Nintendo 64 Mini Trademark Hints At Incoming Reveal

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It looks like Nintendo might actually be working on a Nintendo 64 Classic edition, in the style of the recently announced PlayStation Classic and, of course, the NES and SNES re-releases from Nintendo.

NES Classic Mini Was The Best Selling US Console In June, PS4 Got Best Dollar Sales

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Quite surprisingly, NES Classic Mini was the most sold video games console in June in the United States, as revealed by NPD Group. In terms of dollar sales, PS4 was still leading by the way.

Nintendo Switch Sales Were Slower Than Anticipated During The Last Quarter

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Nintendo Switch Sales Slower Last Quarter

Nintendo has shared more information about Nintendo Switch shipments as part of the reveal of financial results for the latest quarter. Surprisingly, the numbers are less impressive than anticipated.

Pokemon Quest Evolution Guide | Pokemon And Level At Which They Evolve

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Pokemon Quest Evolution Guide

In this Pokemon Quest Evolution guide, we have listed all Pokemon available in the game, at what level each Pokemon evolve and into which form.

How To Transfer Pokemon Quest Save Game File Between iOS And Android

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Save Game Transfer Pokemon Quest

Guide to transfer/migrate save game files between iOS device to Android device and vice versa, the data from the source device will be lost.

Pokemon Quest - 7 Best Beginners Tips & Tricks To Get You Started

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Pokemon Quest Beginners Tips

Pokemon Quest Beginners guide will help you to learn a lot about the game and plan out your strategy to progress faster. Here's our list of 7 best beginners tips and tricks to get you started in Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Quest Recipes Guide | All Recipes List And How To Cook Them

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Pokemon Quest Recipes Guide

In this guide, you will get a list of All Recipes including Swole Syrup Recipe with their ingredient list to attract Pokemons in Pokemon Quest.

Nintendo Talks Cross-Play, Wants To "Continue To Discuss" With "Other Parties"

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Nintendo In Talks For Cross-Play With Other Parties

Talking to the investors, Nintendo offered a comment about the cross-play functionality it is supporting together with Microsoft on several titles like Minecraft, Rocket League and a few more.

Pokemon Quest Movesets Guide | All Pokemon Movesets, How To Swap Moves

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Pokemon Quest Movesets

In Pokemon Quest, there around 151 Pokemon and they all have different movesets. In this Pokemon Quest Moveset guide, you will find a list of Pokemon, their Movesets, and tips on how to swap Movesets.

How To Catch Pikachu In Pokemon Quest - All Pikachu Recipe

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Pokemon Quest All Pikachu Recipe

To lure Pikachu you will need Pikachu Recipe in Pokemon Quest, in this guide you can find all three the recipes Watt a Risotto, Yellow Curry & Mulligan Stew and their ingredients.