PlayStation Network

  • PlayStation Developers Preparing For PSN Username Change

    According to a new rumor from Kotaku, it looks like the ability to change usernames on PlayStation Network is really close, as few developers are already prepping their stuff up in order to support the feature.

  • PSN Down Now For PS4 Owners, Error Code NW-31201-7 Reported, Sony Confirms Outage, says "Investigating"

    Its seems like Playstation Network is facing some sort of downtime/outage issue as players are unable to connet to the server and are greeted with error code "NW-31201-7". This is a widespread issue and is faced mostly by Playstation 4 owners.

    PSN DownAccording to official description, NW-31201-7 is realted to servers issue and occurs when it is completely down or unavailable. The official Status of PSN on Playstation website confirms that the service is down.

    "PlayStation 4 users are currently unable to access the PlayStation Store and may experience connectivity issues with PSN. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible."

    The downtime was also confirmed by Chris Owen via Twitter: "There seems to be a few issues with the PSN at the moment, I'm trying to get some information for you at the moment."

    So guys investigation from Sony is on, hope for the best. Let us know in the comment section below what issue are you facing with PSN right now.

  • Hacker Group DERP Takes Responsibility of Recent PSN Outage/Downtime, says "It Was Unintentional"

    Playstation Network and some Playstation exclusive game servers such as DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2 and others are currently down, all thanks to notorious hacker group DERP.

    DERP took the responsibility of today's downtime attack on PSN via Twitter by stating that PSN was taken down unintentionally and was not part of initial plan.

    "#PSN #DCUO #Offline by unintentional means. IT WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE PLANETSIDE 2"

    Via another tweet, DERP added: "Well our plan was for small targets today… who the hell requested planetside 2?"

    DERP might be jumping the gun too early and its possible that they are just looking for some media publicity via FALSE CLAIM of ATTACK ON PSN. Stay tuned to Gamepur as we will update this post with more details as an official response from Sony on this recent PSN downtime is still awaited.

  • Numerous PSN Accounts Hacked Via FIFA 14 Trading Cards on PS4, Official Response Still Awaited

    Recently Sony issued a noticfication to all Playstation Network users to RESET their password for some suspicious activity. According to reports coming out from numerous dedicated gaming forums it seems like some irregular activity are still going on.

    PS4Some Reddit users have complained about charges being associated with their accounts without their knowledge: "Yeah looks like someone got a hold of your password. This happened to me on my 360. And of course it was also because of FIFA. That game is behind a large quantity of these unauthorized charges. All because of the trading cards or whatever it is in the game that you can buy with real money. Change password to something really complex, don’t use it anywhere else and maybe even change the email associated if you can" said one user on Reddit.

    To this same thread on Reddit another user stated: "Something similar happened to me on Xbox 360, was charged $135 and they bought FIFA and season pass and crap. Microsoft cleared it all but it took 3 weeks and they temporarily closed my account during their investigation."

    One user facing this same issue contacted PSN support: "Just got off the phone with a PSN rep. He basically said that my money will be refunded with 5-7 business days but it does work on a case-by-case basis. I asked if they’ve experienced a lot of compromised accounts and he said that they’ve had a few of these happen recently. Let’s hope it’s not a widespread issue.

    "Maybe it was my fault for not having a stronger password to begin with. You can imagine the shock as I’m lying in bed and see 4 emails pop up that funds are being added while my PS4 is off."

    So it seems like this is a widespread issue. Let us know in the comment section below whether you have faced some similar issues with FIFA 14 or any other game on PS4?

  • Sony Orders PSN Users In Europe To "Reset Password" After Sign-In Issues Report

    Sony has just ordered all European Playstation Network subscribers to RESET their passwords. This sudden notice for Password Reset is just a "Precaution Measure", and there is not security compromise.

    PSNFor past few hours time period, Playstation Network users in Europe have reported Sign-In issue to which Sony Rep replied via Playstation forums:

    "We monitor PSN account for any irregular activity. If such activity is detected we will sometimes reset passwords"

    "This was done purely as precautionary measure and there was no specific evidence that any accounts had be compromised."

    The representative went on to add that "there is nothing specific to worry about" and that only handful of users had been affected by this latest outage.

    Have you experience any Sign-in issue with PSN in Europe?, let us know in the comment section below.