runes of magic update

  • Runes of Magic gets new update - The Mystery of the Temple

    Runes of Magic one of the most popular online role-playing game title updated has gone line. Developer has release the update for the game 3.0.4 "The Mystery of the Temple".

    The new update to the game will give gamers access to all new content as it will open the doors of Raksha Temple which will be full of challenges and new features like Juice festival.

    Runes of Magic Update, Runes of Magic Patch, The Mystery of the Temple

    The main objective of the gamers is to explore the sanctuary so that anger of the god calm down which is threating to Northern Janost Forest. For first time a total of six player group can select from 3 difficulty level easy, normal and hard with the most difficulty level of gameplay to be implemented for the next update, and no price for guessing the harder the level of gameplay, the better the reward receive by gamers.

    Many other interesting features and mini games has also been added with this update to the game.