tron evolution

  • Tron: Evolution to get 5 new multiplayer maps

    Propaganda Games has announced that in the upcoming week they will be releasing a total of 5 new multiplayer maps for TRON: Evolution.

    The five new multiplayers map will be Skyline, Spires, Classic, Relic, Drydock. Check out the details of each and every maps along with their respective screenshot below:

    Skyline: On the upper echelons of TRON City, combatants deftly navigate massive gaps among rooftops while battling.

    Tron Evolution Skyline Map

    Spires: A Nexus Stream maintenance spire hangs precariously under the expanse of Arjia City. Vertical mobility is the key to survive.

    Tron Evolution Spires Map

    Classic: The first-generation game grid meets the next generation of grid combatants.

    Tron Evolution Classic Map

    Relic: A legacy of the past, the original game grid is slowly being eaten away by the Outlands.

    Tron Evolution Relic Map

    Drydock: In a highly secure part of the Grid, Clu’s Regulator is nearing the final phases of its construction.

    Tron Evolution Dry Dock Map

    No exact release date were given out, so stay tunned for more updates on it.

  • TRON: Evolution Release date & Collector's Edition Revealed

    Disney Interactive has confirmed the U.S. release of TRON: Evolution for the 07 December, shortly before the movie releases in the cinemas.

    At the same time they announced that the console versions (Only Xbox 360 and PS3) will receive a Collector's Edition that contains a replica of the light-cycle of the game with special display case. This has the large price tag of $130.

    Tron: Evolution Collector's Edition

    Now it is confirmed that Tron: Evolution will be released for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS platforms on 7 December 2010.