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  • SSX new screenshots feature Moby

    Electronic Arts has just released four new screenshots of their upcoming snowboarding game "SSX". This new screenshots of the game features Moby, one of many returning characters to the game.

    SSX screenshot

    SSX was first unveiled at VGA back in December as "SSX: Deadly Descents", though recently the publisher axed the subtitle. The game is schedule to launch in early part of next year for PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Check out the new screenshots below:

    SSX screen SSX screenshot SSX pic SSX picture

  • SSX: Deadly Descents demo confirmed

    EA has annnounced that there will be a demo for their upcoming snowboarding game "SSX". The details was confirmed by SSX producer Sean Smillie in an interview to TheGamingLiberty.

    SSX: Deadly Descents screenshot

    Sean Smillie said, "Yeah, there are plans. But I haven’t been told when that’s going to happen."

    SSX is schedule to launch in the early part of 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • SSX: Deadly Descents third developer diary explains "Level Design"

    EA Sports has just released third developer diary for their upcoming snowboard game "SSX: Deadly Descents". In this third installment, the development team talk about Level Design.

    SSX: Deadly Descents screen

    Fans will get the details on how art team go about SSX-ifying natural environments on each and every continent inorder to create SSX experience. Watch the video below:

    Check out previous two developer, SSX: Deadly Descent first developer diary, SSX: Deadly Descent second developer diary.

    EA Sports will release fourth developer diary on April 27. SSX: Deadly Descent is schedule to launch in January 2010.

  • SSX: Deadly Descents launch window announced

    Todd Batty, SSX creative director has announced some information regaring the launch date for the game. Todd Batty doesn't reveal the exact release date for SSX, but confirms that the game is currently pinned down for January.

    Batty also confirmed that the game will be available to play at the E3 Conference this June.


    EA Sports has put in more efforts this time and has moved away from cartoon-ish characters of previous games for a more realistic approach. To proof this two developer diary for the game has been revealed by EA you can check out both below:

    1. SSX: Deadly Descents first developer diary
    2. SSX: Deadly Descents second developer diary
  • SSX: Deadly Descents first developer diary

    Electronic Arts has released first developer diary for their upcoming snowboarding video game SSX: Deadly Decents.

    In the video footage Todd Batty gives out the complete details to fans of the franchise about where they are going with the new installment of SSX.

    SSX Deadly Decents

    Watch the first developer diary below:

    SSX: Deadly Decents is schedule to release in early part of 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • SSX: Deadly Descents New Details Out

    Soon or later it was expected, the latest issue of OXM has revealed bulk of new details about EA's upcoming snow boarding game SSX: Deadly Descents. The details are really very interesting.

    SSX: Deadly Descents

    we have listed them below. Check them out.

    • Sequel is said to feature “great characters, great tricks, great environments, awesome speeds, great music, tight controls, and totally ridiculous gameplay.”
    • Like SSX games from the past, Deadly Descents will include short and longcuts.
    • One of the game’s taglines is “Race It, Trick It, Survive It,” with one main goal being getting off the mountain alive.
    • EA also gave examples of how survival challenges work in Deadly Descents, such as outracing avalanches, avoiding potentially fatal freezing “shady” areas and “getting through the Himalayas’ oxygen-barren ‘death zone’ before you black out.”
    • The mag also seemed to hint the dev team at EA Canada is looking to implement a social system similar to Need for Speed’s Autolog, saying the devs were impressed with how it was added into Criterion’s Hot Pursuit.
    • It’ll also be more approachable than Shaun White Snowboarding and 360-exclusive title Stoked.
    • The dev team was keen to point out that, despite previous rumours, the Skate team aren’t working on Deadly Descents. However, creative director Todd Batty was keen to compare the game to another EA title, saying it is “Burnout on snow”.

    Earlier it was confirmed by PS3M magzine that SSX: Deadly Descents will be coming out in 3D.

  • SSX: Deadly Descents will be coming out in 3D: PSM3

    First concrete details regarding EA's upcoming snowboarding video game SSX: Deadly Descents is out, and guess what its a big one for the fans of franchise. SSX: Deadly Descents will be playable in 3D.

    If information in the latest issue of PSM3 magzine is anything to go by that the next installment in the SSX series,  "SSX: Deadly Descents will offer 200+ real world tracks mapped using NASA topography data that too in 3D.


    Todd Batty, SSX: Deadly Descents, Creative Director said "Some of my team saw me playing SSX Tricky and thought it was a Wii game"

    "SSX had this amazing casual candy bar wrapper but inside was this amazing hardcore gameplay experience...we want to deliver what SSX players absolutely love, just change the wrapper so it sits a bit better on PS3".