• Nyko's PS4 media remote control at GameStop for just $20, work with Blu-rays, Netflix, Menu Navigation, and more

    Sony has not shared any words on whether Playstation 4 will receive any official media remote control or not, but for those looking for one can buy this third party PS4 Media Remote Control made by Nyko.

    PS4 Media Remote NykoRetailer GameStop is currently offering PS4 Media Remote Control by Nky for just $19.99. It requires a USB dongle to be plugged into the console, and claims to work with blurays / Netflix / basic menu navigation.

    Here are the list of features of this PS4 Media Remote Control by Nyko

    • Allows for full movie and music playback control from up to 25 ft. away
    • Dedicated buttons for play back including Play, Pause, and Skip
    • Compatible with Blue-ray, Netflix, and basic menu navigation
    • Plug and Play - dongle plugs into your USB port, no software needed

    Check out the screenshot of the remote below. How many of you are missing an official PS4 media remote from Sony? Tell us in the comment section below

  • PS4 Accessories From Nyko At CES 2014: Intercooler And DualShock 4 Extended Battery, Coming in 2014

    Today at CES 2014, Nyko has revelaed some brand new accessories for Sony's Playstation 4. First up is a Intercooler for PS4, its basically a small fan which is easily attachable at the back of the console to keep it cool.

    The PS4 intercooler for PS4 will be availalbe later in 2014 for a price of $25. The second accessories is for PS4's DualShock 4 controller, it called PowerPak, a small 1,000 mAh battery.

    PS4 Intercooler And PowerPakAccording to Nyko, PowerPak for DualShock 4 controller will adds hours to normal battery life of DualShock 4 controller. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that PowerPak will easily be chargeable with regular micro-USB charger.

    PowerPak will also be available later this year for a price of $20.

    PS4 Accessories From Nyko: Intercooler And PowerPak

  • Nyko reveals new Kinect peripheral "ZOOM" to meet space demands

    Nyko has revealed their new accessory called "ZOOM" for all thos Xbox 360 users who lack the necessary room space to play with Kinect. According to the details revealed by Nyko, ZOOM attaches to the top of Kinect and adjust its viewing angle.

    Kinect Zoom

    Nyko reveals that by making use of ZOOM it reduces the play range required to enjoy Kinect software by up to 40 per cent", hence allowing gamers to use Kinect in smaller rooms.

    The firm also claims that "Zoom’s wide angle lens also enables two people to play in an area normally only suitable for a single player making it ideal for those in smaller apartments or dorm rooms"

  • Nyko Power Pak+ doubles 3DS battery life

    Are you bit worried after reading many reports that says 3DS has low-battery life?, then keep all your worried aside as Nyko has a solution for it in development, its called "Nyko Power Pak+" a third party battery which will double the handheld's power life.

    Nyko Power Pak+

    “The Nyko Power Pak+ for Nintendo 3DS is a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack that offers double the battery life of the original 3DS battery”.

    The battery will be available on handheld launch day (March 27) carrying a price tag of $20 (battery alone), a combo pack of it (battery and charging dock) will be available for $30.

  • NYKO CES 2011 Line-up features Move Assault Rifle and many more

    Nyko just a while ago revealed its complete line-up of peripherals for current year at CES, and going by the details in the list we get the feeling that Move user will be particularly pleased with what's on offer.

    Move Assault Rifle

    The line up includes "Move Assault Rifle" also known as "Perfect Shot for Move" is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic for comfortable one handed play, it is schedule to release in March.

    Other peripherals in the line-up are:

    • Raven Standard and Alternative controllers for PS3
    • Move and Xbox 360 controller charging station
    • Cooling fan for Xbox 360.

    On the basis of Move Perfect Shot for Move, Perfect Shot for Wii has also been revealed, it will launch in April for $20.