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  • Capcom working on "Ixion Saga", new online PC game

    If you can recollect properly, couple of months back, Capcom registered a trademark called "Ixion Saga", and now the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed the details about this mystery product from the publisher.

    Ixion Saga screen

    "Ixion Saga" is nothing but an online PC games which features eight versus eight combat game where gamers make use of swords, guns and magic to win their battle. In Ixion Saga, players form a unions with other gamers, and also create a character with default types Striker, Caster and Blaster.

    It has been also reported that apart from team battle, the game will feature a giant monsters. Capcom has confirmed that alpha test for the game will begin on July 28, where a total of 5,000 players participate.

    Ixion Saga is scheudule to launch in Summer 2012.

  • Panasonic Reveal New Handheld Console JUNGLE

    Two decade ago Panasonic tried to make its presence felt in the gaming industry with 3DO a video game console but unfortunately 3DO failed very badly due to its high cost.


    Now Panasonic has made another attempt to make entry into the video game market with their new handheld game console "Jungle" which will run with a custom build of Linux and will be used for playing online games and MMOs.

    According to the details, Jungle will feature

    • QWERTY Keyboard
    • Touchpad
    • Shoulder Button and D-Pad
    • HDMI Port
    • Micro USB Port

    The first game that will support Jungle is BigPoint Battlestar Galactica MMO. Here is a little video about Jungle for you to have a look:

  • Kingdom Under Fire II Announce to Continue Series Legacy

    Kingdom Under Fire II the fifth game title in the highly successful videogame series is currently in developement. The game will be coming out on PC (Online) and on console in the early part of 2011.

    Kingdom Under Fire: II

    Before the release of the game a beta testing is also expected to come out at the end of this year.

    About Kingdom Under Fire II:

    The gameplay story of Kingdom Under Fire II take place right after the events that took place in Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. The game will feature a new faction called Encablossian along with the old one Human Alliance and Dark Legion.

    Gamers have to choose any one faction side in a battle against the other gamers. Various other community feature has also been added in the game such as guild, community and political system.

  • The Bible Online: Chapter 1 Gets European Release Date

    FiAA a well know online game publisher has reveal the release date for The Bible Online: Chapter 1.

    The Bible Online, The Bible Online: Chapter 1

    It will be available on September 28. Initially when the game release it will be available only in two languages English and German and will only service in Europe and Israel.

    The Bible Online: Chapter 1
    is the first game which is based on the worlds view and scenario from the bible and it has developed immense popularity during its beta phase due to the depth in the game and the thematic background.

  • MLB Dugout Heroes New Content For 2010

    GamesCampus, has announced exciting events and updates for its popular online baseball game, MLB Dugout Heroes. New features for the game include: Home Run Derby, cash and in-game items, Welcome Back events and various other updates, including:

    Updated Rosters
    MLB Dugout Heroes features updated 2010 rosters for all 30 Major League Baseball Teams. Furthermore, users can also access archived former players from the 1990's. Build the ultimate dynasty using your favorite players from the past along with favorite players from the present.

    New Cash and In-Game Items
    Most of the current cash items in the game have now been converted into in-game items that are available for purchase with NUTs (in-game currency). Top items available will include advice from a base-running coach, a veteran running coach for batters, advice from a pitch analyst, and a Seal Player. Players will have many opportunities to receive NUTs throughout the numerous activities in the game.

    Home Run Derby
    An all-new Home Run Derby contest will determine the best home run hitter in baseball. Players can hone their home run skills in single player mode or compete with up to five opponents!

    "Spring is in the air and that means a brand new baseball season is upon us," said David Chang, EVP of Marketing and Business Development for GamesCampus. "We are celebrating with some major updates to MLB Dugout Heroes and invite returning players and new players alike to come and check out what the game has to offer."

  • Runes of Magic Celebrates First Anniversary

    Just in time to celebrate the first birthday of Runes of Magic, on March 19, 2010, Frogster today announced that the popular free-to-play online role-playing game has reached a major milestone: Three million registered users in North America and Europe. Players on 23 servers in six different language versions have experienced more than 500 million quests in the fantasy world. The Berlin-based localization team has translated more than 4.5 million words for the quest driven online game.

    Whether in North America, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, or Poland, the desire for a shared gaming experience is the same in every country, as players have joined together to form guilds, build their own castles, go into battles against other player groups and overcome sinister boss opponents. Over 7.5 million of these dangerous creatures have been defeated in one year by brave adventurers using their united powers.

    The Demon Lord, the powerful top villain of the first two chapters, has had his wings clipped just 24 times. On the three million accounts for Runes of Magic fans have created approximately six million characters. Attempts by so-called ‘Gold Sellers’ to endanger the game economy were dealt with severely by Frogster’s Support department: in the past four months alone, more than 15,600 illegal sellers have been permanently excluded from the game. A video which is being released today, presents a round-up of the Runes of Magic feature palette which has been regularly expanded with free updates on a monthly basis.