• Best Free MMORPG Games

    Video games come in all shapes and sizes. One of the favorite types is the MMORPG. In laymen’s terms that is the massively multiplayer online role playing game – quite a mouthful indeed – and often shortened to the first letter of each word. Many of these games require an initial purchase of the game and also a monthly or yearly subscription to gain access to online servers and other features. However, more and more games and gaming companies are making MMORPGs completely free to play and use while others have partially free gameplay. With so many of these free MMORPGs across the internet finding an excellent game can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Even so, fantastic MMORPGs abound, many of them free. Take a look here for some of the best free MMORPGs the internet has to offer.


    This game came out 2002 and has been a hit ever since. Though it does have a pay to play feature, Ragnarok also has a free to play system, meaning that it is also a completely free MMORPG. Ragnarok is set in a fantasy world with elements taken from real life places, times and mythologies. The world itself is shown in 3D though all characters are shown in 2D images. There is a virtually limitless amount of jobs – usually called classes in other games – that the player can choose from, the original 13 having been added to until today when they have reached over 50. This creates not endless re-playability, but also makes gameplay much more interesting with such a wide variety of characters and the evolving nature of jobs throughout the game. Ragnarok was such a hit that it not only has a sequel in production but also has an animated series that was made and is part of the franchise as well.



    Flyff, the common acronym for the game officially titles Fly for Fun, is a free MMORPG that upon first glance may seem like a free version of fairly standard games of the same genre. Player choose a class and level up, teaming up with other players from around the globe to finish quests and battle monsters. But the most unique feature, and one that draws so many people to this 2005 release, is the transportation system. Flying is the norm in this game, the majority of characters getting from place to place in this world by flying.


    City of Heroes

    City of Heroes is a fantastic MMORPG that has had fans begging for more since its original release in 2004, since which numerous expansion packs and massive updates have become available, most recently as September of this year. In this free to play MMORPG, players create their own superhero based on traditional comic book superhero style. There are many missions to go on with other players, fighting the criminals that plague Paragon City, where the story is set. Creating new superheroes, each one more interesting than the next, is something that never gets old, and never suffers from the boredom and copycat feel that many other MMORPGs suffer from.

    City of Heroes

    Lord of the Rings Online

    Lord of the Rings Online is a free to play MMORPG set in the beloved fictional world of Middle Earth. Players choose a character from one of the canonical races. Many quests and characters are familiar from both movies and books, though fans of the books will definitely get a higher satisfaction from the game as many characters who are mere footnotes now have a fleshed out stories and their own adventures. But this game is fun even for the non Lord of the Rings fan due to the wonderful lore and great storyline that will keep players coming back for more.

    Lord of the Ring Online

    DC Universe Online

    This new MMORPG has just recently gone free to play. In this world you are a hero working for the factions of good or evil. Starting in either Batman’s Gotham City or Superman’s Metropolis, players are fully immersed in their favorite superhero worlds, being able to interact in the worlds they’ve loved for years. With missions, quests, and more it is no wonder that DC Universe has had such a widespread surge in popularity with Novembers introduction of the free to play system for DC Universe Online.

    DC Universe Online

    There are thousands of free MMORPGs found online, ranging from simple browser games produced by small name companies and fans of gaming to titles based off of popular fiction worlds and others produced by big name companies providing even more fun for their fans. Free MMORPGs are a great way to be involved with the greatest games the video game world has to offer while not having to pay exorbitant fees just for a single game that doesn’t include any bonus materials. This list is a great place to start your exploration of online gaming, and with this list of best MMORPGs, you’ll never have to look any further for a fantastic – and free – gaming experience.

  • Age of Conan Xbox 360 development canceled

    It won't surprise the people that much, but the Norwegian company Funcom has announced a official cancellation of the development of the Xbox 360 version of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.

