Nintendo Switch Online Service Launching In September 2018

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Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch online service will cost $20 and will be available in September 2018 that will offer players access to exclusive deals and online games.

Nintendo Rumored To Be Working On New Donkey Kong For Nintendo Switch

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Donkey Kong Switch

Nintendo rumored to be working on a new Donkey Kong title, while Tropical Freeze a 2014 game is going to release this year in May on Switch.

Nintendo Switch Sold Higher Than Xbox One in Spain

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch surpassed Xbox One sales within 10 months compared to Xbox One. The console achieved the milestone of highest selling console in Spain.

Breath Of Wild Is The Highest Selling Zelda Game In Japan In 19 Years - Report

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Breath Of Wild

Breath of Wild is the highest selling games in Japan since 1998, Nintendo has sold around 4.70 million copies worldwide.

Nintendo Labo Not A VR Rival But Something Totally Unique & Unexpected

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Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is a new interactive line of the playable controller for Nintendo Switch, company President and COO said it is not a competitor to VR.

Nintendo Switch Sold Three Times Faster Than PS4 After Initial Launch

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch sold three times faster than PS4 console during its initial launch period, overall till the end of 10 million units were sold worldwide.

Xbox One X Outsold PS4 Sales In December 2017, Switch Is True Winner

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Nintendo Switch Outsold PS4 and Xbox One In December 2017

Xbox Marketing Boss Aaron Greenberg shared a update on Xbox One X sales in December 2017. Via Twitter, Greenberg revealed that Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4, however Nintendo Switch was the best selling console.

Bioshock Writer Explains What Makes Zelda Breath of the Wild A Masterpiece

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Breath of the Wild

Kevin Levine Writer Director of Bioshock series finds The Legend of Zelda Breath Of Wild a masterpiece because of multiple reasons.

Bayonetta 3 And Metroid Prime 4 For Switch Releasing In 2018 As Per Nintendo Norway

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Bayonetta 3 Switch

Nintendo Norway shared through a blog that revealed Bayonetta and Metroid Prime 4 along with a new Pokemon Go game will be coming in 2018 on Nintendo Switch.

Where To Find Kasandra Rare Blade In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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How To Find Kasandra Rare Blade

To unlock Kasandra Rare Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 you need to perform two tasks. Here's Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Kasandra Rare Blade Location guide detailing how to unlock it.