls ever in a Tony Hawk game, the feel is cutting edge yet timeless.

    Prototype 2 (PC): July 24th

    Prototype 2

    Prototype 2 continues the shape-shifting, open-world action franchise, this time focusing on Sgt. James Heller and his mission to destroy Prototype's original anti-hero, Alex Mercer.

    Risen 2: Dark Waters (PS3, Xbox 360): July 31st

    Risen 2: Dark Waters Cover

    With an expanded setting, a fresh story and characters as well as an all-new technical foundation, Risen 2 expands on the success of this popular RPG franchise. Set several years after the end of Risen, the game drops players into a cataclysmic world where raging titans have devastated the planet and pushed humanity to the brink of existence. Subsequently, monstrous creatures have risen from the watery depths of the sea and their attacks have brought all seafaring to a grinding halt. The hero, now a member of the Inquisition, is sent out to find out how to stop the chaos caused by these creatures from the deep. His quest begins with rumors that the pirates who frequent the southern islands are the only ones who know a way to get rid of the creatures once and for all and end their reign of terror.

    With an all-new pirate-based theme, Risen 2: Dark Waters aims to combine the most loved classic RPG gameplay mechanics of the original Risen with a fresh theme and setting on a huge variety of themed island locales. Risen 2: Dark Waters maintains the most immersive features of the original Risen, with multiple approaches to every challenge allowing players to shape the game world based on their own decisions. These choices will serve to unlock new paths, features and additional skills for the character.

  • Amazon unveils The Last Story US release date

    Its seems like Amazon has revealed the US release date for The Last Story. The retailer has updated its The Last Story page with US release date as June 19.

    The Last StoryThe Last Story is one of the epic RPG whose online section is created by Final Fantasy franchise original creator. The game is already out in Japan and Europe, and now it appears that US gamers will be able to enjoy it soon.

    You can check Amazon Listing of The Last Story.

  • The Last Story first English screenshots

    Nintendo Europe has finally revealed the first English screenshot for The Last Story (we now just hope that some english gameplay footage or trailer follow soon). 

    The Last Story box artIn The Last Story players will explore secret-filled locations scattered across Lazulis Island, the heart of a human empire and scene of an unfolding drama that will bring hostilities between two ancient races to a head.

    The Last Story is schedule to launch in Europe on February 24. Check out screenshots below.

    The Last Story English screenshot 1 The Last Story English screenshot 2 The Last Story English screenshot 3 The Last Story English screenshot 4 The Last Story English screenshot 5 The Last Story English screenshot 6 The Last Story English screenshot 7 The Last Story English screenshot 8 The Last Story English screenshot 9 The Last Story English screenshot 10 The Last Story English screenshot 11 The Last Story English screenshot 13

  • First The Last Story European Trailer

    Nintendo has released the first official European trailer for much-requested action RPG, "The Last Story". No launch date has been announced yet for The Last Story, however has been rumoured for February.

    The Last Story

    The developer has removed Japanese voices from the trailer, however there's still no official confirmation whether gamers will get an option in the final game when it launches sometime next year.

  • The Last Story Japan Release Date Announced

    The Last Story release date has been announced. Nintendo at their 3DS event has reveal that The Last Story will be coming out in Japan on January 27, 2011.

    The Last Story

    No more details were reveal in this regard at the event, not also the European release date.