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  • New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Server Update Addresses Stat Errors and more

    Danger Close and EA has released a new server update of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It fixes numerous issues in the game along with addressing Stat Errors.

    MoH: WarfighterCheck out the complete changelog of this latest server update below.

    Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

    • Game server name fix that addresses stat discrepancies
    • Stat errors in Battlelog vs. in-game
    • Stats that reset after rebooting the game
    • ‘Warchief’ and ‘Global Warfighter’ achievements/trophies not unlocking


    • Game server name fix that addresses stat discrepancies
    • Stat errors in Battlelog vs. in-game
    • Stats that reset after rebooting the game
    • Addressed the issue of players incorrectly matchmaking into password-protected servers


  • Medal of Honor Warfighter Hunt Map pack debut trailer released

    EA has released a debut trailer of Medal of Honor: Warfighter Hunt Map pack trailer. The DLC is inspired by a decade-long manhunt in some of the world's most dangerous places: Darra Gun Market and Chitral Compound

    Medal of Honor: WarfighterDarra is home to dozens of back-alley shops and self-taught machinists making guns by hand. Chitral is highly inaccessible and was thought to be one of Bin Laden's hideouts -- only those with the capabilities of total surprise will successfully penetrate the compound.

    Watch the trailer below.

  • Report: Few Medal of Honor: Warfighter Achievements/Trophies not unlocking

    According to reports coming out from numerous fan-made and official Medal of Honor: Warfighter forum, certain trophies and achievements in the game are failing to unlock even after metting the proper requirements.

    Medal of Honor: WarfighterThe trophies/achievements that are not popping up are: Squad Leader (Unlocked a soldier of each class), Global Warfighters (Unlocked a soldier from each unit) and Warchief (Unlocked all the soldiers in multiplayer).

    This seems to be a widespread issue, and many Medal of Honor: Warfighter gamers are facing this. Neither EA nor Danger Close has acknowledged the issue or made an official comment.

    We will update the post as soon as we get to hear from them. Let us know in the comment section below, are you facing this same issue?.

  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter Servers updated, changes detailed

    Danger Close and EA has updated servers of Medal of Honor: Warfighter across all three major platforms. It carries fixes and tweaks for many bugs in the game including the famous falling-through-the-map bug.

    Medal of Honor: WarfighterThe developer has revealed the complete changelog of this update on Battlelog. We have the entire list below. check it out.

    • Addressed spawning issues on Multiplayer maps where the user was spawning incorrectly and occasionally falling through the ground
    • Player should no longer see stat discrepancies for Double XP
    • Balanced Matchmaking so teams are now more even in numbers from the start of the match
    • Fixed the Blackhawk gunner exit bug


  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter gets massive Day One Patch, changes detailed

    Electronic Arts and Danger Close has released a massive day-one patch for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The update carries fixes and tweaks for issues in game's single-player mode. It also improves and fixes numerous things in multiplayer mode, rebalances weapons and more.

    Medal of Honor: WarfighterYou can check out the entire changelog of Medal of Honor: Warfighter Day One patch below.

    New Features:

    • Now able to add friends and join parties while in-game.
    • Can invite others to your platoon or apply to join a platoon while in-game.

    General Tweaks and Fixes
    Multiplayer Gameplay

    • Removed initial delay to Spec Ops Signal Scan charging.
    • Snipers in Recon stance will no longer be visible to enemy RQ7/RQ11 UAVs.
    • Increased the accuracy of server-side aiming prediction.
    • Fixed an issue with “Fall Back” spawning to improve its behavior.
    • Fixed spawn type changing to Buddy Spawn automatically when it is not supposed to.
    • Call in a Blackhawk for the losing team if they are getting dominated in Sector Control.

    Single-Player Gameplay

    • Added tutorial text to first sniper encounter to help teach player about bullet drop.
    • Fixed an issue where the default difficulty was set to Easy instead of Normal.
    • Fixed an issue where controls would become unresponsive under certain conditions.
    • Fixed an issue with one of the in-game cinematics.
    • Improved single player stability and fixed progression stoppers.

