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  • Mandatory PS3 Firmware 4.55 Live Now, "Software Stability" Confirms Sony Japan

    Sony today released a brand new mandatory firmware 4.55 for PlayStation 3. No official changelog was released and many PS3 owners started predicting that its just a stability update and without any new feature.

    PS3Few hours after the release of PlayStation 3 firmware 4.55, PlayStation Japan confirmed that the update just improves software stability. Please NOTE: PS3 firmware is mandatory, and so all PS3 owners should download and install it. If not, you won't be able to play online.

    Any important change you observe after installing, PS3 firmware 4.55?, share it with us in the comment section below.

  • Optional PS3 Firmware 4.53 Released, Add Many New Features, Changelog Revelaed

    Sony has just released brand new firmware 4.53 for Playstation 3. The update is now available for download worldwide, its not mandatory. As per the details revealed in the changelog via official Playstation Blog, one of the features PS3 firwmare 4.53 adds is ability to set a group of players who can see your trophies.

    PS3You can read the full changelog below:

    • You can now set the group of players who can see your trophies. You can also specify for each game whether to show trophies.
    • The PS3™ system can now perform the following operations when you set Settings [Settings] > System Settings [System Settings] > [Automatic Update] to [On], even if you do not subscribe to PlayStation®Plus. When this setting is [On], the PS3™ system will automatically start each day at the specified time, perform these operations, and then turn off.
    • Download content items purchased with other devices
    • Download the latest system software
    • Support of Closed Captions function on playing Blu-ray Disc™ videos and DVDs (SCEA UC model only). “Blu-ray Disc™” and “Blu-ray™” are trademarks of the Blu-ray Disc Association.
  • TitanFall: Respawn Explains Why PS3/PS4 Controller Was Present in TitanFall Video

    Yesterday an image (taken from Respawn Entertainment "Interview with Developer" footage) sparked a rumor that TitanFall is in development for Playstation consoles (PS4/PS3) as well (for those who are unaware of TitanFall is Xbox platform exclusive).

    TitanFallThe image showed a Respawn employee, PS3 dev kit, Dualshock 4 controller (probably). Well Respawn Entertainment has responed on this entire sequence, Playstation fans sorry for some bad news.

    It seems like Playstation fans have to wait a little bit longer for TitanFall. Let us know in the comment section below what you guys think of Titanfall being a Microsoft exclusive game?.

  • List of Possible Solutions for PS3 Firmware 4.45 Issues

    Some new details about PS3 firmware 4.45 has arrived on internet. According to reports coming out from official Playstation and other forum, it seems like PS3 owners with an upgraded third part ITB hard drives are having issues with recently released firmware 4.45.

    Playstation 3As a preventive measure Sony has temporarily taken offline PS3 firmware 4.45 and are investigating actual cause of problems. But here are some possible temporary solutions for PS3 firmware 4.45 issues (as reported by PS3 gamers on official Playstation Forum).

    Few users suggested restoring the file system or updating again via SafeMode, whereas others have had to allow PS3 to completely reformat their HDD (this is not viable option as you will loose all your downloads and save data if you don't have PS Plus subscription. PS Plus members have game saves in the cloud).

    Furthermore, If your PS3 is stuck on wavy screen, UNPLUG PS3 from the wall and then restart the console, it will reboot normally without any issues.

    Do you have any temporary solution for PS3 firmware 4.45 issuses?, let us know in the comment section below.

  • PS3 Firmware 4.45 Live Now, Download Links Available

    Sony has just released new PS3 firmware 4.45. We have provided below the download links for PS3 firmware 4.45 below, just make sure you download proper file for your PS3 as Japan's firmware file are not the same one as that of US or EU.

    PS3 Firmware 4.45Sony has not yet revealed the official changelog of PS3 firmware 4.45. We will update the post as soon as we get to hear more from Sony, So Stay tuned.

    Let us know in the comment section below, the changes you observed by installing PS3 firmware 4.45


    More details on PS3 firmware 4.45 revealed on official Playstation Twitter account. This latest firmware improves  Trophy notification options and improved system stability.

  • PS3 Firmware 4.40 Official Changelog Revealed, All Changes detailed

    Sony has just revealed the official changelog of PS3 firmware 4.40. The update was released few days ago however at that time no details was revealed related to changes it make.

    Playstation 3 FirmwarePS3 firmware 4.40 changelog revealed that now users will be able to download PS3 games to their console via web version of PS Store. This feature will be active in May 2013.

    The changelog also reveals that the PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset is now compatible with PS2 Classics. You can check out the full changelog below:


    • System software update 4.40 will allow users to download content purchased from our online store to their PS3. This feature is not available yet and will be activated in May 2013. Keep an eye on for a detailed guide explaining how to make the most of this feature.
    • System software stability during use of some features has been improved.


    • The wireless stereo headset (CECHYA-0080 / CECHYA-0086) and the stereo headset (CECHYA-0088) now support PlayStation 2 Classics that have been downloaded from PlayStation Store.