• Guild Wars 2 release date leaked by GameStop?

    NCSoft has not yet revealed the launch date for their upcoming MORPG, Guild Wars 2, but GameStop has listed the game and release date section reads as "June 26, 2012".

    Guild Wars 2The retailer listed the Collector's Edition of Guild Wars 2. It carries a price tag of $150 and is schedule to launch on June 26. We have got the snapshot of the listing below, in-case retailer pulled down or update the product page.

    What does this means, Guild Wars 2 will arrive in the end of June?, no official confirmation yet from NCSoft, we have contacted them and will update the post as soon as we hear something from them.

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    Guild Wars 2 GameStop Listing

  • Aion update 2.6 coming out next month

    NCSoft has just announced that a new update 2.6 for Aion will be coming out in the first week of August. The update will go live on August 3.

    Aion screenshot

    This new update 2.6 for Aion will include following features, check out the list below:

    • The “Crucible Challenge,” a solo version of the Empyrean Crucible instance
    • A new auto-party matching system for select key instances in the game
    • Difficulty level adjustments to Dark Poeta, Empyrean Crucible and Beshmundir Temple
    • A new pet, the Runaway Poppy, which has a chance to provide its master with Platinum Medals
    • New conditioning stones to make your gear even better than today
    • Improvements to boss looting in Fire Temple and Steel Rake


  • NCsoft: Guild Wars 2 beta in second half of 2011

    NCsoft has announced that the Guild Wars 2 beta will beging in the second half of 2011. The news was confirmed by chief financial officer Jaeho Lee, during a conference call.

    Guild Wars screenshot

    Jaeho Lee said to investors, "Starting from year 2012, we believe substantial growth will be driven by new blockbuster titles like [Blade & Soul] and Guild Wars 2,"

    He added, "Also, Guild Wars 2 will go into beta testing stage in the second half of this year,"

  • City of Heroes: Animal Pack releasing on February 23

    NCSoft has announced that City of Heroes: The Animal Pack will arrive later this month, it will be available for purchase from the NCSoft on February 23 for £5.99 or €8.99. With the help of the pack players will now be able to create their characters with the traits of the world’s most powerful beasts.

    City of Heroes

    City of Heroes: The Animal Pack will consist of:

    • 60 new Costume and Pattern
    • 6 new emotes
    • 2 new auras
    • a new travel power called "Beast Run".

    The new power will enable gamers from level 4 onwards to run like a savage beast with the new Beast Run travel power, pouncing through the concrete jungles known as the Rogue Isles, Paragon City and Praetoria while stealthily stalking and attacking their prey at every turn.