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  • Five New Infamous: Second Son Screens Released

    Sony and Suker Punch has released five stunning looking Infamous: Second Son screenshots showing our lead character Delsin Rowe unleashing firepower on few select DUP grunts.

    Infamous: Second SonThe graphics and visuals details in these latest Infamous: Second Son screens are next to astonishing. Take a look at them below. Infamous: Second Son is schedule to launch early next year on PS4.

    Infamous: Second Son Screenshot 1 Infamous: Second Son Screenshot 2 Infamous: Second Son Screenshot 3 Infamous: Second Son Screenshot 4 Infamous: Second Son Screenshot 5

  • Infamous Second Son announced as PS4 Exclusive by Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch just a few minutes ago at Playstation Meeting 2013 has announced next installment in Infamous series, "Infamous: Second Son" exclusive for PS4.

    Infamous: Second SonYou can check out first screenshot of Infamous Second Son below, it was taken from the trailer (so not an in-game). We will update this post with official trailer of Infamous Second Son soon. So Stay tuned.

    It show a man teleporting and shooting fireballs out of his hands. At the end of the trailer, lead protagonist, Delsin Rowe, takes a camera and says "You are not in control". The trailer ends with a text "Infamous Second Son"

    Infamous: Second Son

    Update: Infamous Second Son Debut Trailer (Full Announcement):

  • Sucker Punch comments on InFamous 3 Development Inquires

    Sucker Punch, the studio behind successful inFamous franchise has stated that they have an excellent working relationship with Sony, and so can't rule out working with the firm on the third installment in inFamous franchise (i.e inFamous 3).

    "Infamous 3We'll see where we go next," says Suker Punch co-founder, Bruce Oberg when asked about the possibility of developing InFamous 3.

    He further added, "We have a great relationship with them [Sony] and adore the PlayStation platform. Not lying when I say that for us is a killer technology platform to work with. "Moreover, he continues," the media, marketing, and also the approach, allowing us to make the game we want to do is really incredible."

    On which platform would you like to see inFamoust 3, PS3 or PS4?. Let us know your views to us in the comment section below.

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  • InFamous 2 Update 3 available now for download

    Suker Punch has released the new and free Infamous 2 update 3, which brings tons of improvements and many new additions to UGC.

    According to the details revealed by the developer, Devourer and Titan bosse are now available in players created missions. Players can make use of them in any way they want, but all they need to make sure is its legal in at least 48 states.

    Infamous 2 screenshot

    A new mission review system has also been implemented, and so players can now rate their favorites and even help other players build better missions with their feedback.

    Other improvements are:

    • Relative Health. You can now change “Health” and “Cole’s Energy” modifiers as percentages.
    • Volume/Monitor Reset. New “Reset When’ option on Volume and Monitor logic objects lets you change how or when they can be reset after being triggered.
    • Author Mission Search. Search results will now display the level author’s name.
  • SCE acquires infamous 2 developer "Sucker Punch Productions"

    Earlier this morning Sony has announced that the company has bought inFamous developer Suker Punch. This new development means all future games from Suker Punch will be a Playstation exclusive.

    Infamous 2 screenshot

    SCE WorldWide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida said, "Sucker Punch Productions is one of the most highly acclaimed development studios in the industry and we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the company for over 12 years. We are delighted to officially welcome them to the SCE family"

    "The addition of Sucker Punch to SCE WWS reiterates our dedication to developing world class gaming experiences that can only be found on the PlayStation platform. With one of the strongest exclusive software lineups in the PS3's history, combined with the diverse, innovate content in the works for PlayStation Vita, consumers have a lot to be excited about this year."

    Sucker Punch's Brian Fleming in an interview to CNBC said, "It’s just been such a productive and enjoyable relationship for us that I think that in all of our discussions the only group we really seriously entertained doing this kind of a transaction with was Sony"

  • Infamous 2 new patch available now for download

    Suker Punch has released a new patch for PS3 exclusive infamous 2. The next time you play the game while logged onto PSN, a patch will be available for download.

    Infamous 2 screenshot

    This new patch update for the game fix the annoying glitch that allows gamers to buy powers for free. In addition to this the patch also readies the game's UCG feature for some more content.

    Check out our review for the game HERE.

  • To import trophies into Infamous 2, Infamous game data is a must

    Suker Punch, infamous developer, has included an interesting feature which allow players who have unlocked certain trophies in infamous 2 to get head start in the sequel to the game, "infamous 2"

    Infamous 2 screen

    But the only flaw this new feature has, it require Infamous game data still to be installed in your HDD. So if you are among one of those unlucky ones who don't have infamous data saved then you will not be able to take any advantage of this new feature at all.

  • Sucker Punch's Infamous 2 gets leaked

    A lucky user named "Martin Angeles" has managed to get his hands on Sucker Punch upcoming PS3 exclusive inFamous 2. Martin Angeles posted game's retail copy image on Twitter, you all can have a look at it below. The cover is of inFamous 2 American version.

    inFamous 2 cover

    Infamous 2 is slated to release on June 7, however seeing the game getting leaked before its official release is certainly worrying.