lelianas song dlc

  • Dragon Age Leliana's Song DLC Release Date and Price Details

    Bioware continues to expand its Dragon Age. This time with Leliana's Song DLC, the new downloadable content will arrive this month for all platforms.

    In Leliana's Song DLC the game focuses on the history of Orlais. She accompanies her mentor Marjolaine on a mission and finds herself in over her head. The adventure depicts the events that led her to Ferelden, the country where Origins' campaign was set.

    With this downloadable content BioWare focuses on the creation of alternative events that revolve around a complete and interesting history rather than focusing on the fight, with new moves, settings and scenes. Leliana's Song DLC is expected to release on July 6 at a price of 560 Microsoft Points or $6.99.

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  • Dragon Age Leliana's Song DLC Announced

    The Dragon Age Origin DLC is announced and it will be releasing soon for the gamers, the DLC has been named as Dragon Age Leliana's Song and it will be available for the gamer on 6th July 2010.