Lost Planet 2

  • Download Lost Planet 2 Patch on 7th June

    Lost Planet 2 Patch will be available for download for the gamers on 7th June. Capcom today reveal this information about the title update of Lost Planet 2. Playstation 3 gamers  can download the patch of Lost Planet 2 through Playstation Network and Xbox 360 gamers through Xbox Live.

    The patch details is given below:

    • There will be a updates to the parametrs of all the weapons
    • When a character dies the resawn are will see a changes, whereas for area of the boss gamers will be able to continue from  where they have left.
    • Dependng on the user feedback there has been system adjustment made for co-op.

    So don't forget to download the Lost Planet 2 patch through Playstation etwork or Xbox Live depending upon the type of console you are plaing the game.

  • Lost Planet 2 bringing Something Special for PS3 Fans

    Lost Planet 2 now something special for its PlayStation 3 fan, slated to be release in June 2010, all the PlayStation 3 owner
    can get them self a two exclusive skin of Helghast characters from Killzone by downloading them free of cost, this is with addition to the Monster Hunt skin announce for the release later this month for PlayStation 3 owners only.

    The Launch of Lost Planet 2 is on Tuesday but this skin will only be available for free download only after end of the month of June. So get all the update for it from us regarding the timing and availability of the skin.

  • Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo at PSN

    PlayStation Store Updated Today that the Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo will be available on PSN. Meet up to 16 players, take some weapons, jump in a vital game and compete in Elimination, Team Elimination, or post Grab data modes. This is just a sample of the various modes and maps Ten may play when the full game ships on May 11.

    From PlayStation Blog:

    But wait, there is more! Downloading the demo does more than just let you get a first taste at Lost Planet 2. Capcom has started an exciting charity campaign called, “Kill Big for Charity”. We are partnering with Music for Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to disaster relief and disaster risk mitigation, to contribute $20,000 to charity if one million demos are downloaded across both PSN and XBL before May 5, 2010. An additional $5,000 will be added to the pot if an extra 500,000 demo downloads can be achieved.

    To celebrate the launch of Lost Planet 2, we will be throwing a tournament on May 6 in Los Angeles. Select members of our community, Capcom Unity, will compete in the tournament with celebrities and press members. For information and how to enter, visit the details page on Capcom Unity.

    The winning team in the tournament will choose which Music for Relief program will receive the donation. Help us achieve our goal by downloading the demo and spreading the word to your friends today!