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  • New Facebook Campaign for TimeSplitters 4, wants 100,000 fans

    This is what fans do when they want something from game developer or publisher, Start an Online Petition or Facebook Campaign. TimeSplitters 4 fans has started a Facebook Campaign and guess what it has reached to the attention of big guns at Crytek.

    TimeSplitters 4This new campaign is aiming to collect a total of 100, 000 likes from fans to help get TimeSplitters 4 made. Through this campagin, fans want to send a direct message to Crytek that how badly they want TimeSplitters 4 and they will pay for the game.

    "We are a group trying to convince Crytek to
    finish developing TimeSplitters 4! Even if it means doing a Kickstarter.
    (I'd fund that!)..

    Former Free Radical member Graeme Norgate has already announced that if this campaign reaches its intended goal of 100K fans, he'll contribute a victory theme song.

    At the time of writing this TimeSplitters 4 Facebook Campaign has already got 2510 likes. If you want TimeSplitters 4, so support this campaign. Here is the link.

  • Crytek: TimeSplitters 4 is not in development

    Crytek UK has officially confirmed that recent rumors of TimeSplitters 4 is in developement are FAKE. Speaking to CVG, company spokesperson stated that "TimeSplitters 4 is not in development".

    TimeSplitters 4This is really a disappointing news for TimeSplitters franchise. You can check out below what Crytek Spokesperson said to CVG on TimeSplitters 4 development rumor.

    "For Timesplitters 4, with ever spiralling development costs, massive teams and endless crunch we decided on a more radical development strategy.

    "In short, the experiment was to implement the infinite monkey theorem. With cloning being a far too expensive option, we spent all of the development budget on buying monkeys on the black market.

    "Those seven monkeys are now sat in a room with typewriters and lots of mirrors, and we fully expect Timesplitters 4 to be finished soon. Rumours are that they haven't written any code but just tease the press from time to time. Those damn monkeys.

    "PS: anyone got any bananas?"

  • OXM Source: "We've seen TimeSplitters 4 running"

    In the latest issue of OXM, a trusted and anonymous source close to magazine claimed to have seen TimeSplitters 4 running. The report in the magazine further states that TimeSplitters 4 could be in development but "that's no guarantee that it'll be released."

    The latest issue carries a text "Trusted OXM sources have claimed that they've seen TimeSplitters 4 running. That's no guarantee that it'll be released - at least one version of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 was cancelled without ever being announced - but it's a promising sign"

    "If we do get a proper sequel, we're likely to see the old games appear, too,"

    Offlate there has been many report and rumor regarding existence of TimeSplitters 4, but nothing official.

    Source: CVG

  • OPM: TimeSplitters 4 to be announced soon

    The fourth installment in TimeSplitters franchise will be announed soon, according to the rumor segment in the latest issue of OPM.

    TimeSplitters 4 logo

    The official Playstation Magazine rumor segment list TimeSplitters 4 as "to be announced soon". Check out below what it exactly reads:

    "Gun-wielding monkeys are finally making a comeback! A fourth Timesplitters title is to be announced soon,"

    The last game in TimeSplitters franchise was released way back in 2005 for PS2, Xbox and GameCube.