• ESRB listing confirms original Killzone for PS3

    A simple search for Killzone on official Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website carries a HUGE surprise for all Playstation 3 gamers. The platform section of the rating now includes PS3 along with PS2.

    KillzoneThis simply means one thing, Original Killzone (a FPS exclusive to the PS2) is coming to PS3. We have the screenshot of ESRB rating below, check it out and let us know in the comment section below whether you want to see original Killzone for PS3?

    esrb rating for killzone 3

    Check out ESRB Listing HERE.

  • SEGA comments on Yakuza 1 and 2 HD port for PS3

    Recently we have seen numerous HD remastered ports of PS2 games coming to PS3, and this has been a most successful trend in the gaming industry nowadays.

    Yakuza series

    Seeing this successful trend, many Yakuza fans asked Aaron Webber, Associate Brand Manager for Sega (America) regarding a possible remastered collection for the first two games in the franchise.

    To this Aaron Webber replied, "The thought of an HD pack with 1 and 2 is a cool idea to me, but the team is already working hard on localizing Dead Souls and their other projects in Japan. While it’s always too early to say what the future holds, for now at least, we’re full steam ahead with Zombies."

    The first Yakuza game launched in NA on Sep 6 (2006), and Yakuza 2 came out on Sep 9 (2008).

  • Sony: No trophy support for PS2 games on PSN

    Sony has announced a new PSN program named as "Only on Playstation Network", where PSN users get to buy exclusive content. The firm also mention that some PS2 games like Godhand, GrimGrimoire and Odin Sphere will also be available via this new program on PSN.


    Now more details has been revealed on NEOGAF about this new program, it has been confirmed that these PS2 games will not support Trophies and are not Remastered.

    Check out other details below:

    No remastering, just smoothing/screen size options like PS1 emulation.
    Not all games are supported, shadow of memories & Hitman 2 are examples of games that just didn’t work and they don’t plan to try and get them to work. They also seem to be covering a huge list of games even fairly unknown games like The Seed: warzone.
    No button remapping options, like PS1 emulation, for now.
    No trophies or anything along those lines.

  • Sony planning more HD remakes

    Sony today reveals their plans for making HD remakes of Playstation 2 (PS2) games for Playstation 3 (PS3). This has been confirmed by Shuhei Yoshida. In an interview to IGN he said, ""Santa Monica Studios had the brilliant idea to upgrade and improve God of War for PS3 with the God of War Collection that we released last year.

    "There were a lot of positive reactions from consumers in doing that, and now we get a lot of suggestions for types of packs they'd like to see."

    He further added, He added: "So we are looking to continue to do these HD conversions."

    E3 2010 saw Sony announcing the Sly Collection which is nothing but a updated collection of all three Playstation 2 Sly Cooper games to HD into Blu-ray package, this collection is slated to be release in the November 2010 however exact release date is not yet out.

  • PlayStation 2 has sold more than 150 million

    PlayStation 2 has not only completed 10 years of life in this 2010, but has reached the spectacular figure 150 million game console sold worldwide since the time of its release.

    This is recognized in the site PlayStation LifeStyle commenting further that two years ago Kaz Hirai, former head of the company's Japan, and announced that the platform would reach such a milestone this year.

  • PS2 Under Threat from Nintendo

    PlayStation 2 is loosing it ground which it hold for almost 10 years or so that too to a Nintendo. A total of approximately 135 million of unit sold and has been crown Best Selling Console of All Time, Now this crown is under threat and that too from Nintendo which has cross the mark of 129 million unit sold till Mach 2010.

    It is been predict that within a year or so Nintendo will take over all the crown hold by PlayStation 2. But one thing to keep in mind is that the sale of Nintendo includes DSi, DSi XL and 3DS will also get included in that when it release. In terms of best selling console Nintendo holds the seventh place so it will be worth a watch will Nintendo get place and crown hold by PlayStation 2 if yes within how much time.