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  • Resident Evil 6 gets Premium Edition, price tag $1300

    This Resident Evil: Premium Edition will carry a price tag of 105,000 yen (approx. $1300). It will feature a copy of Resident Evil 6 (either PS3 or Xbox 360 version), four tablet case covers (featuring Chris Redfield, JakeMuller, Leon S. Kennedy and a mysterious character).

    Resident Evil 6In addition to all these, Resident Evil: Premium Edition will also feature a leather jacket from Leon S. Kennedy. You can check out images of all these content below.

    The Premium Edition of RE6 is available on the e-Capcom online website. In Japan Resident Evil 6 will launch on October 4.

    Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition 1 Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition 2 Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition 3 Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition 4 Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition 5

  • Two Worlds II Release Date Announced

    Zuxxez has finally given out the release details of Two Worlds II, they also unveil complete content details of Royal, Premium and Standard edition of the game. The game will be coming out in Europe on 21st October.

    Giving out the detail here is what Aleksandra Constandache said:

        "We have decided on the new release date, because we want to make sure that Two Worlds II enters the market the way we imagine it. Fortunately, we do not depend on any financial investors' backing, and are in such a position that we are able to put creativity before commerce."
    Two Worlds II Royal Edition Details:

    Two Worlds II, Two Worlds II Royal Edition, Two World II Royal Edition Detail

    • The game itself (jewel case)
    • Box with a tray
    • Hardcover artbook (72 pages)
    • Cassara (the Dragon Queen) hand-painted figurine with a socket, ca.27 cm high
    • Bonus disk
    • Playing cards (55 cards/deck)
    • Textile mousepad
    • Map of Antaloor
    • In-game bonus items: Dragon Scale Armor, Elexorien the Sword, Labyrhinth map (location in-game), unnamed exclusive in-game quest.

        Two Worlds II Premium Edition Detail:

    • Box
    • Game (jewel case)
    • Playing cards (55 in a deck)
    • Map of Antaloor
    • Swarovski(tm) Crystal dragon-pin (4cm)
    • Bonus disk
    • In-game item: Black Legion Battle Axe.