red ring of death

  • Red Rings of Death On Xbox One very "Unlikely" says Microsoft

    Xbox fans can heave a sigh of relief as Microsoft has stated that the nasty "Red Rings of Death" (cause due to overheating problems) issue is unlikely to arrive on Xbox One.

    Xbox One Red Ring of Death“The red rings of death are considerably less likely,” said Kevin Krewell, a chip analyst at the Microprocessor Report. “The last chip was hot. It had power cycling problems and a specific issue with packaging. You can expect that in this case, that is not going to happen.”

    The phrase "Unlikely" clear means that there's still very small possibility of Red Ring of Death appearing on Xbox One.

    Microsoft's Xbox One is schedule to launch in November 2013, exact release date announcement is expected to happen at GamesCom 2013.

  • Microsoft Responds to "Kinect behind Red Ring of Death Issue" claims

    Microsoft has commented on the allegations made by many of the Xbox 360 owners that because of Kinect they are facing the issue of infamous "Red Ring of Death".

    Red Ring of Death

    And to everyone surprise they claim that there's no link between Kinect and Red Ring of Death error. Speaking to BBC, Microsoft said:

    “There is no correlation between the three flashing red lights error and Kinect. Any new instances of the three flashing red lights error are merely coincidental.”

  • Kinect behind Red Ring of Death issue faced by Xbox 360 owner

    Microsoft Kinect is giving sleepless night to many of the Xbox 360 owners as its causing a many issue to them and the most notably issue is "Red Ring of Death".

    Red Ring of Death

    According to the many complaints on the official Xbox 360 forum, owners of older Xbox 360 models are facing Red Ring of Death issue. The details about the issues are given below:

    • Overheating of console' GPU causing an automatic shutdown
    • Next time when owner restart the console, three red rings would be displayed on the Ring of Life.

    Many such complaints on the forum points to Kinect as the main culprit for RROD problem, however there isn't any solid and concrete evidence to proof the same. Microsoft is yet to comment on this.

  • Xbox 360 Slim Shuts Down to prevent Red Dot of Death

    Xbox 360 Slim has a new in built mechanism to protect it from "Red Dot of Death", this new mechanism is that the console will be shutting itself. The screenshot of this is given below.

    As you can see in the screenshot above this time instead of seeing the "Red Ring of Death", user will see a "Red Dot of Death" along with a warning message and the most important part is that Xbox 360 Slim will not dead completely as the warning clear states that the Xbox 360 Slim can be turn ON back after the power light stop flashing.

    However how prone the new Slim from Microsoft is to this problem is yet to be seen, but Microsoft is claiming that they had completely fix this problem.