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  • Modern Warfare 4 in development at Infinity Ward confirms Captain Price Actor

    According to Captain Price Voice Actor "Bill Murray", Infinity Ward is working on a sequel to Modern Warfare 3 titled as "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4".

    Modern Warfare 4In a recent interview to This is Xbox, Murray said, "Yeah, on Monday I am off to meet Infinity Ward about the next game, Modern Warfare 4, I’m doing work on the sequel to Modern Warfare 3, it carries straight on and I only ever appear in the Modern Warfare games…"

    So guys what you think about this?, and what are your expectations from Modern Warfare 4?. Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Minecraft is last week's most played game on Xbox 360, beats MW3 and more

    Something extraordinary has happened at most played Xbox Live charts, Minecraft dethrones Modern Warfare 3 and claimed the top spot in the last week's chart rating.

    MinecraftThis achievement of Minecraft has something to do with the adventure update released last week by Major Nelson. Here is the full list of most played game on Xbox 360 last week:

    1. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
    2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    3. EA Sports FIFA Soccer 13
    4. Call Of Duty: Black Ops
    5. Borderlands 2
    6. Halo: Reach
    7. Battlefield 3
    8. Modern Warfare 2
    9. Madden NFL 13
    10. NBA 2K13

  • Modern Warfare 3 PC gets patch 1.18, PS3 and Xbox 360 version gets title update 23

    Activision has just released new title update for Modern Warfare 3. For PC gamers, Modern Warfare 3 patch 1.18 is LIVE now, whereas for PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers title update 28 is available for download.

    Modern Warfare 3This updates significantly reduce latency spikes and further improve network performance. Check out the complete changelog for this updates below, as posted by Community Coordinator Candice Capen.

    • Significantly reduced lag spikes caused when someone joined a match in progress.
    • Added more matchmaking/performance telemetry to allow us to optimize our backend servers
    • New networking code improvements to be initially rolled out in the Domination playlist October 10th, mid-morning with more playlists to come

    More details HERE.

  • Modern Warfare 3: Two new multiplayer mode added NOW

    Activision and Infinity Ward has just added two new multiplayer modes to Modern Warfare 3 via a playlist update. The first multiplayer mode is 3v3 hardcore face-off mode.

    Modern Warfare 3The second one is Money in the Denk (MIDT), its a custom game mode and is based on Sabotage. This mode is created by Machinima director Denk and is a fast paced and will need teamwork from gamers to succeed.

    Here is a video footage of this MIDT mode where, Denk explains rule gamers need to follow.

  • Modern Warfare 3 Collection 4: Final Assault trailer released

    Activision has just released a new trailer for Modern Warfare 3 Collection 4: Final Assault Trailer. The fourth and final DLC collection features 5 all-new Multiplayer maps.

    Modern Warfare 3It will be available for download for Xbox 360 gamers on September 6. Watch the trailer below.

    "Prepare for your Final Assault, as Modern Warfare 3's fourth and final DLC collection brings 5 all-new Multiplayer maps available for purchase to everyone on Xbox 360 on Sept. 6"

  • Modern Warfare 3 PS3 patch 1.19 Live Now, PC version gets patch 1.15

    Infinity Ward has released brand new patch 1.19 for PS3 version of Modern Warfare 3. This new title update is now available for download for all MW3 PS3 gamers across the globe.

    Modern Warfare 3This new patch carries support for Elite drops 19-24, Improves lag compensation and more. You can check out complete changelog below.

    • Update to Face Off logic
    • Improvements to lag compensation
    • Support for Elite drops 19-24
    • Fix for XM25 challenges not registering
    • Added logic to make Terminal count as an original map
    • Fix for players changing a UAV into a second Ballistic Vest pointstreak
    • Fixed Elite Web issue when sending custom classes with attachment proficiency on second primary

    In addition to this, patch 1.15 for PC version of Modern Warfare 3 is also out. This new update features many changes including the important VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat). Full changelog has been listed below.

    • Valve Anti-Cheat fix to prevent VAC banned players from accessing MW3 MP servers
    • Support for Terminal to autodownload as part of the patch
    • Update to Face Off spawn logic
    • Weapon balance changes for Assault Rifles & SMGs
    • Adding all previous hot fixes
  • MW3 patch 1.18 Live Now for PS3, new double XP weekend begins on Aug 17

    Infinity Ward has released patch 1.18 for PS3 version of Modern Warfare 3. This patch carries fix for hacked custom classes online, improves matchmaking and more.

    Modern Warfare 3Full changlog of patch 1.18 for PS3 is listed below. Check it out.

    • Matchmaking improvements to use first party country if DML data isn’t available
    • Fix for hacked custom classes online
    • Improved Face Off mode spawn logic
    • Support for Elite drops 16-18
    • Oasis fix to rock glitch

    This patch will also support August ELITE Content Drops for PS3. The contents are two multiplayer maps Decommission and Off Shore – and Vertigo, the Spec Ops mission along with Modern Warfare 2 Terminal.

    Community Manager Candice Capen also announced a double XP weekend for Modern Warfare 3. It will begin this Friday 8/17 and will be going longer than the weekend on all three major platforms.

  • Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 patch 1.20 changelog revelaed

    Yesterday Infinity Ward released a new patch 1.20 or title update 20 for Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 3. Due to some issue there was numbering problem for this patch, but Infinity Ward’s Community Coordinator, Candice Capen quickly clarified by stating, "18 was actually 19 and 18 was an emergency,".

    Candice Capen further confirmed that issues with the Chaos mode leaderboards have been fixed by MW3 patch 1.20.

    Here is the complete changelog.

    • Support for Elite drops 19-24 (the new drops are now live for paid Elite subscribers on Xbox 360)
    • Matchmaking improvements to use first party country if DML data isn’t available
    • Additional logging for matchmaking
    • Update to Face Off spawn logic
    • Added logic to make Terminal count as an original map
    • Fix for XM25 challenges not registering properly
    • Fix for exploit that allowed change of a UAV into a second Ballistic Vest

    Infinity Ward also revealed a playlist update to fix [the recent] issue when using attachments with new M16A4 changes in Modern Warfare 3 - X360 version: 1.8.594.1 PS3 version: 1.8.475.4.

  • Modern Warfare 3 patch 1.19 Live Now, Spec Ops DLC also out

    Infinity Ward and Activision has just released patch 1.19 and new Spec Ops DLC "Light ‘Em Up and Special Delivery missions and CHAOS mode" for Modern Warfare 3. All these content are now available for download on Xbox 360.

    ModeModern Warfare 3 patch 1.19 is 12 MB in size. Unfortunately at the time of writing, changelog of Modern Warfare 3 patch 1.19 is not yet released.

    Gamers can download the new DLC content via Store Menu option under multiplayer section for Elite premium subscriber. Light ‘Em Up is 23.93 MB in size, Special Delivery is 169.98 MB in size and Chaos mode is 108 KB in size.