    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

    The PC version of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, MMORPG launched almost 3 years ago in 2008. Funcom has stated that all efforts now focus on the development of The Secret World, which will be their next big MMO and expected to out later this year or early 2012.

  • RIFT Collector Edition Details Revealed

    Trion is gearing up really high for their upcoming MMORPG "RIFT", as today they give out the complete details about the Collector Edition of the game.


    According to the press release RIFT Collector Edition will feature the following bonuses:

    Exclusive in-game digital items:

    • Ancient Tartagon Mount: Available at level 20, this turtle mount increases player speed by 60%
    • Collector’s Satchel: Increases the size of your primary backpack to 24 slots
    • Bogling Wastrel: This unique pet sets you apart from the other Ascended

    Exclusive in-box premium items:

    • 8GB USB Drive: Exclusive flash drive branded with the Rift logo
    • Official Rift Soundtrack: Featuring 17 epic tracks from acclaimed game composer Inon Zur
    • SteelSeries gaming mouse pad featuring detailed art of a blistering Fire Rift 
    • Telara Chronicles Trade Hardcover: All five issues of the gripping graphic novel miniseries based on the Rift universe in one limited-edition hardbound book
  • Aeria Games to Reveal Legendary Champions Soon

    Legendary Champions a MMORPG from Aeria game will be coming out soon for the gamers of North America and Europe. Legendary Champions which is developed by USERJOY technology will challenges the gamers to explore the adventure in a fantasy world and battling in DotA-style and player-Vs-player battleground having the ability to transform into more than 60 characters.

    Jehanzeb Hasan, Jr. Project Manager Aeria Games said, "Every one of our games can turn an ordinary player into a hero, With Legendary Champions, it’s now possible to unlock and transform into an entire army of heroes, inspired by everything from Eastern lore to Western myth. Players will get the chance to play alongside, and in the shoes of, everyone from Dracula to Beowulf, Mulan to King Arthur."

    Features in Legendary Champions:

    • Over 60 Champions to Choose: Create your own personal avatar and transform into heroes from myth and legend, each with unique abilities and upgradeable skills.
    • Dominate the Battlefield: Compete in 5-on-5 DotA-style battlegrounds with team objectives and rare, coveted rewards– or engage in open and guild-based PvP battlefields.
    • Conquer Dungeons&Epic Monsters: Delve into instanced dungeons with your allies and take on some of the largest and most powerful creatures in the game.
    • Team Up and Work Together: Guild leaders receive a commission from their members’ purchases, and members earn in-game benefits from leaders’ guild improvements.
  • Silkroad Online MMORPG German Language Service announced

    Joymax, a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, today announced the launch of German language service for Silkroad Online. The release represents the fourth step in a wider plan to expand multilingual support for players worldwide, including the recent additions of Spanish, Arabic, and Turkish-language support.

    “Silkroad Online players hail from dozens of different countries, and we know that it can sometimes be difficult to join a community that doesn’t speak your language,” said Jina Song, General Manager at Joymax.“We hope that each additional language service we add helps to make more and more users feel truly at home when traveling along the Silk Road.”

    To give new players a proper welcome to the Silk Road, Joymax is hosting three launch events for users of the German-language version. The events, which will run until June 29, offer both in-game and real-world prizes to new adventurers who provide feedback on the official website, reach level 40 in fewer than five weeks, or visit the in-game item mall to do some virtual shopping!

  • New Third Chapter of Runes of Magic now available

    Today sees the main expansion of the third chapter of Runes of Magic , "The Elder Kingdoms". The game servers have just opened with the updated version again.

    The latest large expansion for the popular free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) adds one unexplored new region on the new continent Zandorya with a challenging new dungeon to the game world. Besides many other new features like the new PvP battleground Tyrefen Mountain Range and an enhanced skills system, the update includes the introduction of integrated voice chat to improve communication between players. The expansion installs automatically when launching the game. An updated full version of Runes of Magic Chapter III– The Elder Kingdoms is available to download for free through the official website.

