multiplayer FPS

  • Archetype Multiplayer FPS for iPhone and iPod touch

    Villain an independent publisher of portable game has announced today Archetype, a multiplayer first person shooting title for iPhone and iPod touch users. They also reveal the release details of the game, Archetype will be release worldwide in the early part of July 2010 via iTUnes, and it will be available for price tag of just£1.79.

    Dane Baker, Lean Producer, Villain reveal this details about Archetype and said, "Archetype delivers an amazingly visceral and satisfying experience rooted in its 'no holds barred' online deathmatches," "Our game brings key elements from online console first person shooters to the iPhone and iPod touch for 'iPwnage-style' fun with no gimmicks or strings attached."

    About Archetype in short:

    Players join the battle starting as a lowly cadet immersed in battle with team-based deathmatches and earn higher ranks to advance as they build a reputation, earn experience points, and win medals, including each match's "MVP" medal. Up to ten players can fight at one time - two to five players per team battling across five different levels.

  • Counter Strike Source for Mac Next Week

    On Wednesday of next week Counter Strike: Source will finally have a version for Mac. This has been confirmed from Valve during the show at E3.

    As we all know this multiplayer FPS consist of terrorists and terrorism teams. Best thing to notice is, it  will also allow Windows users to play and access to the Mac servers without having to pay any extra fee.

    It was confirmed that Counter Strike: Source game will now allow cross access between Windows and Mac versions thus users of a Mac can play with the extensive community of fans to the game from the beginning.

    Counter-Strike is still a ludicrously popular game - the official Steam stats page currently has CS: Source listed as the most popular game in terms of peak number of players - 77,279 today.