    Matchmaking, Parties, and Platoons

    • Smoothed out the matchmaking flow between successful matchmaking and joining the player to the game.
    • Players can no longer join an invitation only party without being invited.
    • Fixed issues with joining single players together into Fireteams.
    • Fixed an issue where Veteran platoon members could not reach Elite status.
    • Platoon ownership is now automatically transferred to the most senior member/GM of the platoon when the current leader leaves the
    • platoon.
    • Fixed an issue where a member that is removed from a platoon becomes its leader.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not rejoin the same platoon matchmaking server after playing a game on that server.
    • If a player leaves one platoon and joins another, their platoon card now properly reflects that change.
    • Fixed an issue where the platoon patch would not show up for other members if one member leaves the platoon.
    • Fixed another issue where the platoon patch would no longer show up under certain circumstances.
    • Sending a platoon invite when both players are in-game now works properly.


    • Fixed “no scope” shooting. Players were getting immediate ADS accuracy without having to wait for the scope to come all the way up. Was very exploitable for snipers.
    • Sped up the bolt action on the CS5, since it was longer than the TAC300.
    • Fixed issue with gap between where the LTLM can’t fire and where it indicates the target is too close.
    • Reduced the damage/range of the Demolition’s SMGs (Scar PDW, HK 416c, Suchka), as they were overpowered.
    • Made switching between primary and secondary weapons much more responsive.
    • Fixed an issue where a grenade would not be thrown the next time if the user switches to their weapon while cooking a grenade.
    • Player will now switch back to their secondary weapon if that is the weapon in use when throwing their last grenade.
    • Fixed an issue where aiming was pushing the player away from the wall they were standing next to.
    • Fixed clearance check for placing the Radar Jammer.
    • Fixed auto-ADS not working when peek-and-leaning while prone.
    • Implemented pre-streaming for weapons to reduce the time from spawn to ready-to-fire to be 0 seconds in most cases. Down from around 2 seconds prior to this fix.

    UI and User Experience

    • Made the start button responsive as soon as the player enters the first menu screen.
    • Simplified the way players navigate and select in the My Gun and Class Select menus.
    • Fixed the way the UI handles scrolling, including speed and correct scroll bar position.
    • Cleaned up a number of other small navigation quirks and issues.

    User Experience

    • Servers in the Server Browser are now sorted based on ping, giving priority to servers closest to the player.
    • Filtering servers by name now works properly.
    • Fixed an issue where changes in My Gun and My Soldier were not being retained when joining a game via the Quick Match or Matchmaking options in the MP Lobby.
    • Optimized the login flow into Multiplayer.
    • Updated the MP Lobby to include a shortcut to creating a Party.
    • Quick Match button in the MP Lobby is now contextual, and will change to Platoon Matchmaking if you are in a Platoon Party.
    • Fixed the Server Browser filter to properly sort for games that have 6+ open slots.
    • Fixed a 20 second hang during the Online Pass flow.
    • We now keep the queuing message open as long as the player is still queuing.
    • Clean up notification numbers when a new item is viewed.
    • Various other flow and user experience optimizations.

    Visual Polish

    • We now turn off the HUD when we start to show the outro scoreboard.
    • Fixed display of text in disabled dropdowns.
    • Fixed some subtitle lines being cut off.
    • Removed hints and tips from the loading screens that were no longer valid.
    • Fixed the Player Banners to display the correct rank icon and number.
    • Fixed placement of auto-save icon on CRT TVs.
    • Fixed HUD elements not showing in certain cases.
    • Fixed animations in the post-match screens as they show the player’s progression.
    • Fixed the timer not displaying in the post-match screens.
    • Fixed player name tags not showing up in-game in Home Run.
    • Icons are now scaled on the sniper’s mini-map when they are using the bipod.
    • Updated the art used in the Player Banner.
    • Fixed some camera issues on level entry.
    • Fixed the demolitions class mask display in certain situations.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause some images not to display properly.
    • Various other alignment, corruption, overlap and visual improvements and fixes.

