PS4 Firmware 5.0 Error E-801809A8 Fix Releasing In Less Than One Week - Customer Support

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PS4 Firmware 5.0 Error E-801809A8 Fix

According to Sony's Customer Support, PS4 Firmware 5.0 Error E-801809A8 will be fixed via patch which is scheduled to go live in less than one week time.

PS4 Error Code E-801809A8 Reported While Installing PS4 Firmware 5.0

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PS4 Firmware 5.0 Error Code E-801809A8

Many PS4 owners have reported about Error Code E-801809A8 while installing Firmware 5.0. According to the initial investigation, PS4 Firmware 5.0 Error Code E-801809A8 is due to defective Blu-Ray drive.

PS4 Firmware 5.0 Official Changelog

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PS4 Firmware 5.0 Patch Notes

PS4 Firmware 5.0 has been released. The size of PS4 Firmware 5.0 is 360 MB and it adds some of the fan-requested features such as Family on PlayStation Network, new features for Notifications, Messages and more.

Yes, Pachter Is Right: PS5 Is Releasing In 2020 [Here's Why]

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Pachter Prediction On PS5 In 2020 Is Correct

Michael Pachter recently made a bold prediction - PS5 will release in 2020. I completely agree with Pachter's Prediction - PlayStation 5 will launch in 2020 - here are few reasons.

7 Reasons Why PS4 Firmware 5.0 Beta Testers Should Not Install PS4 Firmware 4.74 [Restrictions]

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PS4 Firmware 5.0 Beta Testers Restrictions For Firmware 4.74

Sony has shared list of 7 restrictions that will be applicable to PS4 Firmware 5.0 beta testers if they decide to download and install PS4 Firmware 4.74.

God of War 4 Will Blow People Away, Going To Be The Most Brutal God of War Ever - Sony

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God of War PS4 - The Most Brutal GoW Game

Sony Marketing Vice President at GameStop Expo stated that God of War for PS4 is going to be the Most Brutal God of War game ever, and it will blow people away on PlayStation 4.

Amazing Feature Of Queen's Ruby In Uncharted: The Lost Legacy That You Are Now Aware Of

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Queen's Ruby Bracelet - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Queen's Ruby is unlocked in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy after player collects 11 Hoysala Tokens. Queen's Ruby has one interesting feature that will help you in collecting all treasures.

New PS4 Pro Controller - Revolution Pro Controller 2 Comes With 5 New Features

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Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 For PS4

At Gamescom 2017, Nacon announced new PS4 Pro controller called - Revolution Pro Controller 2. It comes with a 5 new features like USB Type-C wired connection, and more.

Mike Ybarra Explains Why Destiny 2 And Call of Duty: WWII Is Missing Xbox One X Enhanced Tagline

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Destiny 2 Missing From Xbox One X Enhanced Games

Is Sony stopping Bungie and Sledgehammer to confirm Xbox One X enhancements for Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: WWII? Eurogamer asked this Xbox's Mike Ybarra and he did provide an explanation for it.

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition PS4 Bundle Has PS4 Slim Model, Not PS4 Pro Model

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GT Sport Limited Edition PS4 Slim Bundle

Sony announced a limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle which include a customised Silver PS4 Slim with a 1TB HDD, customised Dualshock 4 controller with GT logo on touchpad, and many other things.