• Konami unveils Tokyo Game Show 2012 Line-up

    Konami has just revealed their full line-up for upcoming gaming event Tokyo Game Show 2012. The event is schedule to take place from September 20-23. The publisher will be showing off Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Zone of Enders HD Collection and more.

    Check out the complete line-up below.

    Game Software:

    • METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE - Action - PlayStation 3
    • SILENT HILL Book of Memories - Horror Action RPG - PlayStation Vita
    • SILENT HILL Downpour - Survival Horror - PlayStation 3
    • ZONE OF THE ENDERS HD EDITION – Action - PlayStation 3, Xbox360

    Social Media Contents:

    • CROWS × WORST – Saikyou Densetsu - Card - GREE
    • DREAM STALLION - Sports - Mobage
    • mixi park - Communication - mixi
    • PAWAFURU PRO YAKKYU - Baseball - GREE, Mobage
    • Professional Baseball Dream Nine - Sports - GREE, Mobage, mixi, kiwi
    • SENGOKU COLLECTION - Card - Mobage
    • Sokkuri Museum - Simulation - mixi
    • Yuru Veggie Farm - Simulation - mixi
    • World Soccer Collection - Sports - GREE, Mobage

    Apps for SmartPhones and Tablets:

    • jubeat plus - Music – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
    • REFLEC BEAT plus - Music –iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

    Arcade Games:

    • jubeat saucer - Music
    • Monster Retsuden ORECA BATTLE - Card Battle Game


  • Rumor: Sony to reveal head-mounted AR device Tokyo Game Show 2012

    It seems like Sony will reveal a head mounted AR device at upcoming gaming event "Tokyo Game Show 2012". The firm has released a new trailer which show an AR head-mounted device. AR head-mounted device.

    Tokyo Game Show 2012The text in the footage are in Japanese, but thanks to a NeoGaf members, we have its translation (although rough) for you and the video below. Check it out.

    "People, how far immersive?
    It experiments explore the possibility of new entertainment
    "Institute immersive pleasure HMZ" head mounted display
    Has been developed for the open experiment, models with head tracking system / live camera
    Tokyo Game Show head-mounted display “PROTOTYPE-SR” Limited 2012 Specifications
    Jointly developed with RIKEN team Fujii
    New 360 degree immersive entertainment sensation
    World of the music of the movie world flew in to the real world."

  • Resident Evil: Revelations extended trailer is "BRUTAL"

    Few days ago Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations from TGS. And now today, an extended version of the same trailer has been released, and guys to tell you the truth this one is much better and even harder.

    Resident Evil: Revelations screen

    Resident Evil: Revelations is schedule to launch at somepoint in 2012 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Watch the trailer below guys it really very BRUTAL.

  • Battlefield 3 wins "Best in Show" honor at TGS 2011

    Japan Game Award Committee has awarded DICE' upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 as "Best in Show" at recently concluded Tokyo Game Show. This is very first time in over two years time period that a western developed game has received a top honor in Japan.

    Battlefield 3 screen

    The publisher EA has claims the award to be a major honor. The year 2011 has been a very busy and luck year for EA, DICE and Battlefield 3. The game took home the top multiplayer honor at E3 2011 after showing PC gameplay, and shortly thereafter, the developer got top honors at GamesCom 2011 with their their amazing Caspian Border showcase and Co-op gameplay.

    Battlefield 3 is definitely on top of my "MUST PLAY GAME" list. What you guys think about it.

  • TGS 2011: DmC trailer out now

    Capcom has released a brand new gameplay trailer for Devil May Cry. This new trailer was released by developer at Tokyo Game Show.

    Devil May Cry screenshot

    It was also confirmed that DmC developer will be on hand at TGS this Sunday to discuss Devil May Cry reboot. Watch the new trailer below.

  • Ninja Gaiden 3 TGS trailer is all about "DARKNESS"

    At TGS 2011, Team Ninja has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming action adventure game title "Ninja Gaiden 3".

    Ninja Gaiden 3

    Ninja Gaiden III is a sequel to Ninja Gaiden II and is schedule to launch in early 2012. Watch the trailer below.

    Earlier today Tecmo Koei announced that Ninja Gaiden III gamers will have the ability to create their own Ninja in game's online mode, check out its details HERE.

  • TGS 2011: Kojima working on new game for PS3 and PS VITA

    At TGS 2011, Hideo Kojima annoucned that soon he will start working on an brand new IP, however for time being he could not go into further details.


    Kojima said that it will take a while before more information is given out to fans in this regard, but he confirmed that he is directing and designing the game.

    Atleast for now, we can confirm that Kojima is working on a new IP for PS3 and PS VITA but only time will tell if it will be coming to Xbox 360 as well (most likely as FOX Engine is designed for multiplatform development).

  • Final Fantasy X announced for PS3 and PS VITA

    At TGS 2011, Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy X is currently in development phase for PS3 and PS VITA.

    A Square Enix representative confirmed that the development is progressing, however does not revealed any actual details regarding the game. He tolds fans of the game to wait patiently for more updates on this.

    Final Fantasy X logo

    For fans who are wondering, Final Fantasy X will be an HD port of PS2 title.

  • TGS 2011: Sony confirms PS3 at 51.8 Million and PSP Hits 71.4 Million

    Sony's TGS 2011 press conference is taking place right now, and as usual the firm has started it with some sales statistics. The most notable details revealed by Sony is regarding the updated worldwide sales numbers for the PS3 and PSP.

    Sony logo

    Regarding PSP, Sony announced that it's sold a whooping 71.4 million units worldwide. Sony further added that in the year since last TGS, PSP has grabbed 43% of the handheld hardware market and 46% software market.

    For PS3, Sony announced that according to current count, the console has has hit 51.8 million. The firm further added that PS3 accounted for 49% of consoles sold in the last year since TGS 2010 and PS3 software has represented 46% of the market overall.