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  • Official list of games in development for Nintendo 3DS

    The great mystery is revealed now. Yesterday Nintendo 3DS got a release date of 2011 and it will not arrive in 2010 as rumors revealed.

    The final date for Japan is the 26th February 2011, for a price of 25,000 Yen (to change) i.e $300 or €219 approximately. Nintendo has confirmed that for Europe and America there is currently no definitive date, but it will be few weeks later after the Japanese release.

    Nintendo 3DS

    At the moment, the official catalog is undated and it is unknown which titles will launch in Japan, but for now this is the list of all games currently in development:

    • Resident Evil Revelations
    • Super Street Fighter IV
    • Samurai Warriors Chronicle
    • Ninja Gaiden
    • Dynasty Warriros Musou
    • Dead or Alive
    • Chocobo Racing 3D
    • Kingdom Hearts 3D
    • Super Black Bass 3D
    • Super Monkey Ball
    • Sonic
    • Animal Crossing
    • Licca-Chan 3DS
    • Kid Icarus: Uprising
    • Star Fox 64 3D
    • Steel Diver
    • Mario Kart
    • Pilot Wings Resort
    • Nintendogs + Cats
    • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    • Marble Mania
    • Deca Sporta
    • Bomberman
    • Gundam
    • Dragon Ball
    • Super Robot Taisen
    • Rige Racer
    • Pac Man & Galaga
    • Professor Layton and the Mask of the Miracle
    • Class of Heroes 3D x 3D,
    • Ghost Recon Tactics
    • Splinter Cell 3D
    • Driver 3D
    • Crash City GP
    • Vs-Robo
    • Combat of Giants Dinosaur 3D
    • Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater
    • Saint's Row
    • Mega Man Legends 3 Project
  • Assassin's Creed Lost Legacy for Nintendo 3DS

    Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy is an upcoming video game developed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. It was first announced during Nintendo's E3 2010 press conference.

    The game will feature Ezio Auditore da Firenze as the main protagonist once again. The story will find Ezio traveling east to the Assassins' former city of Masyaf, where he will discover the origins of the Assassin's order, with possible connections to Altaïr's story from the first Assassin's Creed.

    This is an exclusive adventure for Nintendo 3DS that gives new depth (literally and figuratively) to the Assassin's Creed franchise. Driven by curiosity and a desire to understand the origins of his Order, Ezio Auditore travels East in search of the lost castle at Masyaf, the ancient seat of the Assassins.

  • Nintendo 3DS: Details Revealed

    One of the most anticipated moments of E3 has come, Satoru Iwata announced the new Nintendo 3DS. Outwardly very reminiscent of Nintendo DS Lite. It also has two screens, with the top larger. It will have two cameras to take pictures in 3D, and can also play movies in 3D without glasses.

    The amount of information that is appearing on Nintendo 3DS is overwhelming. We collect less detailed information and speculate on its meaning.

    Games: Known Games in development: Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Nintendogs & Cats, all in 3D Remake of Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64.
    Big titles coming for it such as Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, 3D Super Street Fighter IV or Resident Evil Revelations. The Nintendo website has several pictures of a lot of games not announced at the conference. If you have not visited yet, it's time.

    Comparing some of the images of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D Peace Walker believe that the graphical power of 3DS could be higher than that of PSP. For example, Snake's face seems to animate in 3DS version, while the Peace Walker is completely lifeless.

    • Size: As confirmed by Nintendo, the maximum size that will 3DS Nintendo games for their cards is 2GB. By specifying at launch, this size is expected to grow as happened with the original DS.
    • Cards and compatibility: It will be compatible with Nintendo DS games and will have a bay for SD cards. The cartridge slot is the same for 3DS cards than for normal DS.
    • 3D: The 3D effect without glasses console can be removed by the tab that holds the console, but can also be adjusted by extending or reducing the effect according to user preferences.
    • Design and Colors: It will be available in various colors, starting with the blue and black, red and black full Black. However, if you look at the features of the console, it is said that the final appearance of the console is "still to be announced" so we can expect changes to their marketing.  

    Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Games list