• Notch: If you can't afford Minecraft then pirate it

    Minecraft creator Marcus Notch has no issue at all if gamers download his game illegally (pirate it) and play. On Twitter a fan spoke to Notch and said, "I really like the game but lack the money to buy it. I thought I might at least ask for a free account before piracy."

    Minecraft logoTo this Notch replied, "Just pirate it. If you still like it when you can afford it in the future, buy it then. Also don't forget to feel bad. ;)"

    Notch's view towards Minecraft piracy seems very clear. What you guys think about this?, let us know in the comment section below.

  • Piracy strikes at Modern Warfare 3

    Piracy comes again in action before releasing of some big title, and this time it's none other than Modern Warfare 3. As we all know Modern Warfare 3 is one of the most anticipated game of this year.

    Modern Warfare

    According to VentureBeat an employee at shipping warehouse at California stole Two copies of PC retail version of Modern Warfare 3 and it's leak online. Right now  Activision taking all possible actions to hunt down those who have pirated copy of the game and demanding them to delete those games or face the fine of $5000 and possibly permanent online ban.

    We hope Activision gets success to control piracy of Modern Warfare 3, and it doesn't affects expected sales of MW3.

    Source: CVG

  • Latest Xbox 360 dashboard update puts end to piracy

    A new Xbox Live Dashboard update has been released today for all those player who are part of Xbox Live Preview Program. This new update has one most important feature which will disappoint pirates. A new anti-piracy check has been implemented by this new update that prohibit pirates to play a backed up copy of the game.


    In addition to this new anti-piracy check, the DVD firmware on each and every Xbox 360 drive will be rewritten, the main aim of this new firmware update is to unlock an extra 1GB of data on DVD dual layered games. With all that being said, Gamers who installed the modified firmware update which allow them to play back up disc will no longer work at all.

    Readers we want to know your views on this, tell us what you think whether this new update ends PIRACY, or its only delays it.