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  • Super Meat Boy Level Editor now available on Steam

    Level Editor for Super Meat Boy is now available on Steam, Team Meat just a while ago announced. With this Level Editor players can do lots of things for example, uploads new levels to Super Meat Boy world which is playable by other members of the community, minus bosses and warp zones, create full new chapters with custom titles, music and par times and many more.

    Super Meat Boy

    To launch Level Editor on Steam, all gamers need to do go to Tools and select SMB level editor (1 MB in size).

    “We always wanted to release a basic level editor, but the idea started to balloon when we decided to buy servers and program a fully automated level portal (Super Meat World) to support these levels as a bonus chapter for the PC version,” said Edmund McMillien. “We will be doing one more update to SMW next week adding a few missing features and fixing up a couple editor bugs.

  • Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition confirmed for Europe

    Lace Mamba Global has officially confirmed today Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition will be launched in Europe.

    According to the details revealed, this special edition of Super Meat Boy, will be launched in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, and the Benelux countries.

    Super Meat Boy logo

    Jason Codd said, “Super Meat Boy is an absolute crazy phenomenon on the internet. The game has sold far more than 400,000 copies already online, and there is a special boxed edition available in the US, so we expect there to be a huge demand for a similar retail edition in the territories we’re serving”,

    Price and bonus contents details related to Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition will be announced in coming days. At present it is slated to release in Q3 2011 for PC.

  • Super Meat Boy Wii retail version canceled

    Guys if you are among one of those waiting for Wii release of Super Meat Boy then its a bad news for you, the long awaited Super Meat Boy for Wii has been canceled, a packaged Wii launch is no longer on the cards. The news was confirmed by Edmund McMillen on Team Meat blog.

    Super Meat Boy

    Edmund McMillen wrote, “We really tried hard to make this happen but not one publisher we talked to thought a retail budget title for the Wii would be profitable at this point in the Wiis life cycle,”

    “And we totally understand that.”

  • Buy PC Version of Super Meat Boy and get Mac Version Free

    Team Meat today revealed bulk of details about the upcoming game title Super Meat Boy.

    Super Meat Boy

    On their twitter account the very first details Team Meat announced is that gamers who will buy the PC version of game will get the Mac version free of cost.

    Attention all: Mac version will be out in a few months. editor 1st than mac version. anyone who buys the pc on steam gets the mac one free!.

    Second detail is regarding the paid DLC for Super Meat Boy and new character for Xbox 360 version of game.

    Attention: there will NEVER be paid DLC for smb on any system. there will never be new character for xbla, but there will be free levels

    Last but not the least Super Meat Boy won't be coming out on Wiiware.

    Attention: there will not be a Wiiware version of SMB. we are looking in to retail Wii, bit its also looking grim. still looking though.