Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

  • NEW PES 2011 3DS Screenshot revealed

    Back in December we presented to you the very first image of Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS, and now we got our hands of some more screenshots for the game, you can check them out below:

    NOTE: The images below are not excessive quality and obviously do not show one of its main feature which is 3D effect.

    PES 2011 3DS screenshots

  • Very First Images for Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS version out now

    At E3 2010 it was officially announced by Konami that they are developing a Nintendo 3DS version of Pro Evolution Soccer, and today we got our hands on the very first image of the game.

    Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the launch games for Nintendo's upcoming handheld console in Japan, so hopefully Europe also get same kind of treatment, but till than check out the image for the below.

    Note that the images below are not excessive quality and obviously do not show one of its main feature which is 3D effect.

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 now available for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Konami announces via press release the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for iPhone and iPod Touch. Among the new features of this year we have a renewed IA, an improved graphic part and new movements in feints and dribbles. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is now on sale and costs $5.99.

    PES 2011

    New Features: -

    • New Multiplayer Mode: Challenge your friends anywhere and anytime in local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth matches
    • Advanced realism: The further improved AI allows even more control over the play. New animations such as referee cut-scenes or goal celebrations and technical moves (diving header, bicycle kick, and more) offer an even greater level of realism than before
    • Graphical enhancements: New stadiums, pitches and weather effects provide the perfect visual environment for exciting matches
    • Exclusive UEFA Club Competitions: PES 2011 includes many of the best European club teams in the officially licensed UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League modes. Winning both competitions will also allow you to participate in the UEFA Super Cup Final 
  • FIFA 11 clearly superior to PES 2011 says EA

    While Konami waiting to find Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 a major leap in quality, But Electronic Arts believe their upcoming game title FIFA 11 is "clearly superior" in comparision to PES 2011, according to commented  Jens Uwe Intat, Senior European Vice President of Electronic Arts.

    Jens Uwe Intat

    Here is what Jens Uwe Intat said:

    "Over the last couple of years, FIFA has been an excellent performer and we continue to grow market share over Konami" Intat told MCV.

    "It also shows that our products do get better - FIFA's Metacritic scores keep going up. We have a clearly superior product over Konami, which we did not have in the last generation".

    FIFA 11
    will be released on October 1, whereas Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will release one day earlier that is on 30 September.

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will be released a day before FIFA 11

    Konami has announced that the next installment of its football simulator, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will be on sale across Europe on September 30, coincidentally one day before FIFA 11 hits stores which will make debut on the October 1.

    It should be noted that the September 30 falls Thursday, when non-traditional launch of games, so it seems that Konami wanted to anticipate his great rival, even for one day, unlike recent years where his title always came about a month after the game from EA Sports.

    This change of strategy may be because, although Spain and Italy PES series continues to maintain its leadership over FIFA, the United Kingdom (the largest market at European level) the situation is totally different, with a sales ratio 4-1 in favor of the EA Sports franchise.

  • PES 2011 Beta Registrations Now Open

    Beta registrations open for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. The beta version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The focus of the beta version will be in the new feature of Master League Online , which allows players to build their own team and compete against other teams online.

    PES 2011 Master League Online

    Many say that Pro Evolution Soccer lost its way in recent years, FIFA is on the top now. Well, this may be your opportunity to help Pro Evolution Soccer to return to where it was.

    To register for and participate in the beta Click here.Beta keys will be emailed to selected players on Monday 16th August.