• R.U.S.E Getting Kinect Support

    Evoluce the maker of yet to release Windows 7 Kinect software has revealed a new gameplay video which showcased Ubisoft's R.U.S.E being played with Kinect.

    According to Evoluce by making use of their software gamers can play any mouse controlled game with Kinect.

    Claims made by them is pretty high, check out the video by yourself and decided. Its looks prety impressive.

  • R.U.S.E. Manhattan Project Pack finally comes out for PC gamers

    R.U.S.E Manhattan Project Pack which was initially scheduled to release on December 22 on PC, but due to some Overload Christmas Work Valve was unable to release the free pack for PC gamers.


    But now it appears that the Manhattan Project Pack has indeed been released via Steam, as the game's official Steam message board gives you an official confirmation regarding this.

    Check out the complete details about Manhattan Project Pack here.

  • R.U.S.E. Release dates for US and Europe Revealed

    Ubisoft give out the release details for R.U.S.E, it will be hitting the US on September 7 and September 9 in UK. R.U.S.E was previously slated to be release in June but Ubisoft delayed the release of the game.

    R.U.S.E, R.U.S.E release detail

    Aymeic Evennou, Ubisoft Community Manager tweeted the release details of the game today but there was no details about whether their will be a demo to the game which was expected by many gamers.

    R.U.S.E will be coming out on Xbox 360, PC and on Playstation 3 with Move Support.