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  • Counter Strike Source for Mac Next Week

    On Wednesday of next week Counter Strike: Source will finally have a version for Mac. This has been confirmed from Valve during the show at E3.

    As we all know this multiplayer FPS consist of terrorists and terrorism teams. Best thing to notice is, it  will also allow Windows users to play and access to the Mac servers without having to pay any extra fee.

    It was confirmed that Counter Strike: Source game will now allow cross access between Windows and Mac versions thus users of a Mac can play with the extensive community of fans to the game from the beginning.

    Counter-Strike is still a ludicrously popular game - the official Steam stats page currently has CS: Source listed as the most popular game in terms of peak number of players - 77,279 today.

  • Top 10 Mac Games to Download for Steam

    Valve just past wednesday release a Steam for the Macintosh along with a total of 63 games on which the gamers can get their hand on, but you might get a bit confuse in selecting from such a large amount of opiont available, so for easy of you we have sorted out a total of 10 games which is worth to have from the long list of launch game.

    1) And Yet it Moves' Price Tag: $9.99

    And Yet it Moves is a game title for those who are looking out for a certain linear and one of its own style puzzle experience and it is this quality of the game that make gamer worth a watch.

    2) Loom Price Tag: $4.99

    Loom a adventure game title with a mixture of discovery and lots of thing to explorer and interesting thing in it is that you will have to play music that too for activating  the various objects so that you can use it. For many it is bit frustratig but according to me you will love it as it is something different for traditional ones.

    3) 'Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis' Price Tag: $4.99

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis a second installment in LucasFilm Games adventure series, it consist of all the element ranging from complexity incorporation with challenge associated with it.

    4) 'Tales of Monkey Island' Series Price Tag: $29.99

    Now this one is different from all the above  mention, it will consist of all the five episode with great places for having a awesome puzzle game and all the content in it is the thing which will give you excitment. so you can't miss out on this one.

    5) Peggle Nights' Price Tag: $9.99

    This one is for those who are a fan of hardcore game, gamers get a chance to smash every new cocaine-laced peg boards that too with metal ball.

    6) 'Portal' Price Tag: $0 till May 24th

    Portal is develope by Valve, it is a first person puzzle game title with a unique gameplay style each game level in the game is very challenging and demanding and most important of all it is free and you don't have to shell out even penny for it but only till May 24.

    7) 'World of Goo' Price Tag: $19.99

    World of Goo a puzzle game title(based on Physics) from 2D Boy's where gamers has to collect and assemble small ball of goo to a skyscrpers. In World of Goo there are a total of five worlds with each having unique art style but one important thing is that the game mechanic is pretty much easy to understand.

    8) 'Braid' Price Tag:$9.99

    Braid, this is one for those gamers who are love to put their mind under some sort of blown away thing. Applaud by the critics and gamers for it narrative and mechanics this one is for everyone don't miss out on it.

    9) 'Machinarium' Price Tag: $19.99

    A adventure game Machinarium  can be compare with a modern day Loom with no dialog in the story and gamers will be restrict to one zone at a given time only.

    10) Torchlight' Price Tag: $9.95 Usual Price Tag: $19.99

    Torchlight by Runic Games will be mainy focusing on the loot and quest, there is not much in it from the narrative point of view but this doesn't effect the gameplay much so if you are looking for the game that will catch up with you in an instant get your hand on Torchlight.