Ybarra: Xbox One X Patch In Work To Fix Blu-Ray Raised Black Levels Issues

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Xbox One X Blu-Ray Raised Black Levels Issue

Xbox's Mike Ybarra confirmed via Twitter that Xbox One X patch is in work which will fix 4K Blu-Ray's Raised Black Levels issues. The update will go live very soon, stated Ybarra.

Microsoft: You Won't Get Kinect Adaptor For Free With Xbox One X

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Xbox One X Won't Come With Free Kinect Adaptor

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has clarified that Xbox One X buyers won't receive Kinect Adaptor for Free. The promotion of getting Free Kinect Adaptor ended with Xbox One S this March.

Xbox Executive On Xbox One X And PS4 Pro: "Similar Idea, But Execution Is Slightly Different"

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Microsoft PS4 Pro 4K

Albert Penello Marketing division head of Xbox consoles shared his view about PS4 Pro and One X True 4K capabilities, he said he is impressed and surprised by PS4 Pro.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox Exclusive Deal Could Get Extended

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox Exclusive Extension Talk

Microsoft has started a new talk with Bluehole to get PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox exclusive deal extended for few more months - if this get successful then PUGB could stay a Xbox exclusive for 1 full year.

Yes, Pachter Is Right: PS5 Is Releasing In 2020 [Here's Why]

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Pachter Prediction On PS5 In 2020 Is Correct

Michael Pachter recently made a bold prediction - PS5 will release in 2020. I completely agree with Pachter's Prediction - PlayStation 5 will launch in 2020 - here are few reasons.

Xbox One X Amazon Pre-Order Beats PS4 Pro For 2017 YTD

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Xbox One X Preorder

Xbox One X Pre-order seems to be highly successful as compared to PS4 Pro. It is above PS4 Pro in Amazon Best Sellers List For 2017 YTD.

Meet Intelligent Delivery Tech For Xbox One X - Will Save HDD Space For Xbox One X Games

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Xbox One X - Intelligent Delivery

Mike Ybarra revealed Intelligent Delivery tech for Xbox One X, a cloud storage type service that will reduce HDD space requirement for Xbox One X games.

Greenberg: Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Sold Out At Amazon In 25 Minutes

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Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Pre-orders

Xbox Marketing Boss Aaron Greenberg talks about Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition pre-orders, exclusivity deal for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and many other things.

Mike Ybarra Explains Why Destiny 2 And Call of Duty: WWII Is Missing Xbox One X Enhanced Tagline

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Destiny 2 Missing From Xbox One X Enhanced Games

Is Sony stopping Bungie and Sledgehammer to confirm Xbox One X enhancements for Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: WWII? Eurogamer asked this Xbox's Mike Ybarra and he did provide an explanation for it.

Xbox One To Xbox One X - How To Transfer Games, User Settings In 3 Simple Ways

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Xbox One X Data Transfer To Xbox One

Microsoft detailed Xbox One to Xbox One X transition process i.e. how to easily transfer Settings and Games from Xbox One to Xbox One X.