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  • John Cena now more popular than The Rock in WWE 12 and WrestleFestf

    Things change dramtically in a recent poll conducted by THQ for WWE fans to know who is more popular The Rock or John Cena. On its official Facebook Page, THQ asked fans "AFTER MONDAY'S RAW, WHICH SUPERSTAR WOULD YOU PLAY AS IN WWE '12 AND WRESTLEFEST?"

    John Cena vs The RockTo my surprise and at the time of writing John Cena receive 4100 votes, whereas The Rock just got over 3K votes. Just two weeks ago the result was different, at that time The Rock defeated John Cena with a massive margin.

    What might be the reason for this dramatic turn around?. Let us know in the comment section below.

  • WWE 12 The Rock DLC release date officially confirmed

    THQ has finally announced the launch date of The Rock DLC for WWE 12. Fans who did not pre-order the game will now be able to download The Rock DLC on February 21 (US) and February 22 (Europe).

    WWE 12 The RockThe release date was announced by WWEGames Creative Director Cory Ledesma on his personal Twitter account. "@TheRock and @mikethemiz alternate attires will be available for purchase on Feb. 21st US (22nd EU) for those that didnt preorder #WWE12."

    The price for the DLC was not revealed, however it is expected to carry a price tag of $0.99 or 80 Microsoft Points.

  • WWE 12 "The Rock" DLC release date announced

    Earlier this year, THQ announced that "The Rock" DLC for WWE 12 will go on sale three months after the launch of the game. Now the publisher has confirmed exact release date for "The Rock" DLC.

    The Rock

    THQ announced that WWE 12 "The Rock" DLC will be available for download on Xbox Live and PSN from February 2, 2012. On Twitter, Cory Ledesma confirmed the launch date of the DLC.

    Cory Ledesma tweeted, "if you pre-ordered the game, you get a token to redeem it in the store. if you didn't pre-order you need to wait until Feb 2 buy"

  • Fans to choose WWE 12 Collector's Edition, VOTE NOW

    On the official WWE 12 Facebook Page, THQ has announced that fans of the game will get to choose the cover and content for WWE 12 Collector's Edition.

    WWE 12 screenshot

    THQ has left it to fans to choose whether they want "THE ROCK" to be on the cover called "The People's Edition" or John Cena and his "The Champ's Edition".

    The publisher does not reveals the details regarding the actual content that will be included in each edition. However THQ confirms that the winner from the fans vote will be the final edition that will launch in retail stores in November.

    At present stage, "The Rock" is ahead by a far margin over John Cena. You can cast your vote HERE.

    Do let us know your choice as a comment to this post.

  • THQ: The Rock and Stone Cold most played characters in WWE All Stars

    THQ has announced some interesting details related to WWE All Stars. The publisher confirmed that The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin are the most popular superstars in WWE All Stars.

    The Rock & Austin

    WWE '12 and WWE All Stars Creative Director, Corey Ledesma, on his personal Twitter account revealed that The Rock is the most played person in WWE All Stars.

    "Did you know? @TheRock is the most played WWE Superstar in #WWEAll-Stars! This data comes straight from the game."

    He further added that Stone Cold Steve Austin came is at a very close second.

    "Did you know? The 2nd most played WWE Superstar in #WWEAllStars is @steveaustinBSR. A very, very close 2nd to @TheRock."

  • "Rock" will be available as DLC for WWE 12 "90 days after release"

    Yesterday THQ announced that WWE SuperStar "The Rock" will be this year's pre-order incentive for WWE 12. Gamers who miss out on pre-ordering WWE 12 can still get Rock but as a DLC.

    A fan asked on Twitter, whether The Rock will still be available if you don't pre-order WWE '12. To this Creative Director, Corey Ledesma said, "I don't know why you wouldn't preorder, but yes you can get them as paid DLC 90 days after release."

    The Rock

    So its very clear now, if you miss out on pre-ordering WWE 12 before November 22nd and 25th in North America and Europe respectively, you will still have a chance to purchase extra content as DLC but 3 months after WWE has been launched. Check out the stunning The Rock screenshots from the game HERE.

  • WWE 12 "The Rock" screenshots are stunning

    Yesterday THQ announced "The Rock" as a pre-order incentive for WWE 12, and now today the publisher has released a stunning screeshots of "The Rock".

    WWE 12 box art

    This new screenshots shows "The Rock's" new character model, shaved hair and update tattoos. The best screenshot for me is the one where Rock does a Rock Botton on John Cena.

    The other two screenshot released is of a bonus costumes for The Miz. These costumes are pre-order exclusive of GameStop. Check out the screenshot below:

    WWE 12 The Rock Screen WWE 12 The Rock Screenshot WWE 12 Miz Shirt WWE 12 Miz Suit