• New PS VITA trailer shows many new features

    Sony has released a new trailer for their upcoming handheld console Playstation VITA. In the trailer the firm shows many new features of PS VITA, the most interesting one, "NEAR", Sony's local content service. This new features hasn't been detailed completely yet, but the trailer shows two VITA's connected to each other and making use of geographic service, and swapping content.


    Glimpse of other features is also there in the trailer such as LiveArea, Alerts, Party, CrossPlay and AR games. Watch the trailer below:

  • Report: PS VITA battery life very much similar to PSP

    A first report regarding Playstation VITA battery life has emerged. According to the details revealed the battery life of upcoming handheld from Sony will be close to that of PSP.


    The firm is keeping this as a general target for the handheld. Engadget reports says, "[Sony's] not talking battery life, but a developer told us that - with the exception of graphically intensive titles like Uncharted - the company's shooting for parity with the original PlayStation Portable."

  • Sony: PS VITA will launch in Japan end of 2011, in EU and NA next year

    Jack Tretton just a while ago commented on what launch date fans can expect for Sony's upcoming handheld "Playstation VITA".

    Playstationb VITA

    Speaking with Geoff Keighley on GameTrailers, Tretton, “It’s coming out Fiscal Year 2012 and we hope to atleast get it out in one region by the end of the Calendar year – hopefully Japan”

    This means that Playstation VITA will launch in Japan at end of this year, and in Europe and North America in 2012.

  • Sony announce "RUIN" action RPG for Playstation VITA

    Sony has just announced a new action RPG for their upcoming handheld console "Playstation VITA". The game is titled as "RUIN and it seems like a top-down dungeon crawler having multiple character classes, character progression and a brutal fighting system.


    The most interesting part is, RUIN will also launch on Playstation 3, and gamers will b able to save their gameplay to Cloud Server which will allow them to resume their gameplay progress on either console.

    More details on it soon.

  • Playstation VITA specification revealed

    Sony at its E3 press conference revealed tons of details about Playstation VITA, formerly known as NGP. The firm confirmed 2011 launch window for the handheld and also announced price (Check it out HERE).


    Sony also revealed the specification of Playstation VITA, we have listed it below, check it out.

    ARM Cortex A9 (4 core)


    External Size:
    182.0width x 18.6height x 83.5depth (millimeters)

    Rear Touch Pad:
    Capacitive Multi-touch

    rear camera, front camera

    Built-in mic, built-in speakers

    6-axis motion sensory system (three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope)

    3G (optional), WiFi , Built-in GPS


    Volume buttons, SELECT/START button, right/left stick, shoulder buttons, action buttons, directional buttons, power button, PS button

    Mobile Network Connectivity (3G), IEE 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR

  • NGP is "Playstation VITA", 2011 global launch window and price details revealed

    SCE head Kaz Hirai has finally confirmed that the official name of NGP is "Playstation VITA", VITA means "LIFE". Hirai also announced that AT&T will be a service partner for handheld.

    Kaz Hirai also announced a minute details about new feature of handheld called "Party". This new feature will enable you to make use of headset and microphone chat. Another feature "Near", it's a social connection tools that allows user to track and chat with their friends, compare trophies and many more.


    In Japan Wi-fi version will carry a price tag of ¥24,980, in United States $249 and in Europe  €249.

    The 3G version of Playstation VITA will be available for ¥29,980 in Japan, $299 in US and €249 in Europe.

  • Sony trademarks "PS Vita and Playstation Vita" in Europe

    Its almost confirmed now Sony's NGP will be called "Playstation VITA", SCEE has registered to new PSVita trademark in Europe.


    According to the details revealed by a NEOGAF member, the trademarks were made by SCEE on Friday at Trademarks and Designs Registration Office (Europe).

    Expect an official announcement at E3.

  • Modnation Racers and Resistance: Retribution coming to NGP: Playstation Magazine

    The latest issue of officiai Playstation Magazine carries some interesting details about what we might see on Sony's upcoming handheld "NGP" at E3 2011.

    According to magazine two PSP gamers will be coming to NGP, and these games are Modnation Racers which will support touchscreen controls for track creation. The magazine claims that players can place their circuit and scenery just by swiping their fingers around the screen.


    The second game is Sony Bend's Resistance: Retribution, and it will have dual-stick support. The magazine didn't not reveal whether these games are the old backwards compatible versions. More on this is expected to reveal at E3 next week.

  • Sony: 3DS is just an updated version of DS

    The handheld war talks has just begun as we prepare for the massive E3 showing, and the very first firm to start is none other than Sony. The head of  Sony Worldwide Studios has said that apart from the addition of 3D stereoscopic display 3DS is just an update version of DS.


    Check out what Sony said about Nintendo 3DS:

    When we were designing the NGP we had no idea what Nintendo was going to do, Aside from the 3D stereoscopic display, they seem to be keeping the same theme that they had with the DS – it feels like an update of the DS to me.

    So what we’re trying to do, lots of choices that we made were so different from their [Nintendo] choices. It’s kind of hard to compare the two, aside from the fact that both of them are dedicated gaming platforms.

    There’s no one clear competitor in terms of what NGP offers. NGP’s going to establish itself as the unique thing that people want to have. NGP cannot be placed against smartphones. You can’t make phone calls on it and it’s too big to fit into your pocket.

    Expect to see a response from Nintendo very soon, so stay tuned for more update on this.

  • Konami announces Silent Hill: Book of Memories exclusive for NGP

    Konami has announced a new Silent Hill game titled as "Silent Hill: Book of Memories" exclusively for Sony's NGP (Playstation VITA).

    Silent Hill: Book of Memories

    Silent Hill series producer Tom Hulett made the announcement at Konami's pre-E3 press conference that was streamed online. Regarding the launch of the game, Hulett confirmed that Silent Hill: Book of Memories won't be launched anytime soon.