    Misc Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the Battlelog social hub introduction was showing every time you opened the Battlelog social hub.
    • VOIP team channel no longer includes players from the other team.
    • Round cycling no longer changes VOIP settings for the players
    • Fixed an issue with VOIP in the Home Run game mode.
    • Fixed an issue where Double XP was not being awarded to players who had both logged on to and who had played on a multiplayer server.
    • Fixed an issue where the Global Warfighter medal was not being awarded after players had completed a tour with each class.
    • Fixed muffled firing sounds when scope is zoomed in.
    • Localization fixes, in both audio and text.

    Additional Fixes Made on PC and PS3
    Multiplayer Gameplay

    • Improved the camera for the Apache.
    • Improved the aiming of the rockets in the Apache.
    • Improved Blackhawk functionality in Novi Grad Warzone.
    • Fixed a bug in the rules for pre-round in Combat Mission.
    • Fixed a couple of out of bounds issues in Sarajevo Stadium.
    • Fixed an out of bounds issue in Basilan Aftermath.
    • Fixed a bad spawn point in Team Deathmatch in Somalia Stronghold.
    • (PS3 – Japan) Fixed an issue that prevented 17-year old users from playing online.

    Visual Polish

    • Fixed an issue where support action icons were overlapping each other.
    • Kill messages should now better match timing within gameplay.
    • Improved readability of kill messages.
    • Fixed visual effects issue in Tungawan Jungle.
    • Fixed mini-map issue in Shogore Valley.
    • Improved visual fidelity of some of the flag images.
    • Smoothed transitions between screens in the Mulitplayer menus.
    • Fixed a visual glitch when adjusting the brightness in the Options menu.
    • Fixed a bug where the News in the MP Lobby was not showing up.

    Misc Fixes

    • Removed Quit Game from the Top Navigation Bar in the in-game pause menu and placed it under “Last Resort” in the Respawn Menu.
    • Fixed a case of an explosion not playing the correct audio.
    • Various audio mix updates.
    • (PS3 – Japan) Various stability fixes.
    • Fixed functionality and list updates for Favorite and Recent servers.
    • Players with chat restrictions are no longer allowed to create their own platoon.
    • Platoon names and tags are now restricted to no more than 3 numerals each.
    • (PS3 – Japan) Fixed two issues related to platoon names and chat-restricted accounts.
    • Fixed an issue with invites specific to PS3 and PC where the player would get stuck on a black screen.
    • Various stability and performance improvements.
    • (PS3 – Japan) Fixed an issue related to save file size calculation.

    Additional Fixes Made on Xbox 360

    • Improved the handling of memory cards and saved profiles.
    • Improved handling of parties and Fireteam designations in Platoon matches.
    • Fixed an issue related to progression loss if the user removes the storage device.
    • Fixed an issue where a player’s class was changing without their input.
    • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, brand new players were forced to play with a placeholder weapon in multiplayer until
    • their first death.

    Stability improvements.

    • Additional Fixes Made on PC
    • Fixed an issue where controller prompts were showing even though a controller was not plugged in.
    • Mouse wheel now works with all scrolling lists in the game.
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta will be exclusive for Xbox 360: EA

    EA has announced that Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer beta will go Live in October exclusive for Xbox 360 gamers across the globe.

    Medal of Honor: WarfighterNot only this, gamers who will get access to Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta will get 60 minutes of Double XP when the full game launches.

    The multiplayer beta will give gamers access to new multiplayer mode called HotSpot, where players “attack and defend randomly-selected locations on the Sarajevo Stadium map in Bosnia.”

    The beta will be available in limited time period and in early October 2012.

  • New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Video with Linkin Park

    EA and Danger Close has just released a new video footage of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. This behind the scene footage gives out more details on developer's recently announced collaboration with rock band Linkin Park.

    Medal of Honor: WarfighterMedal of Honor: Warfighter is schedule to launch on October 23 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Gamers who pre-order the game will get exclusive access to Battlefield 4 beta which is schedule to take place in FALL 2013.