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  • Twisted Metal: No PS Move or 3D support, also no PS VITA version planned

    Twisted Metal lead designer David Jaffe has revealed some new information about the game. The first thing David Jaffe confirmed was that upcoming Twisted Metal will not support PS MOVE. Couple of days ago a Twisted Metal Kiosk/Display picture arrived on internet. This pic suggests that there will be Move support in Twisted Metal (Check out the image below).

    Twisted Metal David Jaffe said, "No, there is no MOVE support for Twisted Metal. Pic is a bit misleading perhaps."

    Regarding 3D support for Twisted Metal, Jaffe said, development team wanted to get it done but there was not enough time. Further Jaffe stated that if Twisted Metal goes on to become a BIG HIT, then he expect Sony to allow him develop PS VITA version of the game, however handheld version is not planned yet.

    Twisted Metal PS Move Rumor

  • Ninja Gaiden 3 will have PS Move support

    Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei has announced that Ninja Gaiden 3 Playstation 3 version will be MOVE compatible when it launches early next year.

    Ninja Gaiden 3

    For the first time, gamers will be able to control Ryu by making use of motion controller to swing, and attack its enemies. Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi said, "We are really excited to announce this fantastic news at one of Europe’s most prestigious game events that is Gamescom"

    "NINJA GAIDEN 3 is all about slicing and chopping through flesh and bone and PlayStation Move bring players even closer to the game’s protagonist Ryu Hayabusa. The game will be compatible with all Move peripherals and it will feature full compatibility with this exciting new hardware."

  • Sony confirms "Sorcery is still in development"

    Good News each and everyone of you, Sony just a while ago confirmed that Sorcery is still in development. The game disappear from everyones radar for almost a year, but today, Hugo Bustillos, Sony’s UK PR Executive confirmed that "Yes, Sorcery is still in development."

    Sorcery logo

    This new statement from Sony has come as a big relief for the fans of the game, as many of them thaught that the firm might have canned Sorcery. However no details yet regarding to the launch date.

  • Playstation Move Support coming to NGP and PSP?

    If all goes well then PS Move support will be coming to PSP and upcoming handheld NGP. According to recent published patent from SCEE, the company is planing to bring Move support to NGP and PSP.

    Sony's Playstation Move has seen relatively less success as compare to Microsoft's Kinect and Nintendo's WiiMote, and reason for this weak library of games and less marketing. Now Sony is trying to revive PS Move by bring it to another platform.

    PS Move

    The patent was filed by company way back in 2009, it has been published just and it's titled as "Portable Device Interaction Via Motion Sensitive Controller".

    PS Move Patent Stereo Camera Stand NGP Move Demo

  • Dylan Jobe: Starhawk does not support Playstation Move

    Lightbox Interactive has confirmed that the sequel to 2007's Warhawk and PS3 exclusive, "Starhawk" will not have Sony's Playstation Move support. The news was confirmed by company's boss Dylan Jobe.

    Dylan Jobe in simple statement said,  “Starhawk does not support the PS Move, sorry man.”

    Starhawk logo

    Earlier this morning Dylan Jobe on official Playstation Blog confirmed that there will be Starhawk beta, however no details was revealed related to timing and content of beta, check out more details about it HERE.

  • Resistance 3 to have support for PS Move and 3D

    Insomniac Games has officially confirmed today that their upcoming science fiction first person shooting game title Resistance 3 for Playstation 3 will have support for Playstation Move and also stereoscopic 3D.

    Resistance 3 boxart

    The news was confirmed in today's Community Day of Insomniac Games in Hollywood. Resistance 3 is slated to launch on September 6 for PS3.

  • Crytek commented on why Crysis 2 has no Playstation Move support

    Who doesn't want to play Crysis 2 with Playstation Move, however the game will not have Move support when it launch later this month. Crytek's Hasit Zala has claimed that PS Move technology "isn't quite there yet" and at present support for the device is limited.

    Crysis 2 with PS Move

    In an interview to Eurogamer Hasit Zala said, “I think it’s an interesting concept, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet,”

    “I can’t think of too many first person shooters that are really embracing it at this point in time. There’s definitely something there but also with shooter controls, the sighting, being able to change your modes and your armour and switch into stealth mode – that makes it difficult for us to work with it at the moment.”

    The statement made by Hasit Zala is really alarming considering that many gamers who played the PS3 exclusive latest release Killzone 3 with Playstaiton Move said it worked perfectly for shooter space.

  • Valve explain the reason behind Portal 2 not having Move support

    Its final now that Portal 2 will not have Playstation Move support on, and the reason for it, first-person action/puzzle game was designed keeping console controller in mind.

    In an interview with Eurogame, Valve’s Chet Faliszek confirmed that apart from supporting normal controller, PC version of Portal 2 will be compatible with Razor’s Hyrda Controller.

    Portal 2

    “On the PC version we have the Hydra controller,” he said, “those guys actually sit in our office. They’ve been working in our office for nine months, a year. So it’s not something we’d trivialize and say, ‘oh well, let’s just toss this in, it doesn’t need any thought or anything special.’ They’ve been working in that way for that. We think it deserves that kind of respect if we’re going to do it.

    “We’ve always looked at Portal 2 as being the controllers we have going in and then the Hyrda. We designed for those things.”

    When quizzed about future Playstation Move support for the game Faliszek said, “I’m not sure it would make the game better. Obviously there are a bunch of games the Kinect and the Move absolutely made better and are for. But for this, where we had started from day one not thinking about that, it would not.

    “The Hydra stuff, those guys have invented new puzzles to make their thing make sense. They’ve done the work to make it fit in and not be just this light touch on the top.”

  • Top Spin 4 release date and 'PS Move' support confirmed

    2K Sports continues to provide new details of its future sports game Top Spin 4. This time, the company has ensured that The anticipated game of tennis will be compatible with PlayStation Move. But it won't be the same case with Kinect for Xbox 360, game will not support Kinect.

    Top Spin 4 PS3 Box Art

    Top Spin 4 is set to release on March 15, 2011 for PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

    Check out the full, 25-player roster:

    1. Andre Agassi
    2. Bjorn Borg
    3. Roger Federer
    4. Jim Courier
    5. Rafael Nadal
    6. Boris Becker
    7. Serena Williams
    8. Patrick Rafter
    9. Michael Chang
    10. Dinara Safina
    11. Andy Murray
    12. Novak Djokovic
    13. Ana Ivanovic
    14. Ivan Lendel
    15. Pete Sampras
    16. Andy Roddick
    17. James Blake
    18. Caroline Wozniacki
    19. Nikolay Davydenko
    20. Gilles Simon
    21. Bernard Tomic
    22. Eugenie Bouchard
    23. Stanislas Wawrinka
    24. Vera Zvonareva
    25. Jelena Jankovic.