    Due to the continuing growth of the Runes of Magic community, Frogster has launched additional German, French, and Spanish language servers today. Starting tomorrow, all players can participate in an exciting release community contest, the "Level 58 Olympics", where they can obtain valuable item packages. More information about that will be given on the official website and in the forums.

    Runes of Magic Chapter 3 The Elder Kingdoms Trailer

    What's new in Chapter III?

    • Level-cap raised to 58
    • Two new zones with brand new dungeons and world bosses
    • Enabling of battles involving entire guilds with the new siege wars feature
    • Expanded monster compendium
    • New party search tool
    • New crafting system to create fusion stones with individual values
    • Newly expanded skill system linked to armor sets
    • Two selectable difficulty levels in the most challenging dungeons
    • New token system allowing players to trade for exclusive armor sets
    • Guild buffs available in guild castles
    • New guild mini-games

    Upcoming in the course of Chapter III

    • Level-cap raised to 60
    • Two-player mounts
    • New role playing elements including a marriage system
    • New dungeons
    • New zones
  • Turbine Celebrates The Third Aniversary of the Launch of The Lord of the Rings Online

    Turbine, Inc. announced today the start of the celebration of the third anniversary of The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), the award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The LOTRO Anniversary celebration will run from April 26, 2010 to June 30, 2010.

    “It’s been another incredible year of growth for LOTRO and Turbine highlighted by critical and consumer acclaim,” said Jim Crowley, President and CEO of Turbine, Inc. “Since its launch, LOTRO has consistently been named Game of the Year by leading MMORPG sites and the overwhelmingly positive response to the game from millions of players who have adventured in Middle-earth has firmly cemented the game as one of the world’s premier online entertainment experiences. The game’s player base grew over 15% over the past year and our anniversary is a chance for us to celebrate with our past and present players to enjoy everything that is special about Middle-earth and thank them for their wonderful support with some special subscription options.”

    The Lord of the Rings Online Third Anniversary Celebration includes:

    • Play for $9.99 a month!: The party never has to end! During LOTRO’s Third Anniversary Celebration (April 26th to June 30th), you can get any 3, 6, or 12 month subscription plan and play LOTRO for only $9.99 per month!
    • In-Game Celebration:
    • During the anniversary celebration, monsters throughout Middle-earth will drop rare and precious gifts when defeated. Players can exchange these items for a special gift box brimming with a variety of in-game items to aid them on their adventures in Middle-earth.
    • Turbine is also giving new, current and former players who log in to the game during the LOTRO Third Anniversary Celebration (April 24th through June 30th), a special in-game gift -- the Writ of Virtue, a passive skill that provides 20% discounts at Bards throughout Middle-earth

    The Lord of the Rings Online is the ultimate interactive adventure. This award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game delivers an interactive experience brimming with life and filled with the familiar people, places and monsters from the most beloved fantasy of all time. From the picturesque surroundings of the Shire to Moria, the most fearsome underground realm ever imagined, players will experience the world of Middle-earth as never before. For more information or to download a free trial, visit

  • Destiny Online: Glory of the Tribe Expansion Pack Available

    Ingle Games has announced that "Glory of the Tribe", the long-awaited third expansion pack to their 2D anime-styled fantasy MMORPG Destiny Online has hit the servers on April 20th.

    The enhanced Tribal War (aka Guild War) holds the most spotlight of this extension pack. Closely combining PvP with PvE and amply rewarding every participant, the new Tribal War system is bound to set the Destiny world on fire.

    The other thrilling additions include a new Super Pet, Kirin, 2 new Boss monsters, Level 80 Darkhound and Level 145 Grim Gargoyle, 2 sets of new outfits, Eastern Gala Costume and Funky Valentine Costume, a new mount, Flying Carpet, a dozen of new Monster Cards that can transform players into hilarious monsters, and Level 145 equipments and weapons to keep up with the level cap raised to 145.