• QuakeCon unveils new Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details

    A user named Zaldir has revealed some new information regarding the upcoming RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The details was taken from this year's QuakeCon.

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot

    The biggest unveils was the removal of ability to to craft your own spell in the game, this implies that images will have to settle with the spells already in the game.

    The details include things about customization, killing bees and crafting. check out the complete details below:

    • Both the Stormcloaks and the Riverwood Tavern Warrior Clan are factions able to be joined.
    • There are thousands of face-paint options.
    • You can get random in-game NPCs to join you on your quests.
    • Alchemy labs will be more realistic than in Oblivion.
    • There are a total of six crafting stages.
    • Spells are learned by reading spell tomes and/or by purchasing them from merchants.
    • Lock-picking has been improved.
    • You can choose to either spend or save perk points.
    • Animal companions are available for your character.
    • Bees in the game can be harvested in beehives.
    • Perks no longer stop at level 50.
    • The amount of poisons has increased.
  • Bethesda QuakeCon 2011 line-up revealed

    Bethesda has just revealed its line-up for the upcoming gaming event QuakeCon. The publisher confirmed that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, RAGE and Prey 2 will be demoed at the event.

    QuakeCon 2011 logo

    Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard will demoed the Skyrim, whereas the first public demo of Prey 2 will be demoed by Human Head project lead Chris Reinhart

    RAGE demo will be given by Matt Hooper, for the firt time the id shooter will also be available to play on the showfloor.

    QuakeCon kicks off August 4-7 in Texas.

  • QUAKECON 2010 from 12th to 15th August at Dallas Texas

    QUAKECON 2010 release details are reveal, it will be held in Dallas Texas. QUAKECON 2010 will being on 12th August 2010 and goes on till 15th August 2010.

    Here is the details of QUAKECON 2010:

    QuakeCon is a free convention held yearly in Dallas, Texas brought to you by id Software, Bethesda Softworks and their parent company ZeniMax Media Inc..

    Thousands of gamers gather in one location to play with their friends on a giant gaming network, see the latest in cool technology, hear about upcoming games and compete in world-class tournaments.

    Doors to QuakeCon will open on Thursday, August 12th at 9:00am and will remain open until noon on Sunday, August 15th. The event is free to all attendees thanks to the support of id and Bethesda Softworks, as well as the QuakeCon volunteer staff and the 2010 event sponsors and exhibitors.

    id Software and Bethesda Softworks have announced that all attendee registration for QuakeCon 2010 will be handled on-site through a new and improved registration process. Designed to reduce the time BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) attendees spend waiting to register equipment, and generally better serve all those in attendance, this new and entirely on-site process will streamline every guest’s registration experience while still accommodating anyone that wants to take part in the BYOC

    QuakeCon 2009 was a record-breaking gathering for gamers with over 7,000 guests. With attendance expected to increase sharply this year, QuakeCon will once again host North America’s largest BYOC LAN party, with thousands of gamers hooking their systems up to play on a world-class network.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be QuakeCon without the drama and intensity of the big-money pro tournaments, featuring id Software’s free-to-play, web-based multiplayer game QUAKE LIVE.

    New to this year’s event is a 250-seat tournament arena that will allow spectators to get up close and personal with the competitors.

    Attendees can watch top matches live throughout every day of the competitions on large screens with simultaneous play-by-play commentary from this year’s shoutcasters.

    QuakeCon also offers non-stop fun and entertainment for those who don’t bring their own computers. The world’s leading technology companies will be on hand to demonstrate their latest hardware and software in the 45,000 square foot exhibit hall, and every day of QuakeCon is packed with contests, entertainment, announcements, panel discussions, and parties.

    Attendees will also have their first chance to get their hands on upcoming Bethesda Softworks titles like Brink, Fallout: New Vegas, and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. The Hilton Anatole is now taking room reservations for QuakeCon 2010 through their custom QuakeCon Reservation Page – http://bit.ly/cr3NkS – or through their toll-free reservations number, 1-800-HILTONS.

    To receive the specially negotiated QuakeCon room rates and the special daily self-park rate, you must request the group rate for “QuakeCon 2010″ or book through the link above when making your reservation.

    You must be a guest of the hotel to receive the discounted parking rate during the event. The hotel requires a first night’s deposit on reservations (refundable up to 48-hours in advance of the first day of the event). Rooms at this special rate are limited.

    For more information please visit: quakecon.org.

    About QuakeCon:

    Often described as the “Woodstock of Gaming,” QuakeCon is a four-day, non-stop celebration of games and the people who play them. Free to all and open to the public, QuakeCon 2010 will feature North America’s largest Bring-Your-Own-Computer (BYOC) LAN party for nearly 3,000 people, drawings and contests with big cash prizes, exhibits with the latest games and hardware, and non-stop entertainment, parties and events. First created in 1996 by a group of friends on IRC and now going into its fifteenth year, QuakeCon remains true to its original mission as an event created by gamers, for gamers. Sponsored by id Software, Bethesda Softworks and other industry-leading software and hardware manufacturers, QuakeCon continues to be run by a dedicated group of volunteers, including an executive team with more than 75 years of combined experience producing the event. Over 7,000 people attended QuakeCon 2009.