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  • Todd Howard: Elders Scroll V: Skyrim will focus more on Single Player

    Tod Howard in a recent interview to IGN confirmed that the highly anticipated RPG title Elders Scroll V: Skyrim will focus more on single-player campaign initially, and will come to multiplayer later on.

    It’s not that we don’t like it. I can think of ways it would be a lot of fun, but at the end of the day, that dev time is going to take away from doing the best single player game we can, and that’s where our hearts are.

    Elders Scroll V: Skyrim

    Other interesting details and fact Tod Howard talked are:

    • Bethesda’s using Havok’s animation system (Havok Behavior) in their game.
    • The .nif file extension used for mods is still used in Skyrim.
    • Alongside the Fast-travel system from Oblivion will be a Carriage-system that takes you to other cities for a certain fee. This includes cities you haven’t visited yet.
    • There will be areas that are too hard for low-level characters.
    • There is no set amount of Dragons in the game, they’re placed pretty randomly, like other creatures.
    • The conversation system, while now in real-time and without the zoomed-in view, still functions similarly to Oblivion’s.
    • The new combat system is also supposed to help players differentiate and develop their characters into a specific form: “You can’t be everything at once.”
    • There’s crafting for each archetype (Magic, Combat, Stealth). The magic crafting system, as we know, is Enchanting, and allows you to enchant items and tinker with their effects.
    • There are more unique armor sets than in Oblivion.

    A DirectX 11 support for PC was also confirmed by Tod:

    Yes, but I guess the real question here is do we take advantage of DX11's big new features and the answer is ‘not specifically’. Our graphics work centers around doing things that will look the same regardless of platform, and sometimes that implementation will be different on the 360, PS3, and PC.

  • Killzone 3 - Single Player Demo announced

    Sony has now announced the Killzone 3 single player demo for PS3. Killzone 3 single player demo will release on 09 February for PlayStation Plus members. And for the rest of the PlayStation members it will be available from 16 February. Yes for non PlayStation Plus members there is the wait of 7 days.

    Killzone 3 PS3 cover box

    Killzone 3 single player demo will feature the Icy Incursion level which takes place halfway through the campaign. There will be two separate versions of Demo, one in 2D and one in 3D. Yes, There will be two separate downloads available. The 2D version will support splitscreen co-op feature which will not available in the 3D demo. The demos also supports PlayStation Move , so that before the actual release you can determine the taste of gameplay with 3D and move experience.

    "Do not worry: if you download the 3D version and play them on your TV is 2D, not broken anything ... you will only see a message "No 3D-TV". The 2D version will also include a split screen co-op mode, a feature that you will not see the 3D demo."

  • Homefront single player will last more than 8 hours

    Kaos Studios has commented that the single player campaign of Homefront will last longer than 8 hours, which will increase as the skill of the user.

    Homefront screens

    As  Zach Wilson explained, designer of Homefront, "Some of them will get through it in eight hours, some of them will take longer than eight hours. There's a varying level of challenge depending on the skill of the player."

    Mr. Wilson added more "We've honestly seen players take more than an entire day play through the single-player campaign, sitting down and not doing anything else."

    In another vein, Zach Wilson also re-emphasized the influence of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 in that campaign, as well as the action, they want the player to appreciate the world around them in game. On March 11, it will launch in Europe, and we all will be able to test the quality of the campaign in this promising action game.

  • Ubisoft Released New Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Single Player Launch Trailer

    A pretty impressive new single player trailer for Assaissin's Creed: Brotherhood has been released by Ubisoft.

    The trailer revealed quite a few important details about the game, first is that Ezio has been given the post of Master Assassin and is given the task of recoveing and rebuilding the Rome.

    Second immportant details is that it show three contraptions

    1. Gattling Gun
    2. Upgraded Flying Machine
    3. Drivable Vechile

    Catch the trailer below:

    Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood is slated to hit Xbox 360 and PS3 on November 19, PC version released is yet to be announced.