PS3 Slim

  • New PS3 Slim model coming to North America soon

    If you can recollect properly, Earlier this year Sony announced a new PS3 Slim Model CECH-3000B for Japan. This new PS3 Slim model uses less energy, light in weight, and make use of 200W as compared to original PS3 Slim (CECH-3001B).


    At that time Sony announced that the new model will carry a price tag of ¥34,980 ($435) in Japan and comes equipped with a 320GB HDD. No details were revealed regarding orversea release, but now it appears Sony is all set to bring this new model to North America.

    On Sony Press site, several new images of new PS3 Slim model has appeared and this closely resemble to CECH-3000B model. The black lining right below the disc, and other minor changes looks very much identical to Japanese model.

    Check out the image below:

    PS3 Slim new model screen 1 PS3 Slim new model screen 2

  • PS3 Slim Gets Two New Models

    Sony has announced two new models of the PS3 Slim at Gamescom. The first one will be released on October 2 in Europe, will be having 160GB hard drive and will come at a price of £249.9, basically replace the standard 120GB.

    PS3 Slim 160GB

    In addition, on September 15, Sony will launch another model of PS3 Slim, this time with 320GB hard drive and with PlayStation Move bundle, the game and the Sports Champions PlayStation Eye camera , all for £284.99. These packs will also available in North America around the same time.

    PS3 Slim 320GB PS Move Bundle

  • Sony PS3 Slim CECH-2100A Revealed

    Sony has once again show that the what are mean in this game console world, Sony has just now release a new version of PlayStation 3 name PS3Slim consisting of low on cost and energy efficiency graphics chip as RSK GPU has been reduce from 65nm to just 45nm, what this reduce in size will do is it will cut short the electricity consumption to almost 15 percent.

    Apart from the changes in the RSX GPU chips there are other modification also done, these important modification are, now for RAM 2X128MB XDR chips from previous 4X64MB again resulting into reduce in size and power consumption and much much more simple and efficient cooling system. All this important modification just take you to only one conclusion only a awesome PS3 with fewer components which are cheap and easily available, which might directly effect the overall cost.

    Given below are details in the power consumption from the slim version CECH-2000A to CECH-2100A

    CHECH-2000A Power Consumption Detail:

    • XMB Menu with still wallpaper: Consume 76W of power
    • XMB Menu with Main Theme: Consume 83W to 83W of power
    • FFXIII game event scene: Consume power in between 96W to 107W.
    • FFXIII game menu: Power Consumption is 83W to 84W
    • BD playback: Consume 88W to 91W of Power.

    CHECH-2100A Power Consumption Detail:

    • XMB Menu with still wallpaper: Consume 67W of power (Saving 9W)
    • XMB Menu with Main Theme: Consume 71W (Saving 12W-15W)
    • FFXIII game event scene: Consume power in between 78W to 83W (Saving 18W-24W).
    • FFXIII game menu: Power Consumption is 74W (Saving 9W-10W)
    • BD playback: Consume 77W to 78W of Power (Saving 10W-13W).