Split Second Velocity

  • Split/Second: Velocity gets two new downloadable content packs

    Disney Interactive Studios and Black Rock Studio advertise that two new downloadable content packs Split/Second: Velocity arrive today (August 31) on Xbox LIVE and tomorrow(September 1) on PlayStation Network.

    Bodies Elite pack, which is completely free, offers gamers a new look to the vehicles of the elite pilots Brawn, Vixen and Raptor. The pack "High Octane" Supercar increases Supercar selection of vehicles available to us with 3 new cars also include a new body for improved Cyclone Ryback.

    These new cars are among the fastest in the game, offering all the speed we need to tackle our toughest rivals both offline and online. The price of the pack "High Octane" Supercar cost 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox Live and €1.99 on PlayStation Network.

    Split/Second: Velocity will have more downloadable content in the coming months, including more cars, game modes and a brand new circuit.

  • Split/Second : Velocity DLC hitting this month

    Black Rock Studios confirmed three downloadable contents for Split/Second : Velocity during the month of August. These new DLCs consist of a pack of visual enhancements for more powerful vehicles that are already available and two new vehicles to be launched individually (one of them is free). In turn, in September is expected to broader DLC with a new stage.

    • The first DLC pack will provide new liveries for turbo-powered Elite vehicles.
    • The second DLC pack named "High Octane" Supercar Pack will offer a new vehicle see screenshot below.
    • And 3rd DLC contains FREE special edition vehicle based on the original classic Ryback Cyclon.

    Split/Second Velocity High Octane Supercar Pack

    This announcement made trhough facebook:

    Hi everyone, the wait is almost over for Split/Second downloadable content! Coming later this month will be three new downloadable packs. The first DLC pack will provide new liveries to really make your turbo-powered Elite vehicles stand out from the rest of the crowd! The second DLC pack will be a entirely new vehicle offering called the “High Octane” Supercar Pack (see screenshot below).

    Finally, as a way of saying thanks to our awesome community, we will be giving away a FREE special edition vehicle based on the original classic Ryback Cyclone! These packs will be available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in the next couple of weeks along with a major DLC pack featuring a new environment coming in September.