Deals With Gold Sales Include Star Wars Battlefront II, Onrush

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Microsoft has just shared the latest Deals With Gold for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, revealing a new rush of discounts for both the platforms, whether you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber or not.

The Initiative Hires Red Dead Redemption’s Lead Writer, God of War’s Producer, Tomb Raider’s Co-Director

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The Initiative’s studio head Daniel Gallagher has shared, and then removed, a welcome post for several new staff members on his LinkedIn personal page. Luckily enough, ResetEra users were quick enough to save all the information and share them on the forums.

Xbox Game Pass Seeking Ideas For Games Availability, Managing Library

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Xbox Game Pass Seeking Ideas For Games Availability, Managing Library

Microsoft has launched a new survey on Xbox Ideas in order to grab, err, ideas about how to make Xbox Game Pass a better service for all the subscribers.

Sea of Thieves Updates Will Remain Free, Says Rare

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Sea of Thieves Updates Free

Sea of Thieves is getting updated with more and more free updates, and Rare is making them increasingly bigger and relevant in the economics of the game.

This Week’s Xbox Deals With Gold Feature Bethesda Games, Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Microsoft has just published a new rush of Deals With Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360, which will be available for you to take advantage of all week long.

Xbox One Almost Doubled US Revenues In June

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NES Classic Mini was the best selling console in June in the United States in terms of units, while PlayStation 4 was the one with the best revenues throughout the month. What about Xbox One, anyway?

Sea Of Thieves Reaches 5 Million Users

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Together with the launch of the latest update Cursed Sails, Microsoft and Rare have announced Sea of Thieves has reached a new milestone in terms of users: it’s being played by 5 million gamers over Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.

Fortnite Founder Pack, Skyrim Discounted On Xbox One As New Deals With Gold Go Live

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A new rush of discounts is now available on Xbox One as Deals With Gold have just gone live. Every week Microsoft pushes more deals for both its consoles, and this week they look quite interesting for all the users.

Halo Infinite Is Being Built By 343 Industries And SkyBox Labs

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343 Industries has revealed that it’ll be partnering with another external studio in order to fasten the development process on Halo Infinite, the next game in the longrunning first person shooter series.

Halo Infinite’s Slipspace Engine Still In The Making

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Halo Infinite Slipspace Engine Still In Development

Halo Infinite has made its debut at E3 2018, but from the looks of it the game will still take quite a while before actually be in a shape we can watch live or even release.