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  • THQ: Homefront multiplayer demo coming soon

    THQ has announced that a multiplayer demo for Homefront is in works, and it will be release soon. No launch date has been set as of yet. The news was confirmed by Brian Farrell earlier today during their earnings call.


    Brian Farrell said, “It’s a fairly unusual strategy but where Homefront really shines is the online 32 player multiplayer capability. We know because of our strong marketing campaign that a lot of people have heard of Homefront and we think with this new demo we might stimulate more new users and purchasers of the game.”

    He also added that there willbe robust DLC for the game in coming months, but no details were revealed related to it.

    Check out our review for the game HERE.

  • Crysis 2 PC multiplayer demo patch 1.2 available now

    Crytek and EA has just released a patch v1.2 for Crysis 2 PC multiplayer demo. This new update for the demo addresses many issues found in the initail release. The patch size is around 38MB .The complete change log details for the update is also out now, you can check it out below.

    Crysis 2

    Here is the list:

    • "Press Start to Begin" has been changed to "Press Enter to Begin" on the main menu
    • Ping changes in server browser - no ping for anyone now (all 0) - "Crytek is working very hard to fix this for the shipping game"
    • Fixed crash if getting force disconnected from a dedicated server (although the force disconnect issue has been resolved anyway)
    • Account creation now works properly
    • G35 headset fix now implemented
    • People not able to sign in with certain characters such as "-" or "numbers" in their username, now can

    NOTE: The Update is now live and will auto-patch when you start the game

  • Crysis 2 multiplayer demo for PC dated

    The much awaited multiplayer demo for Crytek's upcoming sci-fi shooting game title Crysis 2 will arrive on PC on March 1. The developer of the game confirmed the released date for the demo and said that fans can download the multiplayer taster from Crysis 2 official website and other partner sites.

    The multiplayer demo of Crysis 2 for PC will feature:

    • 2 maps "Skyline" and "Pier 17"
    • 2 Game modes: "Team Instant Action" and Crash Site.

    Crysis 2

    In Team Instant Action mode, players will have to kill as many as possible to win the battle, whereas in Crash site players fight inorder to maintain of alien drop pods.

  • Killzone 3 multiplayer demo will be available tomorrow at 11AM in United Kingdom

    The much awaited multiplayer demo of Killzone 3 will release in United Kingdom tomorrow morning at 11am sharp. The demo will be available to all the Playstation 3 gamers and run till February 15.

    The demo will feature three online mode (Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations) as well as one offline mode (Botzone).

    Killzone 3

    Details of each mode is listed below you can check them out below:

    Guerrilla Warfare: Supports 16 players, is a classic Team Deathmatch mode in which you and your teammates must try to kill as many of the opposing team as you can against the clock.

    Supports 24 players, returns from Killzone 2 offering a round-based multiplayer campaign consisting of five randomly ordered mini-missions.

    Operations: Supports 16 players, is a new mode which aims to deliver a more story-based gameplay experience, consisting of a sequence of linear mini-missions.

    Botzone: An offline mode ideal for those looking to get to grips with the controls, the weapons or the map layout before going up against live players.

    UPDATE: Killzone 3 multiplayer beta has gone live in Europe.

  • Crytek: Crysis 2 multiplayer demo on PC soon

    Good News for all PC gamers out there, Crytek has announced that a multiplayer demo for Crysis 2 will be coming out soon for PC just before the launch of the game.

    The news was confirmed on the developer's official twitter account which reads as follow:

    “At this time, Crytek & EA are glad to confirm that we’ll be releasing a pre-launch Crysis 2 multiplayer demo on PC! Stay tuned for details.”

    Crysis 2

    Earlier this week it was confirmed by developer that the game will support for DirectX 11. Crysis 2 is slated to release in March for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC