PS3 jailbreak

  • Geohot Next Jailbreak Project: Xperia Play (Legal)

    This will definitely make Sony even more furious, after ripping apart Sony's Playstation 3 from every angle, famous jailbreaker GEOHOT now wants to go after Xperia Play. Geohot made his intention clear on his new blog, where he is also asking for donation to fund his legal expenses against the platform holder.


    On his new blog Geohot said:

    In fact, I want the opposite reputation set, that the more a company tries to abuse the legal system, the harder we rally back. I will be the first person in line on the launch date of the Xperia Play, and itching to get my hands on the Next GEOHOT Project.

    One important thing to notice related to Xperia Play, the official description of device reads as "Xperia Play-The First PlayStation Certified Android Smartphone", its specify Xperia Play as a phone and so its legal to jailbreak since has been exempted by US court.

    The above details means that if Geohot tries to jailbreak Xperia Play, the makers can't take any legal action against him as it is legal to jailbreak phones.

    Guys now what you all think on all this?, do share your views as a comment.

  • PSN hack again, now uban yourself and ban others

    The response from hackers was expected by all us when Sony started banning PS3 hackers after warning, but it will happen in such a way was not their on the cards.

    After Sony's new move to ban hackers permanently from Playstation Network for modding the console or making use of pirated software on it, new reports are claiming that a new jailbreak for the console has been released which will allow people to unban themself.

    This doesn't ends here, the hack further goes on to claims that the new jailbreak can also be used to ban another console, however for this access to the console ID is a must.


    The jailbreaker are justifying their action and also criticizing Sony regarding their bullies nature and its strong-arm tactics, whereas console maker is sticking to its EULA and promise to protect their interest by any means.

  • Sony gets Restraining Order against the PS3 Jailbreakers including Geohot

    Finally Sony gets first win againts PS3 jailbreakers in Court, including the famous George Hotz (Geohot) for publishing PS3 jailbreak information. Yes, this time Sony suing George Hotz and other jailbreakers, as jailbreaking the PS3 is breaking the law.

    George Hotz - GeoHot

    Court has granted the TRO(Temporary Restraining Order) to Sony according to which sony gets the following:

    1) The GetHot team cannot link to, distribute or really do anything with the jailbreak code while the case continues.
    2) Sony wants all the computers and tools used to hack the PS3.

    It means Including George Hotz, all jealbreakers have to hand over their all gears from USB sticks to discs to entire workstations to Sony. It has also been ruled that Sony has shown sufficient cause to keep the case in San Francisco.

  • PSJailbreak sales stopped in UK

    When Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) prohibit the sale of the PS3 Modchips jailbreak in Australia, it was already almost completely disappeared from the retailer's shelves in the UK.

    PS3 jailbreak modchip

    As the UK authority UKIE (formerly ELSPA) reported, in many shops have already extended a threat to remove the jailbreak from the shelves. Sony goes against the rest now before the courts. Jailbreak the PS3 via USB port in a position to overturn the security mechanisms of the console and make pirated games run.

    UKIE director general Michael Rawlinson said:

    "Having our member, SCEE, respond so quickly to prevent the sale of illegal PS3 modification chips shows the commitment that the video games and interactive entertainment industry has to stamping out intellectual property theft,"

    "Intellectual property theft is a hugely damaging crime both to the individuals whose creativity is stolen and to the businesses that make up Britain's video games and interactive entertainment industry."

    Sony already stated that, they can detects PSJailbreak and Ban users on PSN. PSJailbreak website is no longer available for some time and no inquiries are handled any more.

  • PS jailbreak: PS3 Modchip Allows Game Backups

    Some videos on YouTube today showed PS3 jailbreak. The question is: Fake or not? The supposed PS3 modders might use a PlayStation 3 debug console with a USB starter for the preview versions. But, Apparently it is not a fake.

    PS3 jailbreak

    The network emerged videos show a PlayStation 3, in which games copied, takes place via a USB Modchip. To advance the content of a PS3 Blu ray is taken to disk. This works also alleged by the USB Modchip, plugged into a USB port on the console. After the data from a PS3 Bluray has transferred, we don't need the original disc to start the game. You simply put any disc in PS3, get into the USB Backup Manager, and can then start the image from the PS3 board.

    Meanwhile, several websites reported that they had received a version of the USB Jailbreaks and tested. Among other things, psx reports that the crack functioned 100%. As the stick or dongle apparently breaks the copy protection. The the video below shows it.