move patch

  • Heavy Rain Move Patch Available Now

    Sony has just release the patch update for Heavy Rain, which will add a Playstation Move Support to the PS3 exclusive title.

    Heavy Rain, Sony's Heavy Rain

    For Downloading the patch gamers need to launch the game while connected to the PSN, a notification will be issued to download the patch which is 1142 MB in size.

    Complete the downloading and installing and enjoy you gameplay with Playstation Move.

  • PlayStation Move patches may also charge

    The official U.S. PlayStation blog has a comprehensive FAQ about Playstation Move published, which addresses many issue of the gamer and in particular on technical issues.

    In the discussion with the users there were many questions, one such question was, Will I need to update my games to enable PlayStation Move support? If yes, will it be free? Can you guess what the answer to this is?

    PlayStation Move

    That need not be always so, However, according to the blog moderator, this always depends on the Publisher if the update will be free or not.

    Playstation Move games are specifically designed for motion controller although many developer has decided to add Move support to their existing title for example Heavy Rain.

  • Resident Evil 5 Move Patch Next Month

    There is good news for Resident Evil 5 players, It will receive the PlayStation Move compatibility next month. But for only Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition holders, due to some technical issues with original version.

    Today Capcpm at Gamescom reveal that next month it will release Resident Evil 5 patch which will introduce Move functionality in game.

    Resident Evil 5 screenshot

    The patch is dated for 19th September.  However Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition is not released in all countries yet, so there is no need to worry, because Capcom will release the Resident Evil 5: Move Edition soon in those countries.