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  • Team Ninja was shocked by fans reaction to Ninja Gaiden III

    In a recent interview to Gamasutra, Ninja Gaiden III director Yohei Shimbori said that developement team was completely shocked by reaction of fans to Ninja Gaiden III.

    Ninja Gaiden 3Yohei said, "Everybody at the studio was pretty shocked. It really made us take another look at the game and why that reaction was there."

    He further added, "One of the things that I learned was the power of having a series behind you, and what it means to be part of a series. There are existing fans out there, and you have to think about the people who have supported the series for so long, and you want to make sure that the game that you make appeals to them first, and satisfies those fans first."

    According to you Ninja Gaiden III was GOOD/BAD/UGLY?. let us know your views in the comment section below along with the reason.

  • Ninja Gaiden 3 launch trailer is BRUTAL

    Tecmo Koei has released launch trailer of Ninja Gaiden 3 inorder to prepare all Ninja Gaiden franchise fans. The game is schedule to launch next week of PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Ninja Gaiden 3Featuring a new story, new gameplay and new modes, Ninja Gaiden 3 marks a new direction in this fan-favorite franchise. Team Ninja aims to change the way fans think about ninja and Hayabusa in this game, and promise that they’ll know what it feels like to “cut someone down” through their experiences in the game.

    The game will also feature online multiplayer, both co-op and competitive, that will add a completely new experience to Ninja Gaiden. Watch the launch trailer below.

  • Ninja Gaiden 3 official box art revealed

    Tecmo Koei has revealed the official box art of Ninja Gaiden 3. The game offers for the first time a look at the world through Hayabusa’s eyes, showing what drives him to fight, and kill.

    Ninja Gaiden 3Ninja Gaiden 3 feature a new story, new gameplay and new modes, and it marks a new direction in this fan-favorite franchise. The developer aims to change the way fans think about ninja and Hayabusa in this game, and promise that they’ll know what it feels like to “cut someone down” through their experiences in the game.

    Ninja Gaiden 3 will launch on March 20 in NA and on March 23 in Europe for PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out the official box art below.

    Ninja Gaiden 3 PS3 box art

  • Fresh Ninja Gaiden 3 details and screenshots

    Some fresh details about Ninja Gaiden 3 has been just revealed on game's official website. In addition to these details, some fresh and stunning screenshots of the game is also out.

    Ninja Gaiden 3

    You guys can check out the complete new details and screenshots below.

    "This cloaked alchemist confronts Hayabusa wherever his fights take him. While his connection to the events is clear, his motives remain as hidden as the face behind the mask." Check out the image of new character below.

    Regent of the Mask

    Regent of the Mask 2

    The Grip of the Murder:

    London, UK – Terrorists have seized the city, killed countless civilians and taken the Prime Minister hostage. They now make a single demand.
    On the other side of the world, two covert government operatives fly to a village hidden deep within the Japanese countryside to relay the message: “It’s you they want, Ryu Hayabusa.”

    In London, Hayabusa comes face to face with the leader of the terrorists, a man known only as the Regent of the Mask. The Regent places a curse on him–the Grip of Murder–which thrives on all the lives Hayabusa has taken. And Hayabusa has taken many, many lives.

    Hayabusa must suffer this curse as he fights in the furthest reaches of the world in order to save those closest to him. To protect that which must be protected, and kill that which must be killed. But every action has its consequence


    Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshot Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshot 1 Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshot 3 Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshot 4 Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshot 5 Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshot 6 Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshot 7 Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshot 8 Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshot 9

  • Ninja Gaiden 3 details revealed by Playstation Magazine, first screen also out

    The lastest issue of official Playstation Magazine has a feature of Team Ninja's upcoming game title "Ninja Gaiden III". The issue contains bulk of new details and also the first screenshot of the game.

    Ninja Gaiden

    A NeoGAF member "Rated-Rsuperstar" had a look at the screenshot and then describe it as, "The game looks to be running on a more modified Sigma 2 engine. 3 shots are of Ryu slicing up foot soldiers in a dark rainy city street. There’s another with him climbing a wall with daggers. And the final shot is him running from some giant mechanoid spider thing."

    Few details revealed from the magazine are:

    • 60 frames per second
    • Blood is back
    • Difficulty level won’t be toned down for casual gamers
    • There will be both competitive and cooperative modes. One or both will support up to 8 players
    • The store is gone. Weapons will upgrade over time
    • Greater emphasis on story
    • May feature Move support

    Check out the screenshot below:

    Ninja Gaiden Magazine Scan 1 Ninja Gaiden Magazine Scan 2 Ninja Gaiden Magazine Scan 3 Ninja Gaiden Magazine Scan 4

  • Tecmo Koei Reveals Ninja Gaiden III

    Tecmo Koei unveils the curtain from Ninja Gaiden 3 at Tokyo Game Show.

    They announced Ninja Gaiden 3 at behind the closed door event, no detail is giving out as what to expect from the sequel but it is said that the fans will see more human side of the game lead character Ryu. According to the details of one of the popular gaming site, fans will also see more brutal and violent side of Ryu along with decent into a hellish realm.

    Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden 3, Ninja Gaiden III

    No details about the release date and the platform on which the game will be coming. The last game in the series Ninja Gaiden II was release way back in June 2008 on Xbox 360 and after sometime it was also release on Playstation 3.