PSP games

  • Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fate Announced for PSP

    As published in the latest of Famitsu journal, The Square Enix is working on a remake of the classic Tactics Ogre.

    For those who do not know, this was a title for the console appeared sixteen bits Super Nintendo back in 1995. It's remake will go on sale only for PSP.

    The game, which will be named Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fate is being developed by some members of the team that handled the original and to keep its essence as possible. These include names like Hiroshi Minagawa, Yasumi Matsuno, Akihiko Yoshidaor, Tsubasa Masao.

    Still, the PSP version will launch with new improved graphics and more skills and options as the original.

  • Blazing Souls Accelate for the PSP Announced

    Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment products, announces an epic tale: Blazing Souls Accelate for the PSP.

    It has been years since a war called the Seven Year War ended and peace finally arrived in the land. The story begins with Zero the protagonist making his living as an independent contractor. One day he is investigating a certain site. It is there that he finds a mysterious stone infused with a powerful magic known as the Core Elemental. As he takes on more and more jobs to investigate other locations, he discovers more and more Core Elemental stones. On his travels, he begins to encounter the Human Genomes—new creatures created by God to replace mankind.

    One thirsts for power. One desires only the eradication of mankind. And one hopes to retrieve what he has lost.

    To get what they desire, each one appears before our protagonist. Through his battles against the Human Genomes, our protagonist begins to learn the truth about the secret of his birth, and before long finds himself at the very place where he was born…

    Finally, he will learn the truth of his existence…

    Accelate Your Soul!

    Battles full of strategic characteristics

    • Actions such as Chain, Charge, Hold, Original Skill, Chain Skill, Special Chain Skill, Break, Break Arts and Overkill are available during the battle!
    • Position your forces on the battlefield and wait for the right moment to string together massive combo attacks using multiple party members—both in melee and at range!

    Abundant Item Creations and Monster Capturing

    Blazing Souls gives the player plenty of fun elements like creating over 200 different items and skills! Players are given the ability to capture monsters and have them placed within the party.

    New Concepts in Strategy RPGs

    • Now the battle map and adventure map are one and the same. What you do before battle affects the terrain, and vice-versa!
    • Players can choose how they will proceed through the game. Search for towns and dungeons at the guild, explore hidden areas, battle enemies you encounter or watch animated events.
  • Lord of Arcana Features, Pricing and Story revealed for PSP

    Yesterday we informed you that Square Enix revealed announcement Lord of Arcana to Famitsu. Today we got the official announcement of Square Enix for Lord of Arcana by press release. In press release, Square Enix revealed the Features, Pricing and Story  of Lord of Arcana and features it will offered to players. The release date is not yet announced.

    Defeat tough enemies and obtain new items and skills with up to three friends, or take on a variety of quests in single-player mode in this latest multiplayer action game from Square Enix. With its simple and intuitive controls, even those unaccustomed to action games can jump right into the fast-paced world of Lord of Arcana.

    In addition to Square Enix staff, renowned illustrators from both Japan and abroad have contributed character designs for Lord of Arcana. This amazing collaboration cannot be missed.

    Story :  This world is called Horodyn, so named for its first king. At the edge of a village surrounded by a huge forest lies the powerful stone Arcana, the source of all order in the world. It is said that only one with power can acquire Arcana. Slayers annihilate hordes of monsters so that they could lay their hands on Arcana. What power does it hold? And to what destiny is one with Arcana bound?


    • Experience authentic multiplayer action from Square Enix, developed exclusively for the PSP system.
    • Play with up to three friends to defeat tough enemies and reap rewards together, or tackle a variety of quests in single-player mode.
    • Dive into the fray with simple and intuitive controls that will hook players of any skill level.
    • Create one-of-a-kind avatars and produce thousands of unique weapons. The possibilities are endless

    Pricing: Lord of Arcana will be available at North American retailers for the suggested retail price of $39.99. The release date will be announced at a later time.

  • Square Enix announces Lord of Arcana

    Famitsu has recently revealed that Square Enix is working on a new exclusive title for PSP, Lord of Arcana.

    This will be an action RPG, which will have missions, explore a fantasy world filled with immense natural enviroments, collect weapons and upgrades for your character, etc.

    Thus , the title will have a style similar to that seen in other games of the same type, like Monster Hunter or God Eater. Lord of Arcana will also support multiplayer.

    Although no definite release date yet, but it is expected in Japan later this year. It has not yet been confirmed in Europe.