• How to take, save and upload Screenshots on Xbox One

    Take, save and to upload Screenshots on Xbox One is very easy, If you want to Pause your gameplay for an epic moment and save it as a screenshot then share it with your friends easy way then follow following steps.

  • New Watch Dogs screenshots shows stunning Character and colorful Environment details

    Here are few new screenshots for Watch Dogs showcasing characters and in-game environment details. It has been a controversial ride for the creators of Watch Dogs. It stood right in the middle of res/fps war.

    Some of these images are not new, but one will surely praise the improvement, stunning character details and colorful environment. Specially day and night time shots of the city environment, although water effects look a bit unreal to me. With this quality of graphics, Watch Dogs will surly stand ahead in the row of visually best titles of this year.

    Good or bad, better or worse than any other next-gen titles, cannot be decided based only on these screenshots, but you can surely make your opinion by enjoying the new Watch Dogs screenshots below:

    Characters screenshots:

    watch dogs t-bone grady wallpaper   watch dogs jordi chin wallpaper  watch dogs clara lille wallpaper  watch dogs screenshot

    Environment screenshots:

    watch dogs city morning screenshot  watch dogs city night screenshot  watch dogs city screenshot

    watch dogs railway station screenshot  watch dogs night city road screenshot  watch dogs may stadium screenshot

    watch dogs sealink screenshot

    For those who are unaware, Watch Dogs is an upcoming open world action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is scheduled for a May 27 release on major platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii-U.

  • 'Get Even' stunning graphics screens and innovative gameplay details revealed

    TheFarm51 have released stunning screenshots of their upcoming title 'Get Even'. You may wonder why these screenshots are so awesome, well, for you info graphics of 'Get Even' are designed in very innovative way and this is the very first time such technology is being used for video games.

    It is a shooter game, but later,on facebook page TheFarm51 posted that 'Get Even is not just a simple shooter, so we will share some crucial information about the plot and narrative assumptions as well.' So more info about plot of this game will be released soon.

    Magical graphics of this game are achieved by 3D scans of real locations and people.  To develop such innovative graphics technology, TheFarm51 is working with research institutes and independent specialists.

    Get Even Screenshot

    Get Even will offer a fresh approach towards game mechanics, the developers of this game have an innovative vision to remove the barrier between single player campaign and multi-player mode. It will be something like where other players will be able to join someone's single player campaign, they will play as opposing protagonists. In short, you'll be able to play as enemy in someone else's camping, however players playing as enemies will have their own agenda or goals to achieve in the  game. 

    This idea of allowing other players in a story of single player mode will make it much more difficult to complete the story and it will surly raise the bar of challenges in game. This innovative approach of story telling will give players a chance to experience events in single-player camping from the perspective of opposing protagonists. 

    What's more, the game will be different based on the choice of one side and the game's story will be told through the elements of gameplay, exploration and interaction with the environment instead of your normal use of cut-scenes and dialogues.

    Teaser, more screens and more info to be released next month that is January. This is next gen title, to be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2015.

    So far we know only this much, we have to wait for next month i.e. January to wait for more info, till then enjoy these stunning screenshots:

    Get Even Graphics Screenshot Get Even Gameplay Screenshot  Get Even

  • New impressive Kingdom Come: Deliverance screenshots demonstrates CryEngine 3 power

    New impressive screenshots are unveiled for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which demonstrates CryEngine 3 power. Kingdom Come: Deliverance which is Warhorse Studios production is set for a grand release in 2015. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is open-world medieval RPG for next-gen consoles and PC.

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    This historical open-world action-adventure role playing game is based on CryEngine 3. Set in medieval Europe, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has stimulating first-person melee-oriented fights. This game does not have any specific conclusion, the player gets to decide his course of action and face the respective consequence.

    Horseback encounters, castle sieges, large battles and a huge number of quests are designed in various stunning areas. Here are some of the impressive images from Kingdom Come: Deliverance. But don't get too excited as we all have a long journey of time to make until we get our hands on this one! We need to wait for 2015 when Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

    Enjoy screenshots below:

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kingdom Come: Deliverance scenery screenshot Kingdom Come: Deliverance characters screenshot

  • Watch Dogs screenshots shows hacking, combat, strategic elimication of enimeis

    Ubisoft has released 3 new screenshots for Watch Dogs. All these 3 screenshots shows hacking, hand to hand combat, strategic elimination of enemies and blasting of cars.

