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  • 5 Best Free To Play Games 2015

    With the Growing video game Market, the release of the Triple-A games tends to show off the best single player games that will surely make use of the best that technology can give. Are you still wondering about the cost? Not all big budget games are expensive. There are some Free-to-play games which target the low budget gamers and gives all the experience which they might miss in the Triple-A Games. Here are 5 Best Free-to-play games which won't cost you a thing.

    5 Best Free to play Games 2015

    Dota 2

    Dota 2 is free-to-play from the very beginning and is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena video game worldwide. In a three-dimensional environment, there are about 110 controllable characters called "Heros". Starting with level one to a maximum of level 25. Everything is free in-game except for the cosmetics which needs real money, but sometimes even those are given for free. This game is very open so start your battle, team-up, learn and built new strategies or try leveling up and customize your Hero. 

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Based on the Star Wars universe, The Old Republic is also one of the massively multiplayer online role-playing Free-to-play game. This game matches the Triple-A titles as the gameplay is linked 300 years after the events of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. You advance in the game by completing missions, exploring the world, defeating the enemies and learn new skills from the trainer in the game. If you like the Role Playing games then you must not miss this one. Star Wars: The Old Republic is now Free-to-play as to complete with the Dota 2 and with paid service it was pretty unachievable.  

    BlackLight: Retribution 

    BlackLight: Retribution is a sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down and a first-person shooter free-to-play video game for PC and Playstation. Just like the Call of Duty Series you have various game types and maps and there is no single player missions or story mode, but you have a practice sessions with the bot also call it some training sessions. Different Game types like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and so on. Battle with hundred and more player is easy or not totally depends on their own specialized weapon and skills. So you better Gear up.   

    Team Fortress 2

    The complete Skill-depended addictive game 'Team Fortress 2' is a Free-to-play for all. Also, there are few arguments about the most successful free-to-play game other than Dota2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's team-based first-person shooter multiplayer video game and sequel to the 1996 mod Team Fortress for Quake. Anyone looking out for Free-to-play, action, Humorous Single player shooting game then this is it. It also features nine playable classes, categorized into the offense, defense, and support roles. Select your class and let the Battle Begin.

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms

    With the Release of Ghost Recon Phantoms in 2014 as a Free-to-play game everyone being surprised to see a free-to-play game by Ubisoft. It is a multiplayer third-person tactical shooter video game with three classes: Assault, Recon, and Support. This is one of the best Team vs Team multiplayer battle game. Select your match type Private Match, Matchmaking, Death match, Clan Match and three game modes: Conquest, Onslaught, and Holdout. Experience Ubisoft's one of the best MMO free-to-play game - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic free-to-play restrictions revealed

    Bioware has revealed details regarding restrictions imposted upon gamers who choose the Free-to-play option for Stars Wars: The Old Republic.

    Star Wars: The Old RepublicEarlier this year it was confirmed by Bioware that the game would go Free-to-play, with the staff of development team citing subscription fee as the biggest barrier to new gamers.

    Now Bioware has revealed what Free-to-play version of Star Wars: The Old Republic will offer to gamers. We have the list below, check it out.

    • Limited character creation options
    • Three warzones per week
    • Three flashpoints per week
    • Three space missions per week
    • Limited inventory and cargo hold space
    • Longer quick travel cooldown
    • Restrictions on equipping most purple items

    For full list of restrictions, click HERE.

  • Star Wars: The Old republic update 1.1 causes new issues

    Bioware yesterday released first patch update 1.1 "Rise of the Rakghouls" for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but now it seems instead of fixing old exploit, the patch has opened door to new exploit.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic screenAccording to reports from SWTOR gamers, the new exploit is related to high-level PvP on the Illum open world PVP area. More reports suggest that SWTOR gamers have found a way to exploit the spawning of turrets.

    On these reports of new exploit caused by SWTOR patch 1.1, Bioware said, "We're currently investigating potential issues related to the Ilum open world PVP area post 1.1,"

    "I just wanted to let you know that we are currently working on an official response to these issues (we used the term "potential" during our initial investigating, and have now removed the wording on the title of this thread) and we will be posting it soon. Please understand that these issues require some time to investigate and we are making sure that we provide you all with the most updated information in our official response."

  • Star Wars The Old Republic patch 1.1 details revealed

    Bioware has released the details regarding first patch update for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The patch will go live soon, and its currently in beta testing phase.

    SWTOR LogoAccording to details revealed on official SWTOR, patch 1.1 will include some exciting content additions, including a new Flashpoint, Kaon Under Siege, and four new boss additions to Operation: Karagga’s Palace.

    The developer also revealed massive changelog for SWTOR patch 1.1. You can check it out HERE.

  • Get Star Wars The Old Republic two months early in Australia via EB Games

    Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic is schedule to launch in March in Australia, however thanks to EB Games many die-hard Star Wars fans can get it now.

    Star Wars: The Old RepublicCurrently EB Games is fulfilling Star Wars The Old Republic pre-orders with imported version. As usual imported version stock are limited in store as well as on EB Games website. These imported version of Star Wars The Old Republic will run on American servers.

    Fans who are thinking that EB Games is breaking embargoes, we would like to inform you that Bioware previously said that there is no ban on importing copies of the game.

    So be quick guys what are you waiting for.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Character Customisation video

    A whooping 20 minutes video of Star Wars: The Old Republic has arrived on YouTube showing off Character customisation. The video features no story stuff, but if you are among one of those who want to stay very clear for the launch of the game next month, than it is in the best interest in you that you don't watch it.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic logo

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is schedule to launch on December 20 across the globe. Watch the character customisation video below.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic development cost is $80 million

    Want to know how much EA is spending on Star Wars: The Old Republic, its whooping $80 million, according to report from Gamespot.

    If the figure is true than, Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most expensive video game ever made, its very much close to GTA IV which reportedly cost $100 million.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic logo

    Even after spending such an astronomical cost on development, publisher is confident that it will make profit out of it. EA predicts it could reach 1.5 million loyal paying subscriber when Star Wars: The Old Republic releases.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is slated to release later this year.