    Watch Dog screenshot hacking, combat, strategic elimication of enimeis

    FYI Watch dogs is an upcoming open world action adventure game from Ubisoft which got delayed from November release this year to Q2 2014. If you go through these screens and trailer of game, i guess it will be worth the wait and as Ubisoft says, with Watch Dogs Ubisoft aims to match standards of GTA.

    There’s an attachment to the brand, in the case of GTA, that makes
    people really want to give it that 100-percent review. We’ll be missing
    that on Watch Dogs until we go further, potentially. That’s what we’re

    Anyone up for debating GTA V vs Watch Dogs based on looks of Watch dogs in these screenshits?

    watch dogs elimination of enemies screenshot Image Image




  • How to take screenshots with PS VITA

    Sony's Playstation VITA is off to a flying start in Japan, owners are enjoying each and every seconds of their gameplay on the handheld. I am very much sure there must have been lots of breathtaking scene and moment during gameplay that PS VITA owner want to preserve. Well there's a simple solution to this all PS VITA owners need to do is take a screenshot of their best moments of gameplay with handheld.

    PS VITANow the question arise here, how to take screenshots with PS VITA?, its very simple we have detailed the steps below. Check it out.

    To take screenshots on Playstation VITA all gamers need to do is press "Playstation" button and "Start" button simultaneously (i.e at the same time). The handheld will take anywhere between 3-12 seconds to complete screenshot process.

    As soon as gamers press the two buttons, "SAVING" logo will pop up in the middle of the screen. One important thing to note, the game of which screenshots is being taken will continue to play in the background after "SAVING" logo appear. At this time most of the command input will get disable including "PAUSE" option.

    Now you can copy the screenshots taken on PS VITA to your PC. All you need to do is connect the handheld to PC and transfer the screenshot to your computer with the help of "Content Manager Assistant".

    Steps to transfer Screenshots are given below.

    1. Connect PS VITA to PC
    2. Open CMA app on PS VITA and select the option "PS Vita System to PC"
    3. Select "PHOTO", and then mark the screenshots you want to transfer and click on "COPY" option.
  • How to Take Screenshots in PC Games

    On PC there are many ways to take screenshots of your running Applications or Video Games. Well I'll list some of the best and easiest ways to take screenshots of your PC Games. I'll consider your are playing games on Windows PC, because Windows is the only focused Platform on PC for video games.

    There has been old tradition of pressing Alt-tab during the game and pasting the screen capture in paint and saving it. However this procedure can crash your Hard Disk, belive me it does sometimes, if it's not happened with you then you are lucky till now.

    In Windows 7, Alt-tab-paste doesn't works untill you do the following:

    Right Click on your Game Launcher icon then Select Properties. Go to Compatibility and Select "Disable Scren Composition".

    However as doing Alt-tab is not a good practice, it disturbs your gameplay as well as your PC's health, i'll list some of the best applications available to ease your screenshot capturing process.

    Using Fraps: (Only Free Trail)

    Fraps Screenshot

    Fraps is the one of the most popular tool for Windows users to take screenshots of video games, even it allows to record your gameplay videos. It also gives your FPS statics. In short Fraps is combination of Benchmarking Software, Screenshot capture, and Realtime Video capture.

    But Sadly It's not free, with it's trail version you'll get watermark in every screenshot. However it doesn't cost much and worth buying if you need to make use of it's all three features (Video, Screenshot,Benchmarking).

    Using Screenshot Pilot (Fully Free)

    Screenshot Pilot

    Screenshot Pilot is the best solution if you hunting some free screen capture tool. Just download it, adjust settings according to you. Basically you need to assign the Hotkey which can be assigned by you as per your preference, then during games to take screenshots you'll press that HotKey. After you close your game, your screenshots will be presented in tabs. Save them and Share them.

    I hope it helps you to easily capture screenshots during your gameplay. If you know some other alternative ways which deserves to be listed here then post in comments, i'll